A Night to Remember by KatNikki (7.3k words)

It takes less than five seconds for Harry to appear on the opposite side of Louis, and half the time for Harry to roll up the divider, saying a quick “knock when we get there please” before the driver’s face disappears. Like clockwork, Harry is at Louis’ lips like his body physically wilted when they were apart; Harry’s suckling Louis’ bottom lip, pressing a canine into it every so often as his tongue fully explores every crevice of Louis’ mouth. Teeth collide every once and a while, but expressions of hurt and apology are lost amongst the crescendo of their responding moans. Everything about this moment feels buzzed, as if Harry’s boundless energy is actually transferable like some sort of life source; Louis feels high off of it.

or the one where Louis lets Harry perform next to his idol during the X-Factor Final, and Harry busts a nut in the process. 

Image credit: Yahoo!Celebrity UK

i can’t believe that there are still people who think that it’s 100% okay to repost other people’s work??? who completely ignore the reblog button, screenshot or save it to their device, and then post it as if it’s their own??? people still think that it’s perfectly acceptable??? what the fuck???