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26 reasons why is medical school difficult.

No school is easy, but let’s face it - particularly medicine belongs to the most difficult ones. So what makes future doctor’s life hell? 

  • Firstly, you are a doctor - to your whole family, neighbors, acquaintances.. even if you have just started your school yesterday. 
  • So, you have learned to put on a smile expressing “No, I have no idea what is wrong with you. Go to hell, or better to the actual DOCTOR!”
  • Everybody is asking you if it’s really so difficult to study medical school. You answer that it’s not so bad, but it is. 
  • You used to like meat - until you have become able to name every single tendon that gets stuck in between your teeth. 
  • You have your own jokes that other people don’t understand or consider twisted. 
  • Anatomy textbooks weigh a ton!
  • Question: “So, what kind of doctor are you gonna be?”  makes you want to sharpen your knife and get some duck tape. Human doctor! 
  • You smoke, drink alcohol, drink gallons of coffee and go sleep really late. Even though you are gonna be a doctor and you know how bad it is for your health. Don’t you know it? So you see. 
  • “So, come over here baby. You can study anatomy here!” - HAHA, you haven’t heard that since the last date. 
  • When you are not studying, you are weird. You go to medical school, right? 
  • When you are studying, you should relax and enjoy your life a little bit. The University is not everything! 
  • Everybody wants to hear about corpses in autopsy room. 
  • But nobody believes you, when you actually tell them. 
  • You were convinced that one day, you are gonna be coming up with diagnoses with ease, just like doctor House. Now you think it should get re-classified as science-fiction.
  • But, it doesn’t matter. Not that you have time to watch tv-shows (or TV!) anyways. Apart from anatomical videos on youtube.
  • Also, you don’t read. Only your textbooks, of course!
  • When you try to complain about how difficult your school is you make other people angry. It was your choice, wasn’t it? 
  • When you don’t complain, you are really weird. That school must be so difficult! 
  • You have hard time resisting the urge to beat the sh*t out of your friends who complain about how difficult are their exams. For which they have to study the whole week. Oh boy, can you imagine?!
  • “Hey, you study medicine? Sterno-cleido-mastoid! I remember that from high school!” - Congratulations. 
  • You are amused when people studying to become trainers or high school P.E. teachers complain how difficult is their anatomy class. They had to learn even the latin names, just like medical students! 
  • Everybody thinks, that you want to be a doctor, because it’s a mission in life! 
  • But you are just really excited that you will become an MD. in your 25. 
  • Which may never happen, if you don’t start studying! 
  • On the other hand, the doctors just take a lot of money for doing shitty job, anyways…
  • Lastly, you can’t eat ribs. If you can, you may have missed the part of autopsy when they open the thorax and crack them :P. 
Dumb UPG categorizing idea I've been playing with...

This is super hella unfinished and untested and not at all meant as a jab at anyone’s beliefs, just an idea I had and have been turning over in my head, so nobody freak out, okay? Deal? Deal. I’m mainly posting this for feedback and as an interesting HYPOTHETICAL idea, NOT a real set of Real True Guidelines.


So I was thinking, what if there was a scale for categorizing how close to or far from lore your UPG is? Like some kind of general, unified way to rate how unusual it is. Is it a useful idea…yeah, probably not, but look I just really like categories, don’t judge me.

So here is the rough rough rough outline of what I was thinking. (Examples are off the top of my head, more or less, and may be flippant as shit, sorry not sorry.)

5 - Your UPG matches known lore. This isn’t even UPG. This is just lore. Examples: Thor has a hammer. The Pope is Catholic. Bears shit in the woods.

4 - Your UPG mostly matches lore, with superficial differences. You’re probably fine and just experiencing a slightly different ‘face’ of the entity in question. Examples: Lucifer has appeared to you as female-presenting. Sekhmet also likes red wine. 

3 - Your UPG sort of matches lore, with moderate differences. It doesn’t really conflict, but it doesn’t really jive 100% either. This calls for some research and talking to others to find out if this is a shared experience, just an unusual fluke, or something else. Most 'modern’ experiences with ancient gods would probably fall into this, just because we have a lot of things and concepts that weren’t even imagined back then. Examples: Hermes is also a god of the Internet. Lilith is associated with moths. Loki is a trans* deity.

