#she went back to the pool where they spent their last moments together #look at that smile on her face at first because she REMEMBERED #I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING

  • what i say:i'm fine.
  • what i mean:but what happens to will now that whispers can get inside of his head??? do they have to keep him unconscious all the time??? can it be stopped???? and was riley's breakdown just from the memory of the horribleness that happened to her or like what was happening????????????? and what about nomi and amanita, where can they go now???? where are they going to hide??? and kala can't marry rajan, right???? how can wolfgang go through that??? is that going to happen?? and felix is he in a coma??? is he safe where he is?????? does the world know that lito is gay now, is his career actually ruined????? joaquin isn't dead right, so he is going to come back and take her again????? and what about sun is she going to fucking rot in prison because of her asshole brother now???????????? and can people stop trying to hurt my sunshine muffin capheus like???????????? is there no mercy????????????????????????? WHEN IS SEASON 2????????????????????????????????????????

Today on Small Details that make me Emotional:

Pidge doesn’t wear glasses while wearing the helmet/piloting the Green Lion, and in flashbacks Katie didn’t wear glasses either. So obviously Pidge doesn’t need the glasses, they’re just part of the disguise right?

So then why not get rid of them once the secret is out? Because they were Matt’s glasses, and it’s the only bit of Matt Pidge has left.


Cersei walked on. I am blind and deaf, and they are worms, she told herself. “Shame, shame, the septas sang. “Chestnuts, hot roast chestnuts,” a peddler cried. “Queen Cunt,” a drunkard pronounced solemnly from a balcony above, lifting his cup to her in a mocking toast. “All hail the royal teats!” Words are wind, Cersei thought. Words cannot harm me.