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Hey I'm trying to write a book and the main character is a non binary lesbian but the problem is that I don't know how to convey to the audience that they are non binary since it's in first person and I don't want to say "I am a non binary lesbian" since it's a fantasy book in a universe similar to lord of the rings. How do you think I could let the audience know they're non binary?

Awesome!!!  Yes! Nonnie, this is fantastic!  I am so happy that you are doing this and asking about how to do it justice.  Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply- i hope you are still writing this epic story! 

A good writing tip to think about in this situation is ‘show, don’t tell.’ Which can be really annoying advice, if it’s not explained. I’ll do my best. Having your character say ‘I am a lesbian’ is telling the audience. Whereas showing your audience would be having your character have a crush on a woman. Having them notice her beauty.

 Showing your audience that your main character is non binary, might be a bit tricky. Have your character do things that might challenge your audience’s perception of their gender. Having them dress differently or interact with others in ways that might challenge the perceived social norm. Because you are creating your own universe here, you have control over all of the social constructs and constraints in your world. However your audience will enter your book with their own preconceived gender biases. 

Keep in mind that non binary people are all different and unique people, and your character will be too.  There is no right or wrong way to express gender. 

Goodluck! You’ve got this- hope I’ve helped a little bit. 

Keep up the good work!

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Do you wonder if 'Shiroyasha' became the equivalent of the 'boogeyman' to amanto children?

YES I DO!!! I really do imagine that Amanto that lived through that war tell scary stories about the Shiroyasha to their kids or grandkids. Even Amanto that never saw Gintoki probably still feared him since he was so well renowned during that time period. I can picture big Amanto that are all buff and scary looking all boasting that they don’t fear anything, but then someone mentions the Shiroyasha and suddenly they’re all looking over their shoulders and going on the defensive. I… like thinking about this.