I'm Proud of You

Can you do a tony perry imagine. One where you both are dating and are at warped. He leaves you alone for a bit and some random fan starts to insult you. So you stand up for yourself and he’s really proud of you. Thanks!:3

Your Outfit.

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Hope you like it!


Tony and I had just finished eating, and were making our way off the bus and over to the stage before the guys had to preform. Mike, Vic, and Jaime, were hanging out on Of Mice and Men’s bus so that me and Tony could have some alone time. 

We walked hand in hand past the merch tent where many PTV fans were hanging out. As soon as the girls had spotted Tony, they ran up to us, and started asking Tony for autographs, and pictures. He gave me a sad smile, but I reassured him with a kiss on the cheek which made the crowd erupt in ‘aww’s’. 

I slowly made my way out of the crowd and over to Black Veil Brides’ bus because they were the only one closest to me at the moment. I didn’t go inside, I just stood next to it. I took my backpack from my back, and got my water bottle out of it before putting my bag back on my shoulder. I took a couple of sips before noticing a huddle of five girls walk over to me.

I put my water back in my bag before putting on a friendly smile towards the girls. “Hi I’m Y/N” I introduced myself to the girl in the very front of the huddle who had long beach blond hair. She slapped my hand down and her and her friends started to laugh before saying 'I know’. 

I was a little startled at the sudden motion but shrugged it off. “So what can I help you guys with?” I asked looking around the group, as they gained smirks on their faces.“ Do you guys want a picture or something?”.

The girls all erupted in laughter that sounded like a couple of hyenas cackling. 

“A picture?! With you?!” Another girl exclaimed before they all started to laugh again. “You’re fucking hideous! why would anyone want a picture with you?” Her other friend cackled out next to her.

I could my anger begin to rise in my chest but since they were fans for PTV I decided to act as nice as possible, even though I did have a really short temper.

“I don’t even know what Tony sees in you!” Another shouted out.

“She’s so fucking fat! Somebody throw Shamu back into the ocean!” Another screamed.

More and more insults were thrown at me before the girls were all grabbing their sides from laughing to hard. Before the last girl in the group said something to me that really hit home.

“You should just kill yourself! No one would even miss you anyways! Especially not Tony when he could have one of us!” A girl said with lots of make-up on.

I could feel angry tears sprouting in the back of my eyes but I refused to cry in front of these shallow girls.

“Maybe just fucking maybe, Tony loves me because I’m not fake little whores that get pleasure out of putting people down, and tries to steal other people’s boyfriends!” I shouted, and all the laughing stopped as all eyes were on me.

“I mean how can you people even call yourself fans? All you guys probably want is to just get in his pants! And how the fuck can you live with yourself knowing that you just told another person to go and fucking kill themselves knowing that the person did nothing whatsoever to you?! You guys really should be ashamed of yourselves.” I finished my speech as I looked at all the of the girls. They all had their mouths open.

I flinched as I felt someone hug me around my waist, but I calmed down when I realized it was just Tony. “Is everything okay over here?” Tony asked while standing next to me; lacing our fingers together, before motioning to all of us.

“Yeah of course babe, I was just waiting for you to finish, before these girls came over here to talk to me.” I lied, I mean it was kind of true. He nodded before saying bye to the girls.

“Remember what I said guys.” I said before walking over to the stage with Tony.

Tony looked at me with a confused face. “What did you guys talk about?” Tony asked curiously before grabbing his guitar. 

I shrugged, “They were just being really rude, so I put them in their place.” I said with a reassuring smile and kiss. As we pulled away he smiled, and he stroked my cheek.

“I’m proud of you Y/N.” Tony said to me.

I giggled. “I’m proud of me too.”

The End.

A/N: I know I used a sentence from 'White Chicks’ (it’s a movie). Hope you liked it, request stuff!