no offense but some people hating things i love doesn’t ruin anything for me and i certainly don’t spend my time reading their anti tags and blogs lmao

and consider this: it’s healthy to recognize things you love have flaws.

birthday boys
  • James: doesn't even blow out the candles, is on the verge of crying on each of his birthdays. "What if I don't want to grow up????" Throws the best birthday parties for his mates tho.
  • Sirius: Wants the exact number of candles on his birthday cake. If he's turning 24, Merlin forbid you come with a cake that has 23 candles on it. Once locked himself in a broom cupboard because his cake had 16 candles instead of 15. For someone who didn't get to celebrate his birthday until he was 12, he is way too picky.
  • Remus: Doesn't want any fuss, he didn't tell the Marauders his birthday until like 3rd year. At one point Peter was like "we never celebrated Remus' birthday" and James lost.his.shit. Needless to say his next birthday was a big thing that ended in detention for James and Sirius. Shocker.
  • Peter: Eats the whole cake, that's all he wants. Loves it when Marauders make a big deal out of his birthday. On his birthday Sirius usually wants to punch him because he gets so spoiled but James loves it and spoils him even further. Loves big parties.
  • Jacob: *fucks around with Fiona's plants*
  • Fiona: Jacob, please stop messing with my plants
  • Jacob: oh... Please don't GROW impatient with me
  • Hugh: Jacob, stop it
  • Jacob: Oh, come on, Hugh. Don't BEE a BUZZ kill
  • Millard: Stop it
  • Jacob: I'm sorry, Millard. I don't think I can SEE what you mean
  • Enoch: This is torture. Your puns are terrible
  • Jacob: I guess you could say I'm PUNishing you
  • Millard: ... I'm telling the Bird
  • Jacob: wait, no