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What is the wackiest shit you've ever encountered when it comes to CLAMP?


This is such a good question, I couldn’t possibly do it justice. I haven’t read all of what CLAMP has in store yet (so I’m sure there’s even more for me to find) and I think there’s a lot that I’ve forgotten already, but just off the top of my head?

The series that had me seriously questioning just what the heck I was reading was Man of Many Faces. I mean, this happens:

That is an actual main plotline that happens. The two mothers (literally the main character has two mothers and they are terrible) who are in bunny costumes for some reason escape from the tower using a pterodactyl hang glider. 

And it works. 

I should probably mention that said main character is a nine year old criminal master mind who literally outsmarts the police at every turn. Somehow. He just does. 

And then there was that one time that Queen Elizabeth II showed up in a CLAMP manga.

Honestly I was not prepared for the questions this manga was going to give me. 

Do you ever get a headcanon in your brain that is really terrible, but not because it’s a poorly thought out headcanon, rather that it is one that would seriously piss everyone the fuck off?

“I can get home fine on my own,” Lois said.

“I know you can,” Clark said, continuing to escort her home.

“I barely even drank.” She drank a lot. She’d been teaching Steve an important lesson about… something. He’d passed out right at the bar, which meant she’d won.

Her claims of sobriety were undercut when she stepped slightly wrong, had her heel land crooked to nearly give out beneath her. Not that it had the chance to, because Clark was there in an instant to catch her by the shoulders and hold her upright.

Very gentlemanly about it, too. He made it easy to forget that he was goddamn huge. Something about his posture, or the way he almost always stood at a distance. But then he did things like this, walked her home and offered his arm and generally acted unrealistically gallant. And the distance was gone, and all of a sudden he seemed like he’d doubled in height.

She took his arm only because the sidewalks were a mess, and she didn’t want to risk damaging her heels. They were very nice. They were very expensive. They hurt like hell.

“I’m basically sober,” she added.

“I see that.”

She scowled up at him. The fact that she had to look up was irritating. Lois was, objectively, not a short women. And she was in heels. “You don’t get to talk.”

“No?” He always played so innocent. She could see right through it, though. A glint in his eye that his glasses couldn’t hide.

“No,” she confirmed. “Because you didn’t even drink.”


“You never drink,” she added.

“Also true,” he agreed.

“You know what I think?” She was just prodding at him now, really. Trying to get a rise out of him. He could be fun, sometimes, when he took the bait.

“No,” he said, “but I’m sure you’ll tell me.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t try to get smart with me, Smallville.”

Clark smiled. It was a good smile, even she had to admit that. Kind of goofy in the earnestness of it, but that could be okay every now and again. “Never. I’m always stupid with you.”

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Doctor Who Rewatch: Aliens of London


I saw a post with the idea and hey, why not

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Fav fake dating fics???? I need more and this one I'm reading is a wip and I'm so impatient

I NEED MORE TOO. fake dating is legit the best of tropes. here are the top five four that come to mind. if anyone else has recs pls send them my way!

  • when love becomes the reason by @clarkesquad – i’d imagine everyone with even a mild interest in clexa fake dating is reading this but just in case!!! do it. do it now.
  • our hearts (have minds of their own) by effortlesslyopulent – clarke ropes her cute neighbor into pretending to be her gf at her family reunion (though it hasn’t quite gotten there yet bc it’s a wip – they’re doing some quality fake-dating prep work, though)
  • a business of the heart by tanagariel – clarke and lexa get married for business reasons and wind up falling in love, but not before thousands of words of ust!
  • say my name, as every color illuminates by warpaintlovers – this is more a fwb trope, but there is some fake dating action in a couple of the later chapters (though this too is a wip)
  • possibility days by adreamaloud, daneorange – actor au that isn’t really fake dating, but it has a lot of the same situations (like kisses that aren’t /supposed/ to be romantic, but they /are/) and it’s fantastic (the ustttt!) so i’m including it!!

Here’s to all the mentally ill people that are seen as scary or wrong and therefore don’t get the support, comfort or help they need…

You aren’t a bad person because of your violent intrusive thoughts. 

You aren’t unlovable because you lack empathy or sympathy. 

You aren’t dirty because of your hypersexuality. 

You aren’t heartless because of your apathy.

You aren’t inherently dangerous because you have hallucinations or psychosis. 

You ARE deserving of unconditional love, support and help and it’s going to be okay one day and I’m going to keep saying it until it is <3


The real OTP commits to all four.  | Insp: (x)

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