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Cinder Fall and Adam Taurus 

New music video!!!

Check out the just released video for JTG’s “Don’t Let Me Fall Behind”!


“Don’t Let Me Fall Behind” by Jukebox the Ghost because Ben Thornewill sitting at a real piano is a beautiful thing.


Jukebox The Ghost Don’t Let Me Fall Behind


Don’t Let Me Fall Behind by Jukebox the Ghost

Internet, why do you fail me?

I need an acoustic version of Jukebox The Ghost’s Don’t Let Me Fall Behind. Like, a really slow, stripped down version.

And I found one acoustic version, but it’s still peppier than what I had in mind.  I want it for a mix CD for a friend of mine.  If I could sing, I would just cover it myself, but alas…earwax.


Jukebox the Ghost - “Don’t Let Me Fall Behind” (Live at WFUV) (by WFUVRADIO)