Me: oh hey wow Killing Stalking is on the top 10 tumblr tag list thing. I didn’t know it got so popular! Wonder what happened?


Top post compares Killing Stalking with YOI, focuses on YOI being “healthy” and KS not being healthy, and links them to Korea and Japan as if those two works of fiction represent their entire nations

Me: (looks at the camera like I’m in the Office)

Me: The fuck is this shit


[►] I’m sorry, but can we please talk about THESE EXTREME HEART EYES!? Good lord, Ian!

First off, let me start by saying that there is A LOT of heart eyes in this video from both sides and it’d be nearly impossible to point them all out in a single post, so if you want to see their “low-key” love in full detail, I recommend you watch the video by clicking the play button like at the very top of this post!

Now with that out of the way, let’s go into detail!

In the first gif, nothing particularly interesting happens; but in the SECOND GIF, we have Ian looking at Anthony’s eyes, then down to his lips. He then looks back up at Anthony and ass soon as he does AN ADORABLE AND VERY LARE smile is painted across his face! His smile continues in the next gif and so does his wandering eyes back and forth from Anthony’s his lips to his eyes. Then in the last gif, he answers the reporter so she’ll get the sense that he’s somewhat paying attention when in reality all he and think about is Anthony and his gorgeous eyes and lips!

Like I said, heart eyes Hecox is a VERY rare occurrence, but when it does happen, YOU CAN’T BEAT IT!

I’m not saying that I am a philosopher or anything but sometimes I do so much thinking that I forget they killed Socrates for stuff like this. Because I think of unconventional things, explosive things, completely over the top things.

Like about the universe. We’ve got astrophysicists and super geniuses trying to figure out that shit for us but maybe we’re encroaching on an infinity too big even for our egos. Maybe we’re looking too far and for all the wrong things, I mean after all if human beings are made out of stardust, shouldn’t we be looking within? Maybe we don’t have to understand eternity, we just have to realize that we’re a part of it, that every spot we take up in this world, we add to an endless lineage of creation. Maybe we were put in this galaxy of galaxies to make something more the way the stars became the more that turned into our blood, skin, and bones. Maybe we exist for the small things we do like jotting down those notes to construct knowledge out of brain matter or smiling at strangers to send anything from shivers to warmth down unfamiliar spines or breathing this recycled air to remind this world that we are still here. Maybe there is no question to be answered, no meaning to life, no profound truth that needs to be discovered. Maybe we are here only to die or we die because we were here maybe we are trespassers on a land meant for gods. Maybe we are the gods.

I don’t mean to offend but sometimes I just do some thinking. And maybe I shouldn’t because what if there is nothing to get out of it, only hemlock juice and migraines. But then again– maybe I should.
—  You asked me for an answer I could never give because this universe is too vast for definition 
ML one-shot. He loves her hair. And her name

It was a calm evening. The roofs of Paris receiving slight gusts of wind. Night colors perceiving on the yet orange sky. Near the seine, on top of a small balcony, stood a familiar black suited superhero. Eager to open the trapdoor at his feet, knowing he could only be the one allowed to enter from there.

Before opening, he got his head closer to the ground for him to hear and confirm his safe entrance to the room below. Light and quick taps where heard easily and no voice came out other than adorable giggles that he knew better than anyone.

Swiftly but quietly, he opened the trapdoor and jumped straight down. Head lowered, knees bent up, hands resting on the soft meatress he was standing on. A second after, he was looking straight ahead with a slight smirk on his face to the blue haired girl. Marinette was lying on her pillows, holding her cellphone in her right hand. She had jumped quite a bit for her own concern, even though she already knew what went by before her eyes just a pair of seconds ago. Chat noir received a same kind of grin he had given.

“You’re early”. Marinette complained, not sounding as such complain at all.

Still holding her phone in her hand, she laid her arm on her legs. “Princess, you know all you have to do is say the word and I’ll go and come back later”. Chat couldn’t resist giving a little tease first. “Even if I’d told you so, you wouldn’t be leaving that easily”. “Meowch, Princess. You wound me. I wouldn’t disobey your commands. Perhaps all you want is to carry on with your funny little conversation”. He got back at it again with the tease, this time interfering by wanting to take the cellphone from her hand with his tail.

“I was just texting Alya, silly kitty”. Grabbing the cellphone with her other hand, she took it farther from his tail. “She was asking what was going on with you at school today,”. Chat noir couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, recalling today’s petit event.