2 - Your UPG doesn’t match up well with known lore; there are major differences. Honestly, an isolated instance of this probably isn’t enough to scuttle a whole practice, but it is a call to reconfirm who you’re dealing with and your knowledge of their known lore, and examine why you’re experiencing this entity differently. Examples: [okay I’m drawing a blank here]

1 - Your UPG directly contradicts known lore. Danger, Will Robinson. You might be dealing with an impostor entity or most likely your own sockpuppets. Proceed with extreme caution and fact-checking, if you decide to even proceed at all – which you might really want to reconsider. Examples: Hekate is a loving, cuddly mother goddess. Zeus is a paragon of marital fidelity. Bast actually dislikes cats.

N/A - Your UPG is not corroborated, positively or negatively, by any lore. Dealing with entities not referenced by any known material, or working with them in capacities they were not historically associated with, can cause this. It is not necessarily bad (animism is necessarily going to have a ton of it). It just means you’re on your own and need to exercise a lot of discernment and comparing notes, either with others if there are any, or your own notes over time. Examples: Apples and sugar lumps are acceptable offerings to Slepnir. You meet a variety of fairy not found in any stories. The huge old tree in the park houses a nature spirit.

Like I said, really rough, and likely not useful, buuuuuuuut I just really like numbering shit. It makes my brainmeats happy. I am also amusing myself with mental images of people screaming “LOOK OUT, INCOMING CATEGORY ONE UPG!! TAKE COVER!!” and hiding under tables, so, that’s about how seriously I am treating this…

لو أنا مُت، وروحت الجنة، واتمنيت مثلاً إنى أنام مع سكارليت جوهانسون، أكيد ملايين غيرى هايكونوا اتمنوا نفس الأمنية، ما هو الجنة إيه غير مكان لتحقيق أمنياتنا الأرضية المستحيلة والمكبوتة (ماتحاولش، حتى لو أنت جامد فشخ، فرصك مع سكارليت على الأرض لسه ضعيفة).. ومكان مباح فيه كل الخطايا والحرام سابقـًا ومفيهوش حبوب منع حمل أو كوندومز أو إختلاط أنساب.. باختصار مفيهوش تحمّل العواقب أو سِنّة القرف المصاحبة لأى لذة أو سقوط للرغبة والنشوة أول ما توصل لذروتها.. لأ وكمان أنت مش مضطر تلتزم بالقواعد البشرية المحدودة.. لو كل الناس كانت بتقول عليك وحش لحد ما اتخنقت هاتتمنى تبقى مارلون براندو، ولو كل الناس كانت بتقول عليك شبه مارلون براندو لحد ما اتخنقت هاتتمنى تبقى جونى ديب.. لو كان دايمًا نفسك الناس تتغاضى عن جمال أمك وتحبك لشخصك اللى ماكنوش مقدرّينه، ماشى، لو كان دايمًا نفسك الناس تذوب عشقًا فى جمال أمك اللى ماكنوش شايفينه، موجود، نط براحتك فوق كل اللى ماكنتش طايله.. أنت وخيالك يعنى.. ده إيه الحلاوة دى..

طيب، الطبيعة البشرية المسكينة مش بتشتهى الأجمل فى المطلق، لكن بيكون نِفسها دايمًا تُشبع رغباتها باعطاء الأولوية للى مش قادرة توصلّه أو اتمنعت عنه قهريًا، أو حتى اللى منعت نفسها عنه بكامل إرادتها على سبيل الحفاظ على نفسها من الفتنة والمعصية.. يعنى كدا أكيد ملايين هاينفضَّوا للحور العين اللى معاهم شوية وهايطلبوا قايمة السيليبرتيز (المشاهير) الأول.. افرض بقى ناس كتير اتمنت نفس الأمنية دى معايا فى نفس الوقت؟ كلنا عايزين ننام مع سكارليت دلوقتى، كدا يا إما والعياذ بالله هالاقى نفسى فى أورجى - عادى إحنا فى الجنة، مافيش حاجة اسمها لا أخلاقية وماحدش عنده إنسكيوريتيز، ولا فيه الشيخ حسّان يقولك إن حتى الحيوانات تستحى الجماع علنًا، وكأنه عمره ما اتفرّج على ناشيونال جيوجرافيك، أو كان بيتفرج على بتاعة أبو ظبى بس -  يا إما هايبقى فيه ملايين النسخ من السكارليتات، أو فيه أوبشن لـ إن الحور العين تبصلك بدلع وتقولك احكيلى عن السيكشوال فانتاسيز بتاعتك.. واللى تحكيه تلاقيه “بيتجسد” قدام عينيك..  إيه الحلاوة دى..

