dontlaughatmydragon-deactivated asked:

(Leaves a silly headcannon wrapped in a blanket here for you) Manwe has a lot of bird-like habits and quirks, including poofing up when he's cross and preening himself and other valar... whether they ask him to or not. MANWE: (inches towards Melkor) MELKOR: I swear to father. Don't even. MANWE: (Inches closer) MELKOR: I will obliterate you. MANWE: (Nuzzles him) your hair smells nice, brother~ MELKOR: (Screaming) MY EXHISTENCE IS PAIN. PLEASE ERU END ME.

YEs! That’s exactly how I imagine their relationship! 

And of course, it’s impossible to get rid of Manwë when he’s stuck onto you. The big bird may look fragile, but he’s damn strong and his hugs are deadly. (Melkor knows about them.)