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Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all

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I just wanted to ask but how do you think aliens act about human joints I mean think about it we can bend our joints in unholy ways and and we can touch our hand on our back and then there and double jointed people who bend in the most unholyist ways (don't get me wrong double jointed people can do some awesome things but some of the things they can do)

I imagine there are some alien biologists who are absolutely fascinated with not only the variations in our species, but also how those variations might affect vocational choices.

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I have definitely noticed a correlation in shitty customers and age; I work in a UK pub chain and the majority of trouble concerning rudeness etc comes from older generations. Don't get me wrong, younger people cause shit too but that's more with being too drunk and making a scene, rather than just being generally shitty. Also older men seem to have an issue with drinks not being in branded glasses?? Like it's a Saturday night, u don't get branded glasses at this time, don't huff at me mate

I honestly think it’s a boredom issue. You know they retire from work and have a lot of free time on their hands. They don’t know what to do to entertain themselves and create drama where none is needed simply for something to do. They could care less about the branded glasses but it gives them an in to be a shitty person just for the purpose of making you feel bad so they can get some perverse entertainment.


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Why is Woozi team leader for the vocal unit if they weren't going to put him as Main Vocal. Same for Scoups. Though I get why SCoups is the leader, he is the leader but as unit leader he is only Lead Rapper. Hoshi is the only Leader that holds a Main role. Don't get me wrong I think the people who are Main are amazing, I'm just curious

hey! Forgive me if this answer doesn’t come out as eloquently as I hope it will be. I think being a leader of a unit/group is very different to being the best at doing something. Take vocal unit for example. Seungkwan and DK have the most powerful voices, which is why they’re assigned the positions of main/lead vocals. Woozi, on the other hand, although he isn’t as vocally strong, he’s blessed with the ability to write and produce and direct the music. He’s by far more knowledgeable in this aspect compared to Seungkwan/DK, and thus is rightfully so vocal unit’s leader. He knows how music is made, and he’s good at it. Coups and Woozi have trained the longest in Pledis compared to the other members, and additionally being the oldest, Seungcheol would most probably have the maturity and ability to lead the group. I’m guessing he’s HHU’s leader because of his experience and ability to lead. Hoshi coincidentally has a main role and is the leader because he’s most aware of choreography direction and is good at it. He knows how to come up with creative and interesting choreo, which is why he’s allowed to be the leader in that area. I’m going to be blunt and say that I don’t see that there’s a member in perf unit who distinctly stands out from the rest in terms of dancing ability (vs in vocal where boo/seok clearly have the strongest voices), so I assume they just let him lead as he’s the one leading the entire group in terms of dance! I hope this makes sense! :) 

Fun reminder that Pride isn’t for straight people! It’s not LGBTQ+ folx job to make you feel accommodated to in our community and at our events because. They. Are. Not. For. You.

At the current moment, I could care less about Yousef. I just want Sana to be back with the girl squad. I want them to forgive her and I want them to be happy. I don’t want the lesson to be that Sana will finally be happy once she gets to be with Yousef. Skam started with Eva realizing her self-worth and building powerful relationships within the girl squad. I want Skam to end with that same dynamic.

im sorry but who actually thought he was going to be nice/understanding. like we’ve had 25 chapters showing what type of person he is, and that person is a piece of shit

Ah yes,
The threat to be kicked out again.
When will I just fucking learn to get my ass up and do my chores.

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It's because you need more hugs after all you've been through. *yet another hug*

Who said anything about having been through… whatever the heck you’re implying I’ve been through? I mean, yeah, there are some things I’ve been through, but it’s not like–

I’m just going to stop before I dig myself a deeper hole.

  • for all of those who are flipping shit about artemi panarin winning the calder
  • both evgeni malkin and alex ovechkin won the calder in their respective rookie years, and they both had played in the KHL before coming to the NHL
  • what made those two "legitimate" rookies and not panarin?

just because hewlett’s an uncompromisingly decent person who has been a good friend to anna, and also has sympathetically sweet feelings for her, does not mean he “deserves” her

just because a nice guy likes her doesn’t mean anna is terrible for still loving and kissing abe – the only thing that makes that “wrong” is that they are both married to other people, however they legitimize it with their history 

this is coming from an assuredly high ranking hewlett stan and a person who doesn’t care at all for abe-anna– 

anna strong is not required to love edmund hewlett back

imo the only thing cinnamon roll major hewlett deserves for his stellar behavior


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im against body shaming don't get me wrong- people should feel good about themselves and have the right to do whatever they want with their own body.... but i think its a huge shame that you are disregarding your own health and glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle.

  1. “glo·ri·fyˈɡlôrəˌfī/verbgerund or present participle: glorifying
  1. 1.reveal or make clearer the glory of (God) by one’s actions.“God can be glorified through a life of scholarship”

  2. 2.describe or represent as admirable, especially unjustifiably or undeservedly.“a football video glorifying violence"synonyms:ennoble, exalt, elevate, dignify, enhance, augment, promote; More”

    can you explain what I’m glorifying, exactly?  besides ya know…not hating myself?  do you want me to apologize for that?  for not hating myself so much that I can’t even look in the mirror or leave the house?  if you’re talking about me ‘glorifying’ the right to like yourself regardless of whatever the fuck standards society places on us, then yes…I am definitely glorifying something.  

    oh, and what lifestyle are you referring?  perhaps the one you know absolutely nothing about?  yeah, probably that one.  

    you see - in order to be doing what you’re accusing me of…I would need to talk openly about my apparently extremely unhealthy lifestyle and then go on to tell people that it’s the only way to live, that they’re missing out without it, that they should change what they’re doing and convert over, etc etc.  care to point me in the direction where I even remotely subscribe to that sort of mantra?  

    you don’t get to pretend like you are against body shaming and are all for people liking themselves when me openly doing that, is enough for you to accuse me of ‘glorifying’ something you have absolutely no idea about.  you don’t get to act like you’re a part of the body posi team and then tell a complete stranger that you know they’re disregarding their health despite not knowing them whatsoever or what their habits are.  you think it’s a shame I’m existing happily and at peace with myself and I’m encouraging others to do the same?  well boy howdy, I think it’s a shame you decided to message me at all and pretend like you know things you clearly have no idea about.

why do some people have such low standards. a guy agrees with feminism and didn’t call you a slut for wearing shorts like ?? congrats you weren’t a douchebag ? I’m not gonna pat you on the freakin’ back for stuff you should know anyway