I get that Haylijah shippers are all like, let’s unite but:

I don’t need Elijah playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe and “helping” Hayley get over the death of her husband. Like, he literally JUST died. IN FRONT OF HER. You know what she doesn’t need even though it’ll satisfy a shit load of fans (still trying to figure out if I’m really as one of them as I started out)? Riding that Original Stallion into oblivion as if she wasn’t just doing the exact same thing to her actual man. Which Elijah hasn’t been for a while. Not saying they don’t ever need to be together because I definitely do note the romantic tension between the two characters, but she don’t need that too soon. There’s only so many fucks I can give to a love story if the characters themselves need work. 

What Hayley needs is the rest of the season as a mother and as a member of the Mikaelson family. She needs a reflection. I want flashback scenes of her as a teen, if any of these feelings of loss, abandonment and need for someone arise. Want to see when the hell she stopped needing someone other than herself, and for her to realize that that is where she needs to be now. Maybe not as selfishly as before, but definitely needing herself and her child and being okay with that. I wanna see her being that badass mama hybrid ready to fuck your shit up while on the way to steal yo girl, probably. I want the writers to give her the chance to shut these dumb motherfuckers up who keep saying she needs to be killed off next or that she doesn’t add anything to the story (and we all know damn well it’s cuz you want your unmentioned-since-five-scores-and-seven-ions-ago ship to suddenly arise as if that entire storyline would make a lick of sense). I need Hayley’s heart, mind and soul united; not a fucking ship. Let’s wait a season and a half for that, let it actually be a bomb ass motherfucking story instead of simple fan-baiting. 


do you ever get bored and put on lipstick and think ‘thank god I didn’t inherit my dad’s white person lips’ cause yeah same

“The man whose pride and knowledge ate him alive.”

Here’s some artsy Ford for you!!!!! This took all dA Y YOU WOULD NOT B E L I E V E 💛💛💛💛💛


well… it’s supposed to be a kind of Dragon Games outfit for Cupidona, but finally I think I did something of another level… something more Mythological, and in reference with the fact that at in Roman Mythology Cupid’s biologic parents are Venus & Mars, the Goddess of Love and the God of War. This means that Cupidona could be the next Goddess of Love, or the next Goddess of War *-* ! - and so this “Warrior Cupid” could be her Legady Day outfit if she chooses her father’s destiny.. ^w^’ Bref.




yeah i got nothing

here’s a thing

Ok I keep seeing these whites complaing cuz ppl don’t like Macklemore even though he’s apparently like a Model Citizen or Exactly What Tumblr (the One Entity) Wants White People To Be or some shit.

Butlike? Maybe he’s just annoying? Maybe we are freaking annoyed by him because no matter how self-aware he is. He’s still a white guy who is getting praised to the ends of the earth and back for doing things Black people have been doing for ages. That’s freaking obnoxious! We don’t gotta praise him or kiss the ground he walks him or wtf ever because he is self-aware. Being self-aware as a white person should be fucking baseline. Same as you don’t get praised cuz you didn’t punch a random stranger in the face cuz that’s fucking baseline.

So a white guy talks about racism and how he benefits from it and all that other shit. So what? Black people have been rapping about racism and how it effects us since the dawn of rap. And y’all have criticized and pigeonholed our music and our words as trashy and angry and horrible until some white guy comes along and does the same exact thing in a way that’s more palatable to your delicate white sensibilities.

It’s obnoxious. It’s annoying that nobody thinks we’re worth listening to until some white mouthpeice comes along and says it. And it’s worse that if we’re at all critical or sour about this bullshit situation, we’re all yelled at for being unappreciative assholes.

Like get off your fucking high horse. I get that sometimes cirticizm of him seems unfair to you but like? Most of the time it’s not even about him in particular. It’s directed at the greater context of the situation… And the bizarreness of all these white people who didn’t even consider rap music to be music until Macklemore came along, suddenly caring about racism through the lens of defending their precious white.


2.2.16 // First day of school aesthetic/study session feat. my adorable rabbit who I may or may not have named ‘The Hoppit’. It feels weird to think that this is my last year in high school but at the same time I feel like it’s the right time to take this (somewhat) final step forward. 


U2 abc - B is for Bono


                                            ❝it’s our paradise…
                                                                          …and it’s our war zone❞

The 100 Cast & Crew: Eww Bellarke why would you mention that. I don’t want to talk about it. Such a good leadership though. Definitely no romantic feelings there. Except maybe there are??? Maybe he likes her?? Maybe she likes him?? Maybe t.hey like eachother???? Actually no scratch that they hate eachother. Jk they love eachother. But don’t expect anything romantic. Except… You never know;)??? Or do you.