Something small between tasks I’m working on. 

The Vid-Squids story takes place long before Splatoon 2, but that’s not stopping me from drawing my squids in the new gear! So excited, less than a month left!! (If the Retro Gamer Jersey doesn’t return, this’ll probably be the jacket I use when playing as Austin in-game.)

  • Elphaba: I like my men like how I like my steaks.
  • Galinda: But Elphie, I thought you were a vegetarian.
  • Elphaba: Exactly.

So this one time @infinite-atmosphere and some peeps were all “ABO CATDADS” and I was weak to their cries.

He had a rough night.  So to speak.  It’s not like Jack is ever much good at getting rest, and his heats aren’t much help, so Gabriel did his best to fuck his husband till he passed out.  He’s fairly pleased with himself that it worked.  He probably ought to be catching some sleep himself, but the lovely sight before him is all too rare, and he’s not about to waste it.  Or to let anyone or anything disturb his husband’s rest.  Gabriel strokes him softly, petting at the soft ears and hair and fluffy tail, running his hand down Jack’s shoulders and back and ass in slow, soothing caresses that let Jack know, somewhere in his subconscious, that he’s safe and looked after and doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Gabriel can’t deny that Jack’s heats are awkward, given their lifestyle.  He knows that if Jack had his way, he wouldn’t have them at all.  But he can’t help cherishing them anyway.  It’s a few times a year that the two of them get to spend together, free of distraction or duty, immersed in each other’s bodies and lives.  They fuck, they nap together, they eat together, they shower together, they talk.  Sometimes Gabriel thinks that if it weren’t for Jack’s heats, the constant enormous demands on them both would drag them further apart than they could make up for.

And he likes having every single bit of Jack all to himself.  If that’s selfish, he doesn’t care.  He wants Jack more than anything, always, and if Jack tried to claim he didn’t feel just the same, he’d be a lying asshole.

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IF that Yuuri and Haru would cross paths at the Olympics and be best buddies.

I wonder if Yuuri could feel intimated with Haru though, since Haru doesn’t show a lot of emotions on his face and doesn’t talk much, maybe he could give a “cold” impression when you don’t know him well. 
I can imagine Yuuri proposing him then to go eat something together, like a katsudon, and Haru be like “is there macquerel with it?” x)

A practice doodle turned into Saeran so here you go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

he’s probably looking at Yoosung lol

(I’ve started playing Mystic Messenger again and I’m currently going through Jaehee’s route another time~)

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So I watched WW for like the 7th time last night and it struck me that they mention Steve coming back from the dead twice; when Etta says she thought he was dead until he called her and then Sir Patrick when Steve gives him Dr Maru's notebook. So of course my Steve Trevor loving self creates the idea that maybe those lines are intentional and a foreshadowing that Steve will once again come back from the dead, this time 100 years later. What can I say? I'm currently in WW hell. :p

funny, i rewatched it too last night and it’s pretty freaking hard to do so especially after the armstice ball when things start to go south - it’s like a shakespearean tragedy…

and oh my god, you’re right, steve better come back from the dead just to prove everyone wrong “ha, you thought i’m dead this time, i don’t think so!”

Do you ever just

Think about people that died years ago, that you never knew and only ever heard studies about or read about

And get overwhelmed thinking about the lives they lived and the changes they saw

And wish you could talk to them, just once, to tell them how much they mean to you and how much they’ve helped you even though they’re gone

Because I do and let me tell you I’m damned emotional right now

Whatever you do don’t think about how today, isak refused to wake up this morning. How he burrowed a deeper into even’s side, staying safe in his warmth. Don’t think about how later, after giving each other many sleepy kisses they got up, and decided to go for a walk, with no real destination in mind. Don’t think about how gently they were holding hands as they came across a market, meandering slowly through the stalls, until they passed one selling flowers. Isak stopped, unable to take his eyes of the peonies, whispering “they’re so big” with so much wonder. Don’t think about how even bought isak a bouquet of peonies, who rolled his eyes but clutched the flowers tight in his free hand, not letting go of even’s hand the rest of the way home. Don’t think about how isak found the perfect, makeshift vase and set the flowers in the middle of the table, fidgeting until they looked just right. Don’t think about how he kissed even senseless saying thank you, even though even insisted it was nothing because anything that could bring a smile like that to isak’s face was worth it.

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Okay so I think we can agree that Arthur Spiderwick mermaids are the best variety, but what's your opinion on his other creatures?

Tbh the Spiderwick mermaids are amoung the weaker designs in the series for me. Which is to say that they are “only” good in a series of designs that are exceptional/fantastic.

ok here are my thoughts now that I’ve had some time to think.

-I’m happy Jackson opened his own studio. and as for his solo album, I hope it does well (which it probably will cos his fanbase there is pretty solid)
-although a part of me does fear that he’ll end up missing in a lot of got7s group activities when they do come back in the future. I hope it doesn’t happen but that’s the only negative thing that lingers in my mind tbh cos of the whole lay with exo thing rn. other than that I’m so happy he’s doing well in China and has now got himself into a position where he can do all this.
-JJP comeback….. honestly idk how to feel about this the most. I love all the songs Jinyoung has made for GOT7 and I love a lot of the songs Jaebum has composed for the group but like :/
-arrival was their highest selling album to date. like they’ve been growing. so why would you in the middle of that have a subunit comeback? it’s diff for Jackson cos he’s promoting in China.
-like what’s the reason behind the JJP comeback? is it cos Jackson will be releasing his album around the same time so they’re doing this to kinda keep “GOT7” active in Korea but not exactly active? if that even makes sense.
-I think one reason I’m slightly annoyed is cos a lot of the members since debut have been grossly under promoted by JYPE. so when this happens it’s like??? what the other members gonna do? you didn’t even give them a chance to get themselves out there. I mean Mark is supposed to be the visual of the group but he just had his first solo photo shoot this year? lmfao.
-tbh what I wanted was for them to have a break and do activities on the side if they wanted to during this “break”, take the time to create a well produced & written album in their own time, have a comeback later in the year, promote and then have a world tour.

idk I guess I’ll wait for JYPE to release more details cos I’m still kind of confused. however I hope Mark, Youngjae, BamBam & Yugyeom get a lot of rest since I didn’t read much about their plans for them. they’ve all worked hard this past year.