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Nothing was harder then beating up your own brother for being evil, it was something Félix hoped he would never have to face, yet, it happened, he was still in his Chat Noir outfit, even though his brother was back, one couldn’t be too careful.

“Something on your mind, Adrien?” He decided to ask, after a few minutes silence, his brother must’ve gone evil for a reason, he wouldn’t be surprised if it was partly his fault, if he were to be honest, it would be just his luck to accidentally upset Adrien.

“Something that needs to be…talked out?” he rephrased his question.

@gamecube asked for someone to write Erica/Kira, with the following prompt: “someone write me erica/kira about kira’s first day at beacon hills high and the crush she gets on erica reyes, the popular, intimidating but surprisingly friendly blonde she sits behind in one of her ap classes” ; this takes place in a beautiful universe in which no one dies and the mccall pack is large, united, and strong as ever. the context of this fic is early season 3b, when kira moves ot beacon hills. 

Kira shut the car door and followed her father, professor-turned-high-school-teacher Ken Yukimura, as he led the way to the entrance of Beacon Hills High School. She turned to wave at her mother, Noshiko, who was watching her silently, her piercing gaze speaking volumes. Kira knew that her mother was telling her, in no uncertain terms, to remain strong and keep her head high. 

Kira smiled at her mother, who nodded in return and drove away. Her father laughed gently next to her as she watched the car get farther away from her. 

“Come on Kira, look alive! Aren’t you excited for your first day here?” he asked, his eyes twinkling with his usual warmth and mirth. Kira was immensely thankful that her father was teaching here. She knew he’d probably embarrass her, but it was better than walking into the lion’s den without anyone familiar by her side. 

“Maybe you are, dad, but I don’t know anyone here. They’ll all probably be freaked out by me anyway,” she grumbled, looking down at her feet. She chose to wear cute but simple flats that day, but belatedly wondered if her quirky skirt and plaid shirt combo would earn her weird looks or mocking jeers. Didn’t Californians always wear board shirts and flip-flops or something? 

Ken laughed. “Oh sweetie, you’ll be fine! The people here are really nice, and I guarantee that they’ll love you. You’re my daughter, after all, and if no one can appreciate how smart or kind you are, then they aren’t worth your attention,” he said lovingly, pressing her hand against his back and guiding her toward the door. Kira smiled and bumped her head against her fathers. She steeled herself and opened the doors, walking into the empty halls. The students were already in class. 

“Let’s take you to the principal’s office first, and then I’ll drop you off at your first class. What do you have next?” They knew that it would take around an hour for both Ken and Kira to get settled into the new school environment, so by the time they’d finished with paperwork and introductions, the next period would begin. 

Kira took out her crumpled, folded over schedule and glanced at it. “AP chemistry,” she responded, putting her schedule away. She’d commit it to memory later. 

Ken grinned. “To chemistry it is.” 

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evil-queens-rule asked:

Imagine that Adrien cannot stop modeling. Ever. Ugly faces selfie? Nah. Super bad candid picture? Lol nooooo. Alya and Nino find out quickly and try their HARDEST to get a bad photo (Marinette doesn't think any of them are ugly, of course). It becomes a game that spreads to their other classmates. //Meanwhile, Alya shows the squad photos of Chat Noir, and he always has the WORST poses, expressions, and timing. 😉//

//oh my god this is such a thing now. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A THING NOW. Because Adrien’s a model. He’s a celebrity model and his dad is a celbrity fashion designer so no, all social media and picutres must live up to a standard. Nothing goofy or unpecoming of someone of their class and it’s been drilled into Adrien for so long that he can’t help but give the most photogenic poses everytime there’s a camera directed towards him (it’s almost like an instinct. Not even secret pictures where there’s no WAY he could know that there was a camera present come out looking like he’d been prepped for a shoot.



Texting ..

He sits on his bed, hands in his basketball shorts, watching the game. He scratches his head and looks at his phone. “Damn. She ain’t text me all day.” He shrugs. Shit. It is what it is. A couple of minutes later he looks at his phone. I mean. I’ll just hit her up. See what she up to.

Him: Wassup?

She sits on her bed. Phone already in her hand. She’s watching makeup tutorials on YouTube , knowing when she does it , her makeup Won’t look shit like it. She sees “🙄💖🤗” Pop up at the top of her screen. Ohhh shit. I was waiting to see if he would text me. She does a mini twerk dance with her tongue out. She was feeling herself. Fuck waiting. She replies.

Her: Hey wassup 😊

She looks at the message. Erases. Then types.

Her: hey wassup?

He looks at his phone. Opens the message. Hmm. That shit was kinda dry. Maybe she don’t wanna text me. Another message comes through. It says wyd? Hmmm. Ok. She double texted so that means she does wanna talk to me.

She bites her lip. Glad I sent that last message.

He replies.

Him: watching the game. Wbu?

She types. “About to cook dinner.” She’s lying. She ain’t cooking shit. It just sounds good though.

He reads it. Smiles. Mmm cooking huh ? Check ✔️. He smiles while typing.

Him: what you cooking me?

She reads it. Rolls her eyes. But she’s still smiling..

I told myself five million times that I would not draw this but I really wanted to do the thing with the curtains so here I am and there they are. 

Based on Suggestivescribe’s drabble “Adore You.”

