Imagine your otp being giant dorks
  • When they go out for dinner they always order each other’s favorite drink. When they get them, they automatically switch. 
  • On a roadtrip they bring a huge coloring book and one of those boxes of crayons with like five million colors and they take turns coloring in it as they switch drivers (and they get heavily critical like “really? You’re coloring his shirt blue? Wouldn’t taupe or lavender look better?” “I’m sorry whose turn is it? That’s right, not yours.”)
  • Competing to see who can rap Nicki’s Monster verse the best
  • Competing to see who can rap Nicki’s ***Flawless verse the best
  • Shaving each other’s legs/faces/armpits/what-have-you
  • Spending the entire night sharing a bottle of cheap red wine and trying to imitate haunted house reaction faces that they search for on Google images
  • Marathoning the LOTR trilogy and throwing popcorn at the screen whenever Sauron shows up
  • Mimicking Frodo whenever he puts the Ring on his finger, but moaning really loudly every time so it sounds like they’re climaxing
  • Making out like horny teenagers somewhere in the middle of the Two Towers
  • Arguing about who can make waffles better
  • Trying to make each other crack up in the middle of sex, and then getting an angry, anonymous letter from some disgruntled neighbors the next day (ending with “that last joke wasn’t even fucking funny you asshat”)
  • Holding a running bet over who will lose the most socks to the laundry machine by the end of the year
  • Closet cosplaying a mutual OTP for a whole day, even though they have to go to the grocery store that afternoon; no one understands why they keep snickering to themselves
  • Falling asleep together on the plane home from Disneyworld while both are still wearing their mouse ears