“Marinette Dupain-Cheng” “Marinette Dupain-Cheng…Agreste”

That name sounded so terribly fitting. So accommodating. So precious to Adrien’s ears. Or thoughts more like.

He couldn’t stop thinking of this amazing girl sitting just behind him. And her pretty, oh so beautiful name. Impatient for the day in which she would own his name, too. At least, that’s what he desires and hopefully she does, too, he thought.

Mrs. Bustier started taking attendance. He already is aware of his name coming first, even when his mind is somewhat thinking about something else.

“Dupain-Cheng, Marinette” “Dupain-Cheng Agreste, Marinette”

Both Mrs. Bustier and Adrien get in sync Marinette’s last name, but the class could clearly hear how he had finished her name. Oh no, of course it wasn’t Adrien’s intention to say what he had just said, out loud. It sounded profoundly beautiful. But heck, not at this time of the day. No. It just sounded beautiful at any time and even heard from other people’s voices. But not when all the class had heard. What was he to do. Nothing, but to start hearing little laughs here and there from his classmates and a little quiet chatting from others. At least from most of them.

Just at the moment Marinette thought of hearing Adrien, she clearly heard her own name slightly a bit different from how it always sounded. She face palmed in her thoughts. This chaton is searching for it. She feels a shake coming from her left shoulder. “Girl, you heard what everyone just heard, didn’t you?” Her friend Alya tried to whisper to her, as if trying not to sound to loud for the guys sitting in front of them. Marinette wouldn’t act too shocked or too calm. Adrien on the other hand, was trying to hide his face from everyone. But heck, even his neck was visibly almost as red as Nathanael’s hair.

“I’m sorry, Marinette” Was the only thing that could escape his lips as he tried to face her. She gestured an “it’s fine” by raising her hand up and mimicking the words. Honestly, from her view, he looked so amazingly adorable, with his cute red and inflated cheeks. He wasn’t shy in looking straight at her. He still wanted to see her reaction. But did he felt more ashamed now.

They had agreed to remain their friendship as the somewhat distant-but-close friendship. At least while at school. Maybe glances there and now wouldn’t be that much, but this. Adrien messed up and did he see her princess a little bit annoyed by his silly little scene. He hadn’t even say it so loud. It was close to a whisper. Maybe that was how he heard it.


With the memory in his mind, Chat felt so ashamed that his kitty ears bent down, showing his embarrassment even more.

“I’m sorry M-My Lady. Marinette”. He really does feel sorry for it.

While his cat ears still down and his body moving a little further away to sit, Marinette, leaving the phone to the side, tried to reach him out by going on one knee and leaning towards Chat.

“Chaton. It’s fine. You were already told. It’s not like you just spread to the whole class that we are dating”. She placed her hands on both his hands resting on the bed, which were cat-posed.

“Besides,”. Grabbed by his bell, well-known as his zipper as well, she pulled him to her, slowly but anxious. “I don’t think there’s a problem in our friends getting hints already that we both love each other. Perhaps they’ll see Ladybug and Chatnoir as more than friends at first. Maybe some time later, they can see Marinette and Adrien together, hmm?”

The pulling to her had caused him to lay in Mari’s tummy. She was lying again on her pillows and Chat had felt encouraged again, and felt himself burying his face right there.

“De-transform, Adrien”. Command heard. Kitty obeying.

A little black flying creature flying away from the two love birds in search of that other creature, only red color. A groan could be heard by that little black one.

“May I ask why tho, purrincess?

"Hah. Actually trying to avoid more puns for today but I guess I’m super wrong thinking you’ll behave better while being like this”. Marinette tried to keep her cool. “Is that so, My Lady?” Now he just wanted to start the teasing again. He stretched up to her face, real close to it but enough for him to go immediately to her neck and resting his head on her left shoulder.

She finally blushed.

“N-no. Not really. I-wanted to feel your own warmth. Instead”. She could barely speak. Her nervousness was a lot to take in.

“So, how come you’re getting cold now? You’re shivering, Marinette”. His mouth reaching sensitive skin on her neck. Teasing.

Her name coming out from his mouth only gives more shivering. Shivering that Adrien takes not because of cold. He goes on his knees, reaches her upper arms with his hands on each side. He speaks near her ear, but not facing her way. “Relax, Mari…” The girl feels like melting and turning into butter now. She instinctively, only by hearing his heartwarming voice, relaxes all of her being and lets Adrien grab her gently as he does. He sits on her and bravely starts giving kisses to her hair. Caressing her hair, tugging her hair, rubbing and snuggling into her hair. He enjoys breathing onto it. He freaking loves smelling her hair. He breathes, smells, taking it deep and long, and then breathes out, giving small moans of how comforting this is.

