People say there are other fish in the sea..I’m like “Screw you! HE was my fucking Sea!”
—  Till the day i die

When you’re small and highly sensitive so you cry when your boyfriend falls asleep


Hilarity in the original eraser stamp making session: 

Jun’s: “This Year’s Me” makes me happy with the purple and pink (which I’m blatantly interpreting as subtle RED okay?)

Sho’s: “I’m back” elicits screams of terror? laughter? intense reaction from the audience.  Really, Sho?

Masaki’s: his two-pronged approach creates “Please take good care of me Nittere-san” Nandarou-kun (Jun clarifies that “It IS a bird right?”) and “Riddled-with-Injuries Masaki” stamps. Aiba-chan~ gambare~

Kazu’s: His initial confidence in presenting his own creation… only leads to his own embarrassed laugh?

Satoshi’s: His “Stylishly Suspicious Person” serves to tickle everyone, and especially Jun who asks if it’s actually Johnny-san.  After trying to hide his creation, he fails to convince that it’s “just a suspicious character” when Kazu outs him for calling his own company president “a suspicious character”.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 90-min SP 10.10.2015


An interview with Mark Gatiss to tie in with his narration of a set of ghost stories by E F Benson. He explores the topics of his favourite ghost stories, literary inspirations and more.

I personally believe that Marinette actually likes chat noir but she confuses her feelings for him as friendly because she’s so blindly in love with Adrian. Same goes for Adrian/chat noir. It’s hard to se the forest for all those trees

Don't Let Him Come Back
  • Don't Let Him Come Back
  • The Go-Betweens
  • 78 til 79 the Lost Album

The Go-Betweens - Don’t Let Him Come Back

I was digging through a box of old CDs when I came upon this CD.  Remembering that I’d posted Jay Reatard’s version of this song, I decided to listen to the original.  A fine early example of Robert Forster’s unique lyrics. Hits the spot.

He wants an excuse to be where King Richard rules