How the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this for a while, even though I might be the only person invested in this, but anyway, here we go.

I’ve seen mentioned several times, in posts about the movie and in fics that the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury through the window of Steve’s apartment, and every time it makes me groan in frustration because no.

The Winter Soldier didn’t shoot Fury through a window, he shot him through a wall, and I don’t know about you, but it seems like a pretty big difference to me.

(bullet hole in the wall!!)

When I saw the scene the first time, I remember thinking holy shit??? that’s crazy, and for me that’s when the Winter Soldier really became a real, terrifyingly good assassin, that’s when his image as a serious threat solidified.

Read about the blogger getting carried away under the read more.

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So I noticed something in 'Swan Song'...

Apologies, cause this will be long and ramble-y….

I know there’s been a lot of theories in the past about who exactly was in control of Sam’s body when they jumped into the pit, and I agree with the general idea, though when exactly (or if ever) Sam regains control and how are another issue…

But that’s not the point of this post. The point is, there was always one moment in Swan Song I couldn’t work out.

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“Cas, just admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“You love him, don’t you?”

“Love? I - Uh -  I have no idea what that emotion feels like…”

“Oh, shut up and tell him. Look, he’s sitting in his car waiting for us to be done here. How about you drag him out and romantically confess your love at sunset?”

“Claire, you’re being irrational.”

“You’re irrational.”

Claire runs back to the impala, urging Dean to leave Baby and join Castiel on the small hill. He does so at her annoying insistence. She hangs back and kicks her feet up on the dash - Dean’s biggest pet peeve.

“Claire says you need to tell me something.”

“No, Dean, I - Yes, I -”



“I’ve never heard you stutter like that. What’s up, man?”

“It’s nothing, Dean. Please, let’s return to the bunker. Sam is waiting.”

“He can wait a little longer. Now tell me what’s goin’ on.”

“I can’t, Dean.”

“Yes you can.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

Castiel remains silent.

“Thought so. This sunset’s awesome.”


“The last time I actually saw one and
appreciated it was… shit, had to be, like, high school? On one of those classic ‘Make-Out Point’ dates.”


They stand in comfortable quiet, the only sound being the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Castiel feels a warm weight settle over his shoulders and press against his side, and it takes him a moment to realize Dean is beyond closer than usual. Castiel can feel the strange sensation of blush creeping up his neck.



“I -”

“Yeah, I know, Cas." 

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A little cosplay test for my new favorite wolf boy, Clifford, from @lepas’s comic Wilde Life. For only starting reading this comic a few months ago (psst, everyone should read it), it’s amazing how much I love this stupid, snarky boy. I hope to have a photoshoot soon with my friend, who I was delighted to hear also reads WL :’D

Dramatic lighting because, why not? Also bonus beat-up Cliff, because. It is important. (I also have a silly post coming up, wait for it…!)

  • Emily Prentiss: Hey, are you gonna tell me what's up? Reid, it's me.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: Do you ever wonder if you lived up to expectations?
  • Emily Prentiss: I beat them. I figured I'd be a bored socialite by 25.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: I thought I'd cure schizophrenia by the time I was 25. You know, when I was a kid, people told me that I could do anything.
  • Emily Prentiss: You're afraid you've let people down?
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: No, I'm afraid I let myself down.
  • Emily Prentiss: By not curing schizophrenia?
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: No, just because... I don't know why I'm in the FBI.
  • Emily Prentiss: I see. You're genius, but you have the same job as me, Morgan, JJ.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, exactly. No, that's not what I'm saying. It's just sometimes... sometimes, I kind of get this feeling like... Like maybe I should have done something more with my life.
  • Emily Prentiss: How old are you? 29.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm 30.
  • Emily Prentiss: No way. We missed your birthday? Well, why didn't you tell us? The fact of the matter is you're young. There's still time.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: By the time Nikola Tesla was 30, he'd already invented the induction motor.
  • Emily Prentiss: You know what? You might be right. You don't hear that much about child prodigies once they grow up. In fact, most of them turn out average.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid: That's not true. Are you trying reverse psychology with me?
  • Emily Prentiss: I'm just telling it like it is.
I don’t mean to make you worry.
I’m just searching for something to feel.
And if that means lacing my blood and
My mind with toxicity,
And wandering the roads till 5 am,
Or kissing strangers and trusting anyone.
Well that’s on me then.
Maybe there’s a better way, a safer way.
But here’s the thing-
I don’t care enough to find it anymore.
—  Mish. (Harmfulthinking)

I have been feeling a bit disconnected from you guys lately, so this is me telling you to come talk to me! Tell me about your day, the latest book you’ve been reading, things that weigh on your mind (remember I also have an advice blog - url is cookies-and-advice), or just say hi :)
I’m always here for you and I want you guys to never feel like I’m unapproachable, because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I hope your day and your week have been amazing :) All my hugs!


911: yes hello what is your emergency?
me: i’m almost done reading ’pins in the map’

i can’t believe it’s been a year already. i don’t even know what to say. to celebrate the birth of this blog, here’s a small follow forever of some of the blogs that i love seeing on my dash. not to be cheesy or anything but bts have really changed my life, i wouldn’t have met any of you without them. can you feel me cringing? ily ♡♡♡

shout out to :
@agu5td@ho-bwi@milky-jimin@mixtapesyoongi ♡ @myhobibi@the-dope-maknae@turtle-yoongi@syubbee 

yall keep me sane!!! thank you for being there for me and not getting tired of my constant yelling about yoongi and hobi :’) sending all my love ♡ 

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All jokes aside though, I feel a certain disconnect every Black History Month because I don’t do enough to learn my actual history as a person with black parents that are not African American. Like, we just got here lol I should do more to connect to my familial history.


A collection of images to describe my feelings towards the fact that BTS still haven’t stepped foot on British soil and has revealed no plans to do so yet

so i’ve never really posted anything super personal on here before but i really need to get this off my chest cause i’ve been feeling kinda :/ 

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Hooray for the asks!