إشطة، عمر ما خطرلك إن اللواط فى النار حدف عشان مافيش حور عين رجالة؟ استنى، هوّ ليه أصلاً مفيش حور عين رجالة؟ ثم إن لو عرش الرحمن بيتهز مع ممارسة المثليين للجنس، افرض أنا كانت ميولى مثلية بس قاومت نفسى لطاعة ربنا وخوفا من مغبة هز عرشه، ولما دخلت الجنة كنت عايز آخد راحتى بقى؟ إيه اللى هايحصل للعرش؟ بلاش، عمرك فكرت إن “كل الشخصيات المثيرة للاهتمام ستكون فى جهنم” دى كلام فارغ؟

أصل أنت فى الجنة، يعنى عادى ممكن تطلب أى حد بنسخه اللى مابتتعذبش للأبد على خطيئة الشرك بالله، ممكن تعد مع أينشتاين يفهمّك بنفسه النظرية النسبية ويكلمك عن الحياة والكون، أو تجادل نيتشه شخصيًا فى فرضية موت الإله قبل ما تحس أنك أهبل، فتبتدى تتشفى فيه، هاهاها ربنا مامتش يا نيتشه، أو تكلم داروين عن إن نظرية التطور لا تتعارض بالضرورة مع نظرية الخلق، فهو يتحمق أوى إن أنت فى الجنة وهوّ فى النار، أو ستيفن هوكينج يلخصلك تاريخ الزمن فى قعدة واحدة، فأنت اللى تحس بالذنب أنك فى الجنة وهوّ فى النار، أو تكلّم بوذا عن إن كل فلسفته عن الفهم والتسامح والتسامى والاعتداد بالنفس والنيرفانا بزرميط.. وأنت بتعدل أم قعدته المِربّعة وبتخليه يرقص عجين الفلاحة، أو إن شكسبير يحكيلك إزاى كان بيكتب مسرحياته بوحى إلهى بس عمره ما كتب الماستربيس بتاعته إلا لما دخل النار، أو تلاقى ديكارت بيصوّت “إيه ده أنا فى النار؟ إذن أنا موجود"،أو فيثاغورس وتتمنى إن ربنا ينسيه معلوماته ويدخله مدرسة حكومى ويخليه ياخد درس ويحس بجحيم تدريس نظرياته كنوع آخر من التعذيب..

أو كارل ساجان اللى هاتلاقيه جاى يقولك بابتسامة ملائكية وقورة "أنا والنار دى مخلوقين من نفس الخالق"، أو ستيفن كينج اللى هايقولك بالتفصيل قد إيه حس بالذنب لما باع روحه للشيطان مقابل أنه يكون غزير الإنتاج فشخ وبيكتب حلو فشخ فى نفس الوقت، أو فرويد اللى هايديلك فرصة أنك أنت اللى تنظّر عليه وتقوله "طريقة اختزالك لتفسير السلوك البشرى عن طريق الجنس كانت غلط، ماتأفورش يا فرويد” وتستمتع بانهزامه وأنه ماقالش إن أنت مين أساسًا عشان تعدّل عليه، أو كارل ماركس اللى هاتطلبه بس عشان تقولّه “إن يور فيس! ماطلعش أفيون يا حيلتها”.. أو ميلان كونديرا اللى هايطلع هوّ نفسه شيطان بيروّج للكيتش واللا جدوى وتعاسة البشرية وخفة الكائن التى لا تحتمل… أو كازانوفا اللى هاتكلمه عشان تعرف سره إيه وكاد أن يعلّق الحور العين كلهم وهوّ ماشى لولا أنه ممنوع طبعًا، أو راسبوتين اللى هايطلع بضان أو هتلر اللى هاتشاور عليه وتضحك وأنت بتقوله خلى الجنس الآرى ينفعك، أو بيتهوفن وهوّ مش عارف يألف السيمفونية العاشرة من الدوشة والألم.. أو محمد مرسى وتتمنى توقفه فى لجنة مرور فى شبراخيت ورخصه تتسحب.. وأول ما يقول “أنت مش عارف أنت بتكلم مين؟ أنا سيادة الرئيس مرسى يا بغل” يلاقى نفسه فى حارة مزنوقة بيتشوى فى النار.. القايمة طويلة عمومًا..

