“in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

It’s like my favorite quote of all time and mostly the reason why I do so much.

I’m really happy about having so many chances to meet new and different people and to get to know new things.

About having the chance to live no matter how hard it is at the moment. Others don’t have the chance to live, or go to school and else.

But we do. So we should live as long as we can and take all the chances, because nobody knows what’s gonna happen in the future.

As long as we live we should live freely and passionately.

It’s our only chance.

  • why people think jk rowling considered killing ron off:he was the most useless of the trio and jo hated him and she wanted hermione to be with harry
  • why jk rowling actually considered killing ron off:she was at a really bad place in her life when she thought of it as an option because she knew that ron's death would have the most impact as he was extremely important and if anything was going to break harry beyond repair it would be him thinking that he led this best friend (aka the person who meant the most to him) to his death

Where in Dipper realizes that going dark-side isn’t exactly what he’d thought it’d be like.

WTF I don’t even watch this show when did I start shipping them so hard
—  A novel by me