love triangle: signs & seventeen
  • put in the tags who you end up with (or if they end up with each other instead of you, who knows)
  • aries:jeonghan, seungkwan
  • taurus:seungcheol, joshua
  • gemini:minghao, dino
  • cancer:hoshi, wonwoo
  • leo:seungkwan, vernon
  • virgo:joshua, seokmin
  • libra:dino, jeonghan
  • scorpio:wonwoo, jun
  • sagittarius:vernon, mingyu
  • capricorn:mingyu, minghao
  • aquarius:jun, woozi
  • pisces:woozi, hoshi
MBTI Types & Why They’re Going to Space

To make new alien friends: ESFP, ENFP, ESFJ

To take over a whole new world: ENTJ, INTJ

To protect the aliens (probably from the XNTJs): ISFJ, ENFJ, INFJ

To organise a whole new world: ESTJ, ISTJ

Out of spite: ESTP, ISTP, ENTP

To enjoy the nebulae-aesthetic: ISFP, INFP

Because they’re a fuckin nerd: INTP

Da luv of Den nd Fil pt.2

Den weks up in hosptl

Fil is necs 2 him Den sais “wuts gon on?”

Fil sais “Den u r sick”


Den creys Fil says “i luv u”

Den diys Fil is veri sad he creys oer Den

Den, a faari fleys in the Faari seys “I wil sayv Den”

Fil seys “thek u so mch”

the faari seys, “bot u ned 2 gt meh 3 chilreen suls”

Fil seys, “OOOOH NU. okey il gt hte suls”

den Fil goes on jerny 4 hte suls fur muny yers

whl hes gun the nurs hve sax wit Den

Den is sed en creys

Fil bsts en an yel, “I LUV U DEN”

he giv the suls 2 the faari and den the faari hels Den

Den wak up and cri

Ten dey hed sax agan

Fil es heppi

Part 1

Part 3

26 reasons why is medical school difficult.

No school is easy, but let’s face it - particularly medicine belongs to the most difficult ones. So what makes future doctor’s life hell? 

  • Firstly, you are a doctor - to your whole family, neighbors, acquaintances.. even if you have just started your school yesterday. 
  • So, you have learned to put on a smile expressing “No, I have no idea what is wrong with you. Go to hell, or better to the actual DOCTOR!”
  • Everybody is asking you if it’s really so difficult to study medical school. You answer that it’s not so bad, but it is. 
  • You used to like meat - until you have become able to name every single tendon that gets stuck in between your teeth. 
  • You have your own jokes that other people don’t understand or consider twisted. 
  • Anatomy textbooks weigh a ton!
  • Question: “So, what kind of doctor are you gonna be?”  makes you want to sharpen your knife and get some duck tape. Human doctor! 
  • You smoke, drink alcohol, drink gallons of coffee and go sleep really late. Even though you are gonna be a doctor and you know how bad it is for your health. Don’t you know it? So you see. 
  • “So, come over here baby. You can study anatomy here!” - HAHA, you haven’t heard that since the last date. 
  • When you are not studying, you are weird. You go to medical school, right? 
  • When you are studying, you should relax and enjoy your life a little bit. The University is not everything! 
  • Everybody wants to hear about corpses in autopsy room. 
  • But nobody believes you, when you actually tell them. 
  • You were convinced that one day, you are gonna be coming up with diagnoses with ease, just like doctor House. Now you think it should get re-classified as science-fiction.
  • But, it doesn’t matter. Not that you have time to watch tv-shows (or TV!) anyways. Apart from anatomical videos on youtube.
  • Also, you don’t read. Only your textbooks, of course!
  • When you try to complain about how difficult your school is you make other people angry. It was your choice, wasn’t it? 
  • When you don’t complain, you are really weird. That school must be so difficult! 
  • You have hard time resisting the urge to beat the sh*t out of your friends who complain about how difficult are their exams. For which they have to study the whole week. Oh boy, can you imagine?!
  • “Hey, you study medicine? Sterno-cleido-mastoid! I remember that from high school!” - Congratulations. 
  • You are amused when people studying to become trainers or high school P.E. teachers complain how difficult is their anatomy class. They had to learn even the latin names, just like medical students! 
  • Everybody thinks, that you want to be a doctor, because it’s a mission in life! 
  • But you are just really excited that you will become an MD. in your 25. 
  • Which may never happen, if you don’t start studying! 
  • On the other hand, the doctors just take a lot of money for doing shitty job, anyways…
  • Lastly, you can’t eat ribs. If you can, you may have missed the part of autopsy when they open the thorax and crack them :P. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, so em, seeing as it’s AU week, I was wondering if you might consider writing a short drabble of Clarke and Bellamy finally have that kid they kept talking about in your Love Will Come Through universe? That’s probably a tall order, but I reread it today and I am in love with that whole universe.

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Hold On... (Pokemon Theory)

Team Rocket

Team Aqua

Team Magma

Team Galactic

Team Plasma

These guys are the bad guys from all of the previous Pokemon games, right? 

But in Pokemon GO, the only teams are…

There’s no way that they could be the bad guys, right? GO players are on those teams! But it is true that Willow does bear a striking resemblance to the Team Boss of Sun and Moon…

Nah… that’s silly.

BUT…if you think about GO… the point is to capture as many Pokemon as possible, and send many of them to the Professor… and once you send your Pokemon to the Professor, he pays you with candies, and there’s no way to get your Pokemon back. 

…wait a minute.

The Pokemon Professor is paying people all over the world, each in their own neat little gangs, to gather as many of the rare wild creatures as possible for him to do who knows what with.

Which is right in line with Team behavior.

Willow is the Boss and GO players are the grunts.

Guzma isn’t a deranged Willow, he is FORMER WILLOW. Once the lead of Team Skull who scourged Alola.. now a huge crime boss who has employed the WORLD.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a prequel to GO.

no but I seriously think Dominus Ambus isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

Whose testimony do we have to go on? Rewind’s, and Chromedome’s. Obviously Rewind thinks DA is pretty special, and obviously Chromedome totally believes everything Rewind has to say on the subject.

Who else? Minimus Ambus, whose relationship with Dominus seems strained, to say the least. He’s been pretty cagey on the subject of Dominus since the start.

The Ambus test is clearly deeply flawed - as illustrated by Ravage, and also by Ten, both of whom exhibit obvious sentience and agency, albeit in an atypical way. It seems odd to me that someone who championed the rights and equality of the ‘disposable’ class should invent such a restrictive and arbitrary test. Minimus’ subsequent defence of and friendship with Ten suggests he also disagrees. There’s also the matter of his relationship with Rewind, and the questionable ethics in starting a relationship with an individual who is, under the laws of your society, basically a servant. Or slave, even. You can’t help who you fall in love with, though…

I don’t know, maybe Dominus is genuinely a super amazing, smart, top-notch guy, but something about him sets alarm bells ringing.