Me: I love Ochako Uraraka so much, she’s so soft and sweet and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has fought an asshole that can make explosions out of his sweat without a single hint of fear or hesitation and with every intention of winning. And the plan she came up with in order to win involved letting the aforementioned asshole make a bunch of debris with his explosions so she could drop it on his head. And the only reason she lost was because she collapsed from exhaustion.*

Me: -gentle and she wouldn’t hurt a fly-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has faced off against a psychotic serial killer with no time to prepare and no warning and with only one other person to help her and came out of the encounter relatively unscathed apart from a single stab to her thigh. And that was after she had technically already beaten the aforementioned psycho by slamming her face on the floor with a martial arts move in about half a minute.*

Me: -and she has so much love for her family and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Her goal in becoming a hero is to make enough money to help her parents’ construction company that is facing major financial trouble. To that end she also goes to extreme lengths to save money which include living close to her school so she won’t have to use the bus, only buying the most cheap foods she can find, sleeping any chance she gets, and even starving herself.*

Me: -her relationship with her friends and her class in general is SO GOOD AND LOVELY and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Works herself to the bone in her studies and training along side her classmates and has excellent teamwork even with students she doesn’t interact with too often. Also her sending Kurogiri, an adult villain who made it very clear that his and his groups’ intention was to kill everyone present, flying during the USJ incident so Iida could run away and get help probably saved everyone’s lives.*  

Me: -her relationship with Izuku is the best thing ever, its so wholesome and pure and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Stopped some random kid she didn’t know from falling on his face for seemingly no reason other than being nice, later saved his life by making him float before he broke his neck on the ground even though the strain it put on her quirk made her vomit, tried to help him pass because she thought he might have failed because he saved her even though it could have hurt her chances, and then turned an abusive childhood insult into an affectionate nickname with just a few kind words and minimal-to-no knowledge of his history. All of this happening over the course of less than THREE DAYS OF GETTING TO KNOW HIM.* 

Me: -seriously she loves him so much its so good-

Ochako Uraraka: *Realizes she has feelings for her friend in the middle of a very important and intense exam, and instead of panicking she get her shit together, pushes her feeling down so she can focus, and passes with flying colors, because she is AWESOME.*

Me: -also she sleeps with mittens so she doesn’t make herself float in her sleep how adorable is that?   

Ochako Uraraka: *Is the best.*

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pfdgajad i love fall! autumn is clearly the superior season anyone who says otherwise is lying autumn has halloween and leaves and stuff it's so good - 🐝

aH fall is my favorite its the best!! with halloween and then sweaters and i love it because up here winter is soo cold and summer is soo hot but fall is just perfect in the middle and the air is so nice and the leaves!! and warm drinks and fairs and just all the nice stuff i love fall

Honestly, right now I feel…very emotional. This has been said a ton during CipherHunt, but I’m so happy that things in the Gravity Falls fandom have still been going strong since the series finale aired over half a year ago. Journal 3 coming out and rocking the fandom as well as CipherHunt taking up all of our attention for over a week was the best time period of my life and made me feel like the show was still on, what with all the new content coming out and putting us on the edge of our seats. And just when things have been simmering down again we have:

- A special limited edition blacklight version of the Journal coming out with a ton of new info and features in it (making everyone anxious as heck with how many are actually going to be sold).

- More of a fan thing, but all these cool ____blogs RP blogs making for super interesting interactions and posts between characters, even ones you’d never think would communicate with each other. Seriously, it started with Stan and Ford and now there’s like 20 of them.

- Possible Gravity Falls comics by the way Alex Hirsch is talking.

It’s going to be a long time before this fandom dies, guys, and even then I don’t think it’s ever going to truly die. There are still so many things to be excited over and speculate about and ahhhhh it makes me feel like the show is still airing and bless the GF fandom for keeping things alive.

Really though, I just love the character depth in this show. Each character has a very distinct “defining” characteristic that it would be so easy to base them entirely around that but they don’t. Like actual people they have a number of seemingly conflicting traits. You can be logical and exact but also extremely emotional, you can be carefree and emotional but steady and hard to break even in tough situations, you can be reserved and rigid but also kind and comforting. You can be more than one thing and it is not a contradiction.

That interview about the comic book the other day described it perfectly as the characters being “deceptively simple”, that’s exactly how I see it. You can watch the show passively and see the characters in the most broad aspects of their personality but you can also watch and pay attention to detail, their actions and inflections, even body language and you come to understand the characters better as people. Its interesting. 

Like, the show is about magic and monsters but its so character driven. The characters and their human-ness are its strength and its shown through such little things, which is really very realistic. People are always this vague sort of “major personality trait” until you know them better and see the pieces that inform who they are.