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//People often forget the importance of chemistry and only focus on 'lol they have this linking each other = ships'. I firmly believe your ship is one of the best example of character development and ship development through rps one can see (at least it is for me).

//EMAGAHD RIVIN where is the harassment and the hoboshaming and the salt— SIGNALBOOST someone hacked into Rivin’s account HALP


Lmao ok serious answer now tho. Thanks for understanding and for the generous praise. I know you’re a person who takes things like this seriously and I feel honored that you feel that way.

I really appreciate the support, friend. Yours and everyone else’s. It’s just been difficult for me lately but you guys are helping a lot with that.

Thank you

  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock:*working*
  • Molly:*working*
  • Sherlock:*casually* Do you want to get married?
  • Molly:*pauses; looks around*
  • Molly:*confused* M-married?
  • Sherlock:To me, yes.
  • Molly:*chuckles nervously* Not...not 'married', though?
  • Sherlock:Yes.
  • Molly:*alarmed* What, like 'married'?
  • Sherlock:*irritated* Yes, married though.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* Yeah,'s not like a husband and wife type thing, is it?
  • Sherlock:*sighs* Yup.
  • Molly:*swallows* Well, we won't-
  • Sherlock:*fed up* Christ, Molly, yes. Married. You and I. I am talking having-dinner-wearing-rings-having-lots-of-kids-being-head-over-heels-in-love-spending-the-rest-of-our-lives-together married.
  • Molly:*smiles shyly* That is very married.
  • Sherlock:*nods*
  • Molly:*kisses his cheek* Okay, I'll marry you.
  • Sherlock:*smiles* I'd better get a ring, then.
  • Molly:*playfully slaps his arm*

Uni’s Life Lessons

1. There are always going to be better and lesser than you.

2. You can learn from both.

3. Comparing yourself to either is a path to disappointment.

4. Be who you are.

‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.’ - The Dalai Lama



Maria, you’re one of the best people that I know on tumblr. You are the sweetest. You’re literally one of those people that light up my dashboard. I’m always glad to see you on my dashboard. You deserve everything in life. You are truely amazing. I’m thankful to have you as my friend. I’m so thankful to have you around to scream about anything. I love you. I hope that you have an amazing birthday.


P.S: Please don’t die while looking at this gifset.

How to be a Tumblr cule in 10 easy steps™

1. Make sure to get offended by everything people say (even if it ain’t offensive just go for it we have the treble)

2. Send yourself anon asks to make u look smarter and more Queen-like (plus we have the treble so)

3. Remind everyone we have the treble even when it’s not relevant at all (best club in history I mean we have the treble)

4. Always depend pique even if his clap backs are bad he’s still the King of Catalonia!!!!! (He has the treble sooo)

5. Always REBLOG pictures of Daddy messi d10s at least 17 times a day because DADDY MESSI (he also has the treble so like)

6. make sure to ALWAYS remember that cristiano is a crispy avocado who deserves to rot in a hole (he doesn’t have the treble and WE DO)

7. Sergeo Robbertna CAN PLAY ANY POSITION and will be the best in the world (always say that even if you hated him 2 days ago because remember he won the treble)

8. fight madridistas for no reason just to remind them that we have the treble and they don’t Binch lol

9. Follow madridistas so u can see what they are saying and send them anon hate to remind them they Is all shit and we have the treble

10. We have the treble

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A bit of a late (and useless) comment but a beadcanon with genderfluid N would be awesome.

Model AU where N has practically everyone fooled. He sometimes presents himself as Hakyeon, the male model who brings a sultry, mysterious aura to every shoot. At other times, she comes as N, the girl who can balance well between cute and sexy, depending on what was needed of her that day. It wasn’t that hard for everyone that N and Hakyeon were strikingly similar, so as a precaution, Hakyeon assures everyone that him and N are identical twins. The lie manages to fool most of the people Hakyeon comes into contact with; being genderfluid was something he wasn’t sure would be accepted, so it remains a secret until a rookie cameraman ruins Hakyeon’s plans.

Said rookie cameraman, named Ken, is a burst of energy that Hakyeon isn’t prepared for. Ken meets the male model first, abruptly praising his body once Hakyeon takes his shirt off for a scene with rain. “Wow, do you work out? You should totally invite me. I may not look it, but I can definitely keep up with you and definitely not keep checking you out or anything.” Hakyeon isn’t sure to find the advance odd or endearing, but it’s on his mind for the rest of the shoot, the director scolding him every once in a while for not keeping a serious face. For once, Hakyeon doesn’t care much and giggles during his breaks.

Hakyeon, now as a girl, has a craving to do a shoot soon afterwards, so she shows up at the agency to see if any free shoots are open. She is shocked to see Ken, once again, his arms waving wildly once he sees her. “Hakyeon! I didn’t know you would be back so soon!” The other employees sputter and apologize for the rookie, seeing as he had no idea that Hakyeon and N were twins. “Eh? What are you talking about that’s totally Hakyeon.” Ken, surprisingly stubborn, keeps nagging at everyone until Hakyeon pulls him aside. She urges to him that Hakyeon was merely her brother and that her name was N. “Is that what you call yourself when you’re a girl?” Ken asks the question so casually that it shocks Hakyeon. She wonders how he figured out about her fluidity, and takes a moment to catch her breath she didn’t realize she was holding. 

