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top 5 sterek fics + top 5 fanarts

See, and I was already doubtful in my tags that I knew the answers, which turned out to be dead fuggin’ on, but here’s what, um, I think they are (and these are going to be boring as hell because I feel like everyone in the world has read them.  ALSO, FUCK THIS IS HARD, FUCK FUCK FUCK, so I’m going with what I reread the absolute most):

  1. Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural / howlnatural, hahaha, I’m at the point with it where I could probably quote it from memory.  SHUT UP, I’M NOT SAD, YOU’RE SAD.
  2. Dating Backwards by RemainNameless / meechwoods, if I don’t know what I want to read and don’t feel like chancing anything new?  This is what I want to read.  Always.  There has never been a date or a time when I haven’t been intensely in love with and ready to re-devour this story.  Oh, and that it hasn’t hit me just as hard, which I’m pretty sure defies both physics and magic.  It’s outside the realm of all realities, okay.
  3. Cool Story Bro by drunktuesdays / drunktuesdaze, IT WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE, because sometimes I love Patterns of Intention more but, like, there’s Brad and he’s really speaking to me today and pining, woefully in love Derek and Stilinski twins and it may have been a HARD win but it was a win nonetheless.  Derek in this story though?  Do you ever cry because of Derek Hale?  Because I cry.
  4. My Heart Comes Tumbling Down by DevilDoll / devildoll, is there a more perfect fic by DevilDoll??  Possibly.  Seems likely even.  They jockey for position literally all the time always but maybe I’ve read this one the most?  Maybe?  I don’t know, this is my favorite author right here so there’s no wrong answer.  Right?  And I would sneak in another fic like I did for some of these other authors because I’m a cheater and if you tell me I can have five I’ll ask for sixteen, but it would legit just be their whole AO3 list and I’ve already got that linked under their name up there so…
  5. Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts by zosofi / zosofi, because I open it all the time.  I open it when I have to slip out the door in three minutes, I open it like I have phantom fangirl hand and don’t realize what I’ve done until I’m ass-deep in this story again, I open it because I want more from it but also because it’s perfect.  Because I could live here but also because it’s the perfect vacation spot.  I open it more than Gravity’s Got Nothing on You and Just Act Normal, which I would’ve sworn I like better except this is always the one I pull up at three in the morning when I can’t sleep.  This one here, folks, this one hunts me down, sits on my chest and says, “NOW ,BITCH.”  And then we dance.

Top 5 fanarts?  Like, individual pieces?  I can’t do that because I’d try to pick a favorite from some of these uber talented people and then that would just lead to me listing everything they’ve ever done.  So… how ‘bout fanartists, I can do that, right?  OH MY GOD, MAYBE I CAN’T DO THAT EITHER.  PSA: I know FUCK ALL of how to talk about art.

  1. maichan808.  Um.  Crazy talented asshole right here.  Like, she’s an asshole, but it’s okay because… magic.  So much magic, all the magic.  She can jam so much emotion and reality into her art that there is no other explanation than that SHE JUST LIVES WITH DIFFERENT INNATE ABILITIES THAN US NORMIES.
  2. creaturexlll.  GAH!  There is just something about their style.  It’s all kinds of dark and gritty and there’s an ~unsafe quality to it that I love.  Plus they draw everything I’ve ever wanted, punk stuff, dark stuff, fantasy stuff and, uh, [coughs] Spideypool and Stargent stuff.
  3. f0x-meets-w0lf.  Their Sterek stoner AU series GIVES ME LIFE.  The style is so crisp, including the way it’s colored, plus hipster, tattooed, smoking things and yes, okay.
  4. hydrae.  I don’t know what it is about the way they art that just entrances me.  I spent a buttload of time on their blog after deciding, yes, definite fave because I JUST COULDN’T LEAVE.  And so many of the scenarios are fantastical but drawn in such a clean way that they all seem plausible somehow???  I do not know, I am bad at explaining… well, anything, but they make me want to be involved in everything they do.  Like, ‘oh, what are you drawing now?  The Wiggles fanart?  Yeah, I’ll need to get into that, HARDCORE into that,’ and the stuff they dream up makes me convinced that living in their brain for a bit would be EPIC.
  5. akimao.  I’ve bought prints of their art for emeraldawn and mine’s friendiversary (yes, we’re sad and amazing and shut up).  Like.  THAT’S HOW MUCH I LIKE IT.  That is how much.  I hate spending money, you do not understand - I will be forever poor in my mind and I am just not okay with parting with so much as a penny BECAUSE I WILL NEED THAT LATER WHEN I INEVITABLY GET ARRESTED OR FIRED OR NEED TO MAKE A GETAWAY ON A BOAT, but there’s something about the light and the dreamlike quality to some of their art, even harsher images are softened by their style like it’s all accidental how the colors and lines come together to form this gorgeous picture, and it just soothes my fucking soul, okay.

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Oh wow! I did not expect to get so many of these. Thank you guys! All of you who sent these in, I really appreciate them! It’s wonderful to know that I make a few people happy on this website. Instead of forwarding this forty times (cause I got one yesterday too), I’m just going to make up a quick list of awesome people that deserve all the love in the world.

Again, thank you so much!

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so my mum put some nice makeup on me and i had a thought: what would cinder be like if she had grew up on luna? probably really regal, like winter, to be honest. i wanted to keep her a cyborg, because that is a big part of cinder, so i added some silver lines to my face, somewhat resembling those lines on microchips or something you’d see when someone is hacking in movies, in a winter-esque scar way so now they match :oo

also my hair blocked the light for my right eye and it looks like a glass eye or maybe a cyborg eye??

dear buddies and followers on tumblr

you inspire me and you guys are kind and amazing people–

that is all– / w \;;