this is like the first time i think i’ve had a crush beyond the ‘oh wow that person is super cute’ phase and… It’s like awful? like I’ve had maybe one convo with this guy this school year and we have one class together. but he’s like super cute and funny and seeing him laugh is the best thing

Also we’re going on a school trip soon and I was so upset to not be on his bus. crossing much fingers we see each other when we’re there

The awesome thing about both the DPS fandom and the House fandom is that we won’t be getting any more canon stuff from DPS or House.

So I think that makes the fandoms even stronger and more creative because now it’s up to us to come up with more stories, art, and incites into the characters and relationships that were given to us.

That’s just so fucking cool and you’re all so fucking great. 

I’m just… really happy….. that X and Y are coming out when they are because I’m a sap and wow I’m kinda going to be starting my adult life but I’ll have pokemon with me….!!! and since the release is simultaneous almost the whole thing’s gonna be so new like playing Ruby for the first time and it’s like experiencing a whole chunk of my childhood all over again

thank you masuda san uwu