The Jeremy Dooley Project

Alright look - this is very similar to @the-meta‘s  project for Adam Kovic, for just about the same reason. As many of us know, he posted this not too long ago. The fact that the fandom has made him feel this way is wrong on so many levels, so the-meta has inspired me to make this in hopes that we can show Jeremy that he is good enough too be where he is as his own person. 

So, the plan is the same: 

  1. Make a care package, or choose an item to send via a service like candy-gram. If you are mailing it can be anything (socks, fan art, blankets, etc) so long as it’s not perishable or home-baked if you’re sending food.
  2. Write a nice letter to go with your care package! Tell Jeremy how important you view him as a NEW member of the Achievement Hunter Crew, because he has made his own place, rather than filling in the spot of someone else. 
  3. It will be sent to the Rooster Teeth office. The set date to try and have everything in will be February 14th - a perfect time to share some love for the new Crew member. Hopefully that gives everyone enough time to get what they need finished (don’t feel the need to stress about the date, it would be great to get it in at that time but if you can’t do something until a later date that’s fine too)
  4. Try not to let the AH Crew know! It’d be a nice surprise for Jeremy (or all of them if you plan to send things to the others as well)

Share some love!!

(As mentioned in meta’s post) I am currently unaware if there’s a discount for Sherri’s, but they are having discount sales for the Valentine’s season. 

The RT Mailing address (According to Kdin’s Tumblr): 

Rooster Teeth Productions
C/O: (Name of person you’re sending to)
1901 E. 51st Street
Box 20
Austin, TX 78723

I’d also like it to be known that this post is heavily inspired from the-meta’s post and most everything is directly quoted/taken from their original post, so I’d say credit deserves to go to them. I just figure it’d be nice for the fandom to share the same support for Jeremy as they did for Adam

 What is mindfulness?

To put it simply, mindfulness is about staying in the moment; paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, and the world around you. It involves being aware of the senses as you go through each moment - the smell of the flowers, or the feeling of the banister on the stairs. It also means being aware of 

Mindfulness is currently used to help treat anxiety, depression and stress, both mild (a deadline) and ongoing stress (a major exam, or relating to health or family problems). However, this research is still ongoing, and although the results are positive, it isn’t certain who it would help best.

How to be mindful?

There is no “correct way” to be mindful. Everyone has their own way of finding calm. However, there are some suggestions below, along with apps you could use.

  • Notice the everyday. Try to spot something new as you travel to school, like the plants growing along the side of the road. Try to think about what you’re eating - the taste and texture (not health wise). You could even think about the feeling of the wind as you walk; it breaks the monotony of the everyday, and provides a new perspective on life.
  • Pick the same time everyday to be aware. You don’t have to be mindful constantly, but it works better if you pick one moment. Maybe during your lunch break, or on your way to or from school.
  • Try something new, like a new seat in a meeting, or the library. Try going to a different coffee shop, or walk a different way home. Notice the world in a new way.
  • Try to watch your thoughts. A lot of people struggle with mindfulness because of a restless mind, with too many worries. Mindfulness doesn’t remove these worries, either. It’s about being aware of them, and seeing the train of thought arise, but letting it pass by you without getting swept up in that worry. If you’re struggling, try yoga or walking. Exercise that isn’t strenuous, but gives you something to think about.
  • Be aware of your feelings. Name them, if it helps. Say “this is anxiety”, or “this is the worry I won’t pass the exam”. You don’t have to say it out loud, just so you’re aware.
  • Be free from the past and future. This one means different things to different people, but on the easiest level, it means moving on from the bad mark you got last week, or the mistake you made. It also means not “pre-living” future problems - don’t play out scenarios where you fail the exam, or lose a friend. Forget about them.

Other mindfulness ideas.

While doing something mindful everyday is wonderful, some people find a more definite time to be mindful helps too. Ideally, both is best, but that isn’t always possible. If you have time, though, try one of these, or find your own mindfulness task!

  • Be creative! Most people have seen the adult colouring books which have come from the mindfulness movement, and they’re cheaply available across the web, for example here on Book Depository, which has free shipping. You can also get fandom ones, for Tolkien and Harry Potter, for example. You can also sew or knit, or just generally craft, if you don’t find those too stressful.
  • Meditate. There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but I know plenty of people talk about Headspace and Room to Breath. Unguided meditation is also an option.
  • Yoga or tai-chi can help with awareness of your breathing, and there are often courses available cheaply through your local wellbeing group. They are often run city-by-city.
  • Mindfulness courses are readily available in some places, as are teachers, although you often have to pay for them. The Mental Health Foundation have an online course at, which you could look at.

It’s important to remember that mindfulness doesn’t work for everything, and that it isn’t fully tested yet. However, a lot of people use and enjoy mindfulness as part of their everyday life, and if you’re in a time of high stress, it could be worth trying. Obviously, if you want to use mindfulness for more serious mental health problems, I would suggest consulting a doctor first, and seeing if they think mindfulness would work for you.

A few months had passed as Miranda went to visit her girlfriend. Without even knocking, she used to magic to bust through the door as her dark yellow eyes scanned the area for her. Her outfit was the same only more covered in blood since she was more brutal now. Her body was a bit corrupted from shapeshifting as scales could be seen on her stomach and other parts of her body. She was also more corrupted by the red lyrium in the ruins. “Oh Selah~!” She called with a smile. “I do hope you got the message. I didn’t come all this way to be disappointed.” 


Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T