“How did I know? I could never forget such a wonderful face… Also the pimple you have near your chin is still in the same spot so - OW!” Ken’s rambling stops once Hakyeon punches his shoulder. Her eyes are filled with tears that are threatening to come down without her permission. She isn’t sure whether it’s because the comment about her blemished skin or that her secret was found out. Ken immediately holds her cheeks, promptly ignoring how hot they get. “Hey, don’t cry! I’m sorry, did I say too much? I promise I won’t tell anyone else, really! Plus, it seems really awesome that I’m the only one who knows all of you, because I really want to ask you out for coffee once we are done with this shoot.” Ken is soon sporting his own blush, smiling widely once Hakyeon nods her head, still a bit dumbfounded at the situation she has found herself in. Ken leads her back to get the job done as soon as possible; she finds it odd that she doesn’t mind Ken’s fingers intertwined in hers. Though they haven’t known each other long, she trusts Ken enough to tell him that Taekwoon also knows her secret. “Taekwoon? Who is that? Your boyfriend? Aw man, don’t tell me I missed my chance~” Ken whines as Hakyeon poses for her first set of pictures, enjoying this small moment to tease him, just a little bit.

2/12: molten hell

Today our rush came early and we ran out of the chocolate whip & drizzle for that nasty molten chocolate. As another barista is making everything(I’m even out of mocha on both bars) I tell a customer I have regular whip instead. She was perfectly okay with that & tried it before she left. She continues on with “this is amazing! I’ve tried every frappè and this is the best” I literally gave her a java chip. The drink itself is a stinking java chip.

top 5 ships meme

tagged by the adorable @stubborn-dandere-heart​ <3 i love yoou

My drugs of choice!

1. Rinharu - Free! (the destined pair > everything else. best boyfriends ever.)

2. Damen/Laurent - Captive Prince (psst third book just came out i urge yall to join me in hell enemies to star-crossed power couple <3 they’ve been around for a while tbh, reading Kings Rising just hammered it home)

3. Eremika - SnK (waiting for chapter 50 to get animated so the fandom opens their eyes)

4. Saigenos - OPM (the surprisingly domestic power couple~ when did this crack ship become so important to me)

5. Iwaoi - Haikyuu (i’ve been reading an unhealthy lot of iwaoi fics lately. my heart hurts)

tagging @kuroo-atsume @alien-iwaoi @nenufair @pushpulld @rinsuokah @rincentric @saitamau as always, steal steal steal

psa from someone who works in fast food

there’s a thing called “the drive thru difference” or “pay it forward” where each car pays for the car behind them

this is seen as a great thing and makes people happy

but if you care about the people taking your order then for the love of god don’t do this

you have my permission to take your free food and end the chain

i promise you will be the person that makes me happy, not the person who started it or anyone who continues it

this thing is so incredibly stressful to keep track of

usually I have your order up on my screen so I can verify it is correct and can change or add anything if needed

but your order is already paid for so it can’t be changed and I can’t see it

so if someone leaves or skips forward in line we won’t even know

people could easily start getting the wrong order

doing this makes me so incredibly anxious that I can’t do my complete job

i cannot be constantly explaining what is going on to the car trying to pay at my window while trying to take someone else’s order

i have enough trouble with this in the first place

please do not add to my suffering

I got tagged a little while ago by @wellbefireproof and @carey-price-stuck (thanks lovelies!) for a really cool music challenge!!

Artist: Ed Sheeran (my god)

What is your Gender? She // Little Lady (thanks Ed For making this easy)

Describe Yourself: Little Bird (smol)

How Do You Feel? I’m A Mess (hockey makes me a mess)

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Tenerife Sea

Your Best Friend: Trap Queen (cover whatever) // Nina (I suppose if I had done One Direction this would be more accurate)

Favourite Time of Day: One Night

If Your life was a tv show, what would it be called?  You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (hahahaah)

What is life to you? Friends // U.N.I // I Will Take You Home

Relationship Status: Give Me Love (haha single)

Your Fear: Bloodstream // Nightmares

That was really cool honestly!! I’m going to tag; @goal-horn-guru @aaronekbald @justnotjustin (*cough* Hamilton *cough*) @magicmcdavid and @jouannieepiee :)))

top 5 ships ~tagged by: @erueyebrows thanks hun!! <3

1. Iwaoi (I’m a sucker for this two, I think it’s the childhood friends trope, and the whole personality dynamics they have).

2. Daisuga (Mom & Dad basically, can they please adopt me? Also blaming Kylie for you know what fic).

3. Daiyui (I’ll never get over how adorable they are, and my little pixie blushing is the best).

4. Reigisa (These guys are so endearing and everything they do is precious).

5. Kashihori ( I was rewatching GSNK and I swear these two will be the death of me; also I can’t get the theme song out of my head).

Bonus: Kaneki (& co.) + happiness // SNK + not dying (and Eruri tho; Jeanmarco too)

I ship too many things tbh but these are the ones that come to mind right now :x Tried to keep it not only within the sportsboys realm, key word: tried.

I tag @karasunoreos @tiacchi @bigasscutie @seijuus-empress @akayay-akaslay and just anyone who feels like it & wants to share their ships~

I feel like none of my friends care about me and don’t want me around anymore. Hahahhaah I can’t wait to move, only (roughly) 5 more months and then everyone can forget about me and move on like they always do. Hahaha I’m so sad and j hate myself.