Do What Your Body Loves

Late night inspiration here. I may make a series of tips and tricks I’ve learned in my journey so far; we’ll see how that goes. And I’m sure being so cool and in the know, you guys may have read similar posts before, but it never hurts to have more than one source! 

Tonight’s post is brought to you by the guilt I felt when I didn’t go out for a run in a foot and a half of snow, before I remembered that my workout should feel like a privilege, rather than a chore. 

More often than not, I hate cardio. Elliptical machines make me feel like a baby giraffe, all wobbly and derpy. Treadmills? Tracks? No, no thank you. I am running to nowhere, or running nowhere in an oval, staring at nothing, and that bores me. Trail running is “meh”; the only thing that can keep me going is a horde in Zombies, Run! None of these things give me the “ummph!” that I need from my workouts; they don’t make me feel powerful the same way lifting does. And if we dread our workouts, well…we’ll stay on the couch. The couch is comfy and comes with Netlfix.

That being said, I know that a body needs cardio, and after about three weeks of going without, it’ll start to regress and important progress will be lost. So I find activities that make me feel like a badass, but still get my heart rate up. Why run when I can box with a friend? And maybe cardio is totally your groove and you hate heavy lifting, but you still want to increase your strength or muscle endurance. Same principle applies. Don’t waste your time in the squat rack if you’re going to half-ass it (pun intended). Maybe something like parkour or rock climbing is more your style–you can bet that throwing yourself over walls and swinging from bars takes some sick upper body strength and control (though maybe practice with a helmet or padding to start with. Safety first, guys.)

The point is, there is no ONE way to workout or to reach your goals. Not only is your body different than everyone else’s, but your mind is too, and some things will motivate you and inspire you more than others. Find your passion, trust your instincts, and get moving!

so like one of the only things i do is eat, right. it’s after midnight and there’s a bowl of cereal in my hand. i like to make easy mac at 2am. I have four servings of breakfast potatoes in addition to my eggs and fruit. i eat a lot. but my doctor told me i was in great shape and as i was leaving reminded me to take a calcium supplement so i don’t grow up to be hunchbacked and to get in my 30 minutes of cardio a day. the question is how????