i may or may have not woke up like 2 hours ago (it’s almost 6pm here opps)

i was tagged by caspersbastardchildmickwhorescarlllgallaghrrrtinymickeymilkovichmickeysavesian​ in this stop drop and selfie challenge. i look like a fish in the 1st one, it’s a new look i’m trying out.

i tag: northsfirepandyxmilkovichbackstreet-gurlstagmaniacuddlymickey flazy2southsidemilkovichinside-a-writers-mind18  hoosiers-blanket thedailygiggy grumblesandmumbles hubrisandwax absolutqueen my peeps


I was tagged by the oh-so-gorgeous adpeppers  I don’t usually do these but I have been tagged a few times so I figured I should really do it at least once.  Sorry for the total lack of pics, I don’t really do selfies…so these are literally the only ones I have.   Also, yes, I have a tiny cashew obsession, don’t judge me ;)