it occurred to me tonight that…none of you know what I look like. which weirds me out a bit? I rant a lot on this blog and talk to quite a few of you and none of you have seen my face (except becca and jayne cause they’re stuck on this island with me) soooo here are two pictures of me awkwardly smiling after my cousins wedding. goodnight friends 🐢
(please do not re/bl0g)


Time #354 in which Flint has a decision to make he knows will put him through hell. And does it anyway.   ̿ ̿ ̿'̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/‘̿'̿ ̿

If only he knew that there’s literally millions of girls out there who’d do anything to ride his dick. 🙄😂

I’ve never been good enough. I’m always a disappointment for everyone. I’m always a failure.
—  #11💔

randoms: y’all just couldn’t WAIT to talk down about Justin, hm? since the show started, y’all been wanting to trash the black man and now you feel this is your chance, huh? this tag is racist against black men


*thinks back to when Justin was literally the fan favorite across the board. most popular posts on tumblr and twitter had to do w/ something positive about Justin. people blogged how much they adored Justin for weeks until he started acting funny and called the other black women hoes, started lying on Danielle and would rather cater to girls that laughed at racist jokes about him rather than dani who would AND HAS protected him and his name*

me: ….yeah u right we’ve been plottin against that mofo since the moment his black ass walked thru that door.


This was my second attempt at making a skin/accent (and my only finished one) and I got an honorable mention yay /o/

But now im sitting here wondering if anyone would be interested if I printed it. I know i had 2-3 people mention potential interest before but I’m super shy and unsure of myself and im just -deflates-

So I guess this is an interest check?

why do video games think I want to play underground levels? no. i don’t want to fight your dank claw monsters in the dark. ever. bye