Fun French Fact

Okay okay so I’ve seen Moana in French a’ight. 

And instead of calling Tamatoa “Crab Cake”, Maui calls him “Pâté De Crabe” which is the French version of Krabby Patty. 

And honestly that’s amazing thanks for the spongebob reference disney. 

If you have had an abusive family life and your family looks at you as a failure or “the family shame” don’t for a second believe it.

Families are meant to help each other, not tear each other down for one thing so if you made a mistake they should be helping you learn not just yelling and hurting you.

No one can blame you for an action they did.

Blaming others is a way to avoid responsibility.

So if being real, speaking the truth, taking responsibility for my actions and well being while still being able to forgive is being “the family shame” then I wear that name with pride.


Somewhere we went wrong, Our love is like a song
But you won’t sing along……You’ve forgotten
About us (Don’t forget)

  • every chopped contestant in the desert round: my plan is to make an ice cream that I'll over churn into butter, a crepe that'll come apart in the pan, a panna cotta that won't set up, and a cake that won't bake through. And if all that doesn't work, my plan B is this caramel sauce, which I'll definitely forget about and burn to shit.