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  • what i say:i'm fine.
  • what i mean:but what happens to will now that whispers can get inside of his head??? do they have to keep him unconscious all the time??? can it be stopped???? and was riley's breakdown just from the memory of the horribleness that happened to her or like what was happening????????????? and what about nomi and amanita, where can they go now???? where are they going to hide??? and kala can't marry rajan, right???? how can wolfgang go through that??? is that going to happen?? and felix is he in a coma??? is he safe where he is?????? does the world know that lito is gay now, is his career actually ruined????? joaquin isn't dead right, so he is going to come back and take her again????? and what about sun is she going to fucking rot in prison because of her asshole brother now???????????? and can people stop trying to hurt my sunshine muffin capheus like???????????? is there no mercy????????????????????????? WHEN IS SEASON 2????????????????????????????????????????

“He will come. I know he will. He must. Jaime is my only hope.
“My queen,” said Qyburn, “have you… forgotten? Ser Jaime has no sword hand. If he should champion you and lose…”
We will leave this world together, as we once came into it. “He will not lose. Not Jaime. Not with my life at stake.

okay but I am so overwhelmed because louis is so obviously overwhelmed by project no control. he has tweeted about it what multiple times and he was the one who explained it on the lls and he just brought it up in an interview SIMPLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO TALK ABOUT IT. they were given a vague question about fans that was directed at all of them, but LOUIS IMMEDIATELY BROUGHT UP NO CONTROL because he wanted to acknowledge how “unique and incredible and passionate” fans are. I am very emotionally fragile by how touched and overwhelmed louis is by fans doing so much for their music and how he obviously feels so responsible to acknowledge everything that the fans are doing. 

Heir of Fire: “She’s alive,” he said, to Ren, to Aedion, to himself. “She's―she’s truly alive.” Aedion’s heart stopped. Stopped, then started, then stopped again.

Queen of Shadows:  “Your cousin Aedion has been imprisoned for treason—for conspiring with the rebels here in Rifthold to depose the king and put you back on the throne.” The world stopped. Stopped, and started, then stopped again.

so the botfa visual companion book literally says that dragon sickness is a form of love-sickness wherein the affected dwarf becomes obsessed with the object of his affections.

and richard said that thorin becomes “singularly obsessed” with bilbo.

so thorin’s dragon sickness = love-sickness and bilbo is the object of thorin’s affections.

tell me how bagginshield is not canon someone please explain.