أصلاً كمية المفاجأت والمعلومات اللى هاتعرفها فى الجنة ممكن تغير شخصيتك وأفكارك تمامًا لدرجة أنك لو كنت عيشت بيها على الأرض، كان هايبقى إحتمال لا بأس به تشرّف معاهم فى جهنم يا برنس.. أو جهنم اللى هما بيتكلموا عنها دى..

OKAY but about ravi having males and females on leashes like … imagine that was his way of coming out like he couldn’t do it directly but he sure as hell could do it subtly, all for the sake of performance, that’s what people would take it for?? just a performance but what if ravi’s like listen this is me i want to dominate over both males and females i want both males and females like

what a way to burst outta the closet

A Thin Line

So, I wrote a new story. It started as a “Dirty December” one-shot, but I’m not entirely sure it fits the criteria anymore. Because it really became more about the awkwardness of first-time sex. Too often fanfiction romanticizes that shit, and I’m like, no, actually, it kind of hurts if you’re a girl, and, really, Peeta’s dick does not contain some magical balm, and, in fact, even though it’s Everlark, I’m pretty sure first-time sex between the two of them would be fairly shitty. Especially for Katniss. And that’s kind of funny.

Summary: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are not friends. In fact, they absolutely despise each other. Or so she thought. AO3 or FFnet

Favorite Keyblade(s) and Personality Things
  • Ultima Weapon:You're a perfectionist. Your bonds with others are strong and you can be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Oathkeeper:You're a romantic at heart, and take your promises very seriously. Despite being perceived as weak or frail you hold so much strength.
  • Oblivion:You hate feeling weak or inferior, and admire people who hold a lot of strength. You tend to be quiet and keep things close to your chest.
  • Two Become One:You're solitary and strong, but really you're working out a lot of inner demons instead of making friends. The ones you do have may be your greatest strength.
  • Kingdom Key/Kingdom Key D:You're incredibly whimsical and prefer the simple things in life. Despite this you have a very grounded sense of things and aren't a showoff.
  • Way To Dawn:You're an equalizer who makes up for their mistakes with great wisdom. You prefer being alone, but friends are very appreciated and they often come to you for advice.
  • Destiny's Embrace:You're really in touch with your feminine side. You have a lot of potential, and shouldn't let it go to waste.
  • Star Seeker:A bit mischievous and naive, but not necessarily a bad person. While inexperienced you have some great skill.
  • Master's Defender:A very no-nonsense person who is devoted to keeping order. You are very simple, needing only the bare minimum of almost everything. However, despite this you are warm to your loved ones and a guiding figure in their life.
  • Stormfall:You're a no-nonsense person who sticks to their duties and morals very well. However, you do know when to lighten up. You may appear weak but Lord help someone if they hurt those you love.
  • Brightcrest:You have a tight knit group of friends you'd do anything for. You know when to be serious but a lot of the time you're pretty chill.
  • Ends of the Earth:Also very serious, but more of a figure of strength. Like the name implies, your devotion to others runs incredibly deep, and you aspire to be strong enough to go to the ends of the earth to protect them.
  • Wayward Wind:You're a bit serious, but most of the time you're incredibly casual with others. Your thoughts may wander up on a different wavelength than other people, but you can get along with anyone really well.
  • No Name and/or Master Xehanort's Keyblade:You're incredibly driven to complete your goals; one would almost call it a fascination. You're judgmental, a thinker, and somewhat impersonal with people.

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Oh, Sweetie, it’s not that hard :)


No, but really, you should have a habit of often visiting these sites:

1. SEXING-FICS (it’s even in the top panel of our blog. just click on the SEXING-FICS one)

2. SONYEONCHEONJI community (I even clicked on the right tag, you’re welcome), there are also threesomes, foursomes, I’ve never seen a sexing twelvesome, sadly.

3. EPM, basically you just have to go through all posts, and check the fills, but they are expanding on the page, when you click so it’s rather nice to look for what you need.

4. ASIANFANFICS ONE & TWO (this one is a tricky fucker, because tags on asianfanfics is the work of Satan, so I feel you guys for staying away from this site. nevertheless, i found my favourite layhun author there, so– yeah, it’s good to try new things!)

That’s it. There should be around 100 sexing fics, I guess it’s not that bad…

That’s all I can do for you, because I guess you looked through sexing/layhun tag on tumblr up and down.