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Reverse Boss battle! Gen :3c

Hartmann’s Youkai Girl-

To be any sort of boss, NH would probably have to be very triggered lmao
Otherwise, they’d just be peeved

As for Chara 

UFO Romance in the Sky-

Fun fact: Chara learned how to use magic bullets during their time Underground

I had such a weird dream last night where I was still in high school and getting ready for the first day but I was running late and my brother drove away without me so I was pissed and I asked my dad for a ride but when we stepped outside there was a UFO flying around and shining a bunch of red lasers on the street and there was a truck parked next to my dad’s and it was some evil guy who started chasing after us as we drove away and one of my old TAs (who was also in choir with me last year) was in the truck and she was evil too and then all of a sudden we were all in the same truck and she was talking to me about Rachmaninoff the composer but also threatening to kill me and it was really strange and I think I’m more tired than I was when I first fell asleep

  • Haechan: Ugh
  • Taeyong: Haechan, what's wrong?
  • Haechan: I decided to try being nicer to Mark
  • Yuta: So?
  • Haechan: So, I tried to tell him that he's a nice person today..
  • Ten: And?
  • Haechan: I said I hate him and I hope he goes to hell
  • Taeyong: Oh..
  • Jaemin: ... Today I told Jeno that he's a great friend and I'm glad to have him in my life
  • Jaemin: Then we went out for ice cream

photos I have so far of Ignis being 2 fab 4 u

still can’t believe i actually talked to seth meyers on monday
a small child
and he stared into my eyes the entire time
i literally had to look away for a second to catch my breath bc i couldn’t speak when he was making eye contact with me
and the first person who got to ask him a question stole the one i had prepared so i had to make up a new one on the spot
so i asked him what his favorite thing about living in nyc in christmas time was
and then i stuttered over the word christmas time
and he just smiled at me and nodded and made me feel safe
like it was as if he could tell that my heart was beating really fast and my anxiety was closing up my throat and he just knew what i was asking and helped me with silent encouragement
and then he smiled even bigger and told me all the things he hated about christmas in nyc
and honestly i always thought he seemed like a very optimistic guy and me, being v pessimistic, nearly cried when he took my positive question and turned it around and instead took the time to rant about how much he hates ‘that fuckin tree’
i love him
i LOVE him

My review of the lighting and colors in B5:

S1: no consistency, every episode is completely different from the last
S2: really yellow but v bright and colorful
S3: grey
S4: 22 episodes of blurry darkness w/ like some vague moving shapes you can barely make out but which you think might be, like, Andreas Katsulas’ left leg maybe
S5: we did it boys, this season actually looks normal

i have finished the first and last minute of my westallen vid but now i have 1:40 mins worth of blank space in the middle i need to finish

literally me with my process of vidding