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Signs Based On People I Know
  • Aries:Plays the victim sometimes. Creative ideas and will always want you to see what they made and it's usually because they trust you. Straight-forward.
  • Taurus:Very sweet and will compliment you all the time. Good to be around! Probably a good artist (musically or drawing/painting/ect wise) and creative. Lovely.
  • Gemini:Passionate about what they like or believe in. Will not take any bullshit and could probably kill you, but overall really nice person.
  • Cancer:Caring. Will always wanna talk and make you feel better. Does not actually cry all the time. A little weird though sometimes. They could be clingy, but trust me, they just want to know if you're okay and they love you a lot.
  • Leo:Very confident in themselves, loves food. Will fight if you make their friends sad though. Gives great advice and will make you feel better when you're down. Always picks up your mood.
  • Virgo:Sarcastic, but the funny kind. Probably a memer also. May say hurtful things however.
  • Libra:Does not take bullshit at all. Takes things rather emotionally and personally. Gives great advice though and will always be there for you nonetheless. Strong minded.
  • Scorpio:-
  • Sagittarius:Cares about other people, but will think they're always right. Will not stop talking about their break ups and really needs to move on when something happens to them. Good intentions, and may say things that could offend someone. Forgetful.
  • Capricorn:Disorganized, and a dreamer. Sarcastic jokes and sometimes you can't tell if they're joking or not. Moods may fluctuate and doesn't prefer help from others and tend to keep it to themselves sometimes.
  • Aquarius:Focused on one thing in life, but is distracted easily. Doesn't like to be called out when they said/did something wrong. Needs to stop being so gullible. Wants to be unique, but follows the crowd a little too much.
  • Pisces:-

Phanniemay15 Day 25: Stories

“Hey, losers, where’re your shirts?”

“First of all, I’m sick and tired of your crass homophobia. Second of all, it’s still gay if he’s dead. Also necrophilia. Just so you know.”

So, Chrissy. Is it gay if he’s dead?

Yep. That ficlet. That one little story we all know.

idk, I just really, really wanted to draw that shirt.

Danny’s face accurately depicts Phantomrose right now. Sorry Phantomrose; this is your legacy. This is your lasting impact on the phandom :P

Watch out, Dash. Danny’s giving you the Scary Eyes.

And I still don’t know how to draw Tucker.


Keeping this simple because I have a lot of other stuff to work on this summer but I am looking for some extra income to put towards Grad School

  • 10 USD for a single character lineart + 5 USD for any additional characters 
  • 15 USD for a single character grayscale with a color accent. Again + 5 USD for additional characters 
  • OC’s, Fanart, slight NSWF permitted
  • You’ll get a full-res transparent PNG of whichever character your heart desires

If you’re interested email me with your username and character info

Paypal only~ payment will be made only after drawing is complete~


yo yo yo new video

First of two (heavily Normily based) thoughts for the day

So, Norman went to see Emily’s concert last week. I’m going to see her in concert tomorrow.

She’s been doing her shows in smaller-type venues that all have warnings to buy your tickets early because they’re prone to sell out.

The hubs and I have had our tickets for at least a couple months.

So…does Norman buy his tickets way ahead of time like the rest of us?

Does Emily leave a ticket for him at the door just in case?

Does he just show up and be all “I’m Norman fuckin’ Reedus” and the staff are all “Right this way, Mr. Reedus.”

I prefer to imagine the first scenario. I like thinking about him getting excited as the day gets closer, even getting downright giddy.

Does he drive himself? Does he listen to her music on the way? Does he sing along?

Either way, I bet he smiles. A lot.