Don't Let Him Come Back
The Go-Betweens
Don't Let Him Come Back

The Go-Betweens - Don’t Let Him Come Back

I was digging through a box of old CDs when I came upon this CD.  Remembering that I’d posted Jay Reatard’s version of this song, I decided to listen to the original.  A fine early example of Robert Forster’s unique lyrics. Hits the spot.

He wants an excuse to be where King Richard rules

anonymous asked:

Parking officer here. Had a run in with my old annoying coworker (the one who always made racist remarks and then never took the blame for saying them and believed he was much more important than he was) and I was like "oh I heard you'd quit school) turns out he'd quit his job with us to downsize his classes bellow 12 units and wants to come back in the spring "but I need to talk to LT first" plz LT don't let him come back....