honestly Leia should’ve been the one to confront Kylo on that bridge. we know he has daddy issues (“he would’ve disappointed you” he says to Rey) but until proven otherwise I’m gonna assume he’s a total mama’s boy. just imagine. imagine Leia strutting out to him on the bridge. “BEN CHEWBACCA ORGANA-SOLO YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HOME RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE, YOUNG MAN” and he just takes off the helmet and sniffles “okay mom” and awkwardly shuffles over to follow her out

MBTI Types & Why They’re Going to Space

To make new alien friends: ESFP, ENFP, ESFJ

To take over a whole new world: ENTJ, INTJ

To protect the aliens (probably from the XNTJs): ISFJ, ENFJ, INFJ

To organise a whole new world: ESTJ, ISTJ

Out of spite: ESTP, ISTP, ENTP

To enjoy the nebulae-aesthetic: ISFP, INFP

Because they’re a fuckin nerd: INTP


Save the date and choose your outfit; tumblr prom is coming to the phandom!

2015 has been such a huge year so far for the phandom (tabinof, japan, upcoming tour, Brits just to name a few things) and so I thought why not do something to celebrate!

What is tumblr prom?

It’s exactly what it sounds like; a prom on tumblr:

  • Get dressed up (or not, it’s entirely up to you!)
  • Ask your fave blog to be your prom date or get a squad together 
  • Then from 7pm (UK time) on Saturday 20th June, post your selfies in the tag #phandomprom as well as all of your amazing artwork and edits!
  • Tumblr prom is for anyone and everyone who considers themselves to be in the phandom, as long as you’re posting your own work (obvs you’re gonna be posting your own selfies otherwise that’d be a bit awks)

But anyway this is just a fun chance to celebrate the hard work of Dan and Phil, and what an incredible fandom we are whilst also making new friends! See you then!

It kinda bothers me sometimes when people talk about Hamilton and forget to mention that there are some Asians in the cast like Asians already get very little roles and the very few times that we do get casted its overlooked. Like its very important to me that a Chinese American is playing the leading lady in the founders era when Asians were literally banned from this country for so long


Continuation to this (kinda… well, if you include the bonus)

From the moment all of Frank’s T-Shirts started to show his midriff Hazel’s started thinking not completely appropriate things (though she still blushes and pulls away when they kiss for more than 5 seconds). And it’s never too soon to learn this stuff, right?


wouldn’t it be hilarious if Bruce didn’t know the cost of completely ordinary things like milk

like they run out of it and he sends a batkid on a milk run and hands them fifty bucks like hope that will cover it, sport

even more hilarious would be if Tim actually had to google how much a bottle of milk costs though

How fake the signs are
  • Aries: 3/10
  • Taurus: 4/10
  • Gemini: 10/10
  • Cancer: 5/10
  • Leo: 20/10
  • Virgo: 3/10
  • Libra: 100/10
  • Scorpio: 7/10
  • Sagittarius: 1/10
  • Capricorn: 2/10
  • Aquarius: 9,33/10
  • Pisces: 6/10