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What silky thingy are you talking about? Could Sara possibly be alive?????

If the writers had chosen one of the 100 ways they could go with Laurel’s story and actually tried to write something more complex and beautiful, yes she could be alive.

Do you remember when Helena throws Sara out of the window in Birds of Prey (2.17)? Sara takes out of her sleeve that silk thing that the assassins use a lot (like when Nyssa shows up in front of Sara in Heir to the Demon and then kisses her in that glorious and beautiful scene) that’s the thing I’m talking about. Truth is she took 3 arrows to the chest so she was half-dead by the time she hits the ground, there was nothing that could’ve saved her. Now I just have to hope those 2 episodes she’s in are good and that they’ll give us more of her backstory at some point (gimme all the Nanda Parbat flashbacks).

     So I guess somethin’s been on my mind as of late─ Something I was told by someone else. I try to run this blog as acceptably as I possibly can whilst still being able to voice my opinions should I consider them, and even when I do─── I try my best to remember to specifically tag my opinions.

  I suppose something’s been on my mind. Something that I haven’t been able to shake off. I just want to take the time that I try my absolute best with everything on this blog─── Be it taking care of my followers, standing up for what I believe is right, trying to make people happy, creating art, writing replies─ And doing my best with this community. I try my hardest with everything on here─ It’s just how I like to run things.

   However, I’m only a person. I make mistakes and I’m sure those of you who have been here since the beginning of my 18 month period have seen plenty those mistakes. The thing that’s been on my mind, however, is when I do not realise I have made a mistake- and when it is not brought to my attention. I have been notified that I have been talked about negatively in the past by someone, and that someone is still yet to come to me to tell me what I am doing wrong, and as such, I cannot fix the problem.

    I suppose the point of this is saying that I wish to continue doing my best for the sake of you all, and for that to continue, I need you to come and speak to me if I have ever done any of you injustice by any means. If one of my posts is offensive, tell me. If my behaviour is offensive, tell me. If I improperly tag something, tell me. Please, if I ever do any of you wrong, I need you to tell me.

    I don’t like being talked about behind my back about something that I can fix, or explain myself on.

             Please, if I ever do any of you wrong─ Don’t talk about me behind my back.
             Come to me, and help me fix whatever mistake I made. 

Some random zodiac sign 'squad' post.
  • Creator of the random zodiac sign squad post:These signs are the chillest of the chill (insert random signs). These signs appear to be chill but they're really not (insert more random signs). These signs are fuckin' ravenous beasts from the pits of hell that will consume your soul if you cross them. They have absolutely no chill. I repeat, no chill whatsoever (insert the signs that are left over).
  • People from the different zodiac groups:How did you even come to this conclusion? Why does this have so many notes? It's inaccurate. You're not even a real astrologer -your Tumblr name is 'mytearsdryontheirown'. How are we even meant to trust what you say when we visit your blog and you have an automated music player? It's fucking annoying, dude, and your taste in music is bollocks. Don't you ever tell us how chill we are again, you phony!

my Pearl critical tag is four pages long (which doesn’t seem like much but it’s set at ten posts a page so ~40 posts of Pearl criticism) and only just now do I discover that the Pearl hate tag is also alive and thriving

i am too overwhelmed to speak my own words about charleston. i do want to say that i’m white and i will call people out who don’t call it what it is: terrorism.


I caught myself missing you. Gosh, you were such a jerk. You are a jerk. You didn’t even say anything when I ended it. You never cared.. Did you? I loved you & I have no clue if you ever loved me. I caught myself missing your selfish self..


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What's going on in the phandom lmao

Omg lol

Well the tweets/photobooth/myspace screenshots of what Dan and Phil sent to each other in 2009/10 were deleted

and now everyone’s like “OMG MY LIFE IS RUINED PHAN WILL NEVER BE CANON!!!!” They honestly need to calm down because this has nothing to do with them

AND if phan were real DnP owe the phandom nothing, especially not enough to out themselves. I mean just think of the many reasons why people who aren’t internet famous don’t come out for years and now consider the fact that we don’t know what goes on behind the camera and have no idea how many of those things apply to DnP

That’s still IF they’re even together

sorry for ranting!!!!!

Remember when I went to Bill Bailey’s stand up show and he did like a 15 minute thing bashing 1d and I sat there next to my mum who was cackling like a witch and who said to me during intermission “so true what he said about one direction though” and on the outside I was laughing along and saying “poor one direction” but on the inside I was screaming

“for gay and lesbian couples this is the ultimate victory”
I mean it’s a great victory but I think better ones would be laws across the US protecting lgbt+ people from being fired just because of their identity or orientation as well as getting rid of the fucking panic laws that allows people to get away with murdering us