I miss LA

the absolute worst nightmare i’ve ever had in my life

it starts with me fighting off random some guy who wants to kill me, and i’m using everything i can to defend myself but nothing is really working. so while his back is turned, i find a syringe filled with i don’t know what, but it looks like it could cause some damage so i stab him right behind his right shoulder and inject it.
but as he turns around squirming in pain, suddenly it isn’t the random guy who was trying to kill me, it’s you. and immediately you’re like “WHAT THE FUCK, NICOLE. WHAT IS THIS. WHY DID YOU DO THIS?” and i start panicking and you’re rubbing your shoulder and you just start telling me that it hurts so so so much and that you think it’s probably lethal, but i don’t fully comprehend that yet. so i rush you to the car and you want to drive because you don’t trust me anymore, and i’m freaking the fuck out apologizing and saying we need to get you to a doctor as soon as possible because they could probably fix it or get it out of your system or something.
so we drive for a really long time but there are no hospitals around for miles, and i keep trying to dial 911 but they never answer and it just keeps ringing and ringing.
then it’s starting to get dark and suddenly you start swerving a little and i look at you and you’re super pale and out of it and you ask me to hold onto the wheel for you because you don’t have the strength anymore. then you just keep saying things like “how could you do this to me, i thought you loved me” and i tell you i do love you and that i never meant for any of this to happen. suddenly there’s some sort of accident on the exit of the freeway that we need to take. there are police everywhere, but i also see a couple ambulances so i turn us in that direction and you’re barely pressing the gas, so we’re barely moving. finally we get out of the car and there’s the car accident, but there are absolutely no bodies in the cars, so i go to the paramedics and i start begging them to help you but none of them are even acknowleding my existence. eventually i give up and i tell you that we need to keep going to find you a hospital, but our car is stuck behind the accident so we have to start walking.
but suddenly your mood has totally changed from anger to total calmness as if you had accepted your fate, but you look even worse now. and then you say “well what should we buy with the last of my money before i die?” with a joking smile on your face. and that’s when i break down and collapse to my knees. and you kneel down in front of me and you started asking things like “what are you doing, what’s wrong.” and i’m sobbing with my head in my hands and i’m in total panic and i’m telling you “i can’t let you die, i killed you, how did i kill you, this can’t happen, i need you” etc… and you just say “it’s alright, i was gonna die someday anyway” and i just keep crying hysterically and i say “but once your life ends, my life ends too.” and you just didn’t say anything and i kept crying harder than i’ve ever cried in my life.
then i woke up in a panic, and that’s when i called you.


Hello everyone, Mandi here. I’m sorry to have to say this but I am going to put this blog on hiatus. For how long I don’t know myself. It’s just that I don’t have the inspiration/energy/feeling of writing scenarios anymore. I might get it back when the second season of Haikyuu!! starts airing but for now I just can’t write. If you wanna talk or something you can find me on my main blog :>

Bye for now


『 ✖ 』 He really managed it to escape with the briefcase in his hands. So far, so good. The others probably don’t even noticed, that the briefcase wasn’t there anymore. Soon they would be after him, trying to get it back, but for now he was safe and far, far away from them. 

The thief stopped when he almost run into a woman. She seemed to search for something. He really hoped, she was not one of them

“Woah! Please tell me you’re not on of this crazy chicks!” 『 ✖ 』

Does anyone else get really random requests on LinkedIn? Like some of them I can sorta piece together. “Oh, you know this person I networked with at some point back when I worked in sales” or something.

But then there’s the ones where???? Why does a president of some Scottish Bank want an apprentice electrician in Detroit as a business contact?

foreveranevilregal asked:

Reply to this with 5 things that make you happy then send it to 10 people!!

1. Dragon queen (sorry it’s the only thing on my mind this week lol)

2. Escaping a party you really didn’t want to go (sadly I couldn’t do that last night…)

3. Writing with the sound of rain in my ears

4. Lovely people

5. Cats. When they aren’t trying to chew on my bracelets

Being alone at night is really hard

otosyos replied to your post: I’m not going to give up just yet. May…

I know owing would really suck but is it possible to even get a loan or something? My brother had a similar problem and that’s what he did. Aaah I really hope things work out for you tho ;;

That was my last resort. I’m going to see if there’s any way I can go back and accept my unsubsidized loans since I declined them and if not, I’m going to see if I qualify for a $2000 loan. I need a total of $1,645.50 for the fall semester but I have about $1,200 in a savings account. Maybe I can get 2k and then use my savings to pay for both semesters until I can accept both loans next year.