• Jacob: *fucks around with Fiona's plants*
  • Fiona: Jacob, please stop messing with my plants
  • Jacob: oh... Please don't GROW impatient with me
  • Hugh: Jacob, stop it
  • Jacob: Oh, come on, Hugh. Don't BEE a BUZZ kill
  • Millard: Stop it
  • Jacob: I'm sorry, Millard. I don't think I can SEE what you mean
  • Enoch: This is torture. Your puns are terrible
  • Jacob: I guess you could say I'm PUNishing you
  • Millard: ... I'm telling the Bird
  • Jacob: wait, no

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Can we see more of the space mice? I love their design!

Ahh sorry for the late reply!! I’ve been a bit busy;;

Have a tiny Allura and Chuchule bonding ✨

hey if you buy a young fish, one that is not it’s adult size yet, it is extremely important to do frequent water changes, even if the water quality would normally be fine.  fish that are still growing release a growth-inhibiting hormone into the water.  in the wild this hormone would hardly affect the fish, given the space it has available, but in a tank this hormone accumulates and stunts the fish’s growth greatly.  frequent water changes remove the hormone and ensure that the fish will grow normally.  if the fish’s growth were to be stunted it would develop deformities and it’s health would be compromised. 

His favorite is Watmel berries, and I figured they’re like watermelons.