Marinette is traveling across heaven. She just doesn’t know what hit her, and suddenly jumps and eeked by a digital sound. Alya is still messaging the girl and she just left her waiting. For almost past an hour and a half.

She quickly sits correctly, leaving a confused and dreamy eyes Adrien. “Uuuugh. Alyaaa. I’m sorry,”. She gave a small look to Adrien and continued to type. “there was a cat in here. I left the trapdoor a bit opened and it probably smelled some bread. It wouldn’t leave.”. She continued messaging with Alya, avoiding eye contact with Adrien.

“Yeah…a stray cat”. Oh, he only could think how much of a good liar this princess was. Wait, what. “Stray cat, princess?” She only could stare at him, with her hand in her mouth trying to keep her giggling silence.

-“Alya. Imma go sleep now. Ttyt, kay?”
-“Marinette!! I can’t believe you’re not fangirling all over about what Adrien did in class! Girl, you better tomorrow”
-“I will! He was too adorable! I can’t believe it!!

Marinette left her phone on hold and placed it a little farther this time.

Adrien had sit besides Marinette, waiting for her to finish. Didn’t took too long when she came back and pull him to the bed with her. Both stared at one another, smiling. Adrien raised his left hand, reaching the back of her head, by her hair. Her hands resting on his chest.

"I love you. And your hair”. He admitted. Hand caressing and playing slowly with her hair.
She chuckled. “I love you. And your bad puns”.
“I was pawsitive you digged them”.
“Don’t push it, you stray cat”. She rolled her eyes and gestured a tiny and soft slap on his cheek. “M-Marinette…”

She heard his voiced changed tone. “Yes, Adrien?” Curiously
“Do you like it?”
“Like what?” Not following.

“How the name sounds?”

She chuckled again. “Adrien Agreste Dupain-Cheng. I have thought about all the promising names. Maybe even first than you have”.

His overjoy was showing as he took Marinette into an embrace to spin her around, or at least side to side on the bed.


This was like at 2 in the morning. -3-
I don’t know wether I like shy Adrien or shy Mari. HALP ME.
I decided to have this as Free Day for Miraculous March. :3 It probably sucks but it’s my first ML fanfic. Not that I was never good at writing. But the fluff convinces me. Identities revealed already, of course. Based on my Marichat sketch for ship square., ‘cuz I can’t create my own fanfic by its own.


Let’s talk about Boys in Degrassi

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to frame this, but I figure using someone else’s much more interesting post as a basis will make this work. So @paigesalex did a Fandom Census for the show. To the surprise of nobody, four of the top five most disliked characters are guys. And the fifth is Esme, who is somewhere more cruel than Holly J. Sinclair but less cruel than Heather Sinclair.

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let’s not fall in love

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No one starts out on top. You have to work your way up. Some mountains are higher than others, some roads steeper than the next. There are hardships and setbacks, but you can’t let them stop you. Even on the steepest road, you must not turn back. You must keep going up. In order to reach the top of the mountain, you have to climb every rock.
—  Muhammad Ali
Literal Titles
  • I Am Number Four: John has amnesia and is trying to figure out what number he is
  • The Power of Six: Six develops super strength and becomes a body builder
  • The Rise of Nine: Nine goes to the top of a high building (and proceeds to try and throw John off said building)
  • The Fall of Five: Five falls over. It hurts so bad, he joins the Mogs.
  • The Revenge of Seven: Marina gets revenge. Revenge on everyone. Run.

189. We are not allowed to steal and hide James’ broomstick.

You’re not allowed to look at it, or breathe near it, or even be in the same room as it, anymore. - JP

I knew we shouldn’t have listened to Sirius when he suggested this! - PP

No you shouldn’t have. - JP

I think you’re being a little over protective and over the top, wouldn’t you agree, Remus? - SB

Seeing as I’m trying to get James to like me again, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. - RL

Good choice. - JP

Traitor. - SB

Before Joker Game:

Me: *tries to go to sleep*


After Joker Game:

Me: *tries to go to sleep*

Brain: “As the embers of world war smoldered in autumn of 1937, the Imperial Army established a clandestine spy training agency. The histories, names and even ages of the elite men who pass its rigorous application process are all treated as top-secret information. They easily complete training exercises that push them to their physical and mental limits. Under the command of founder Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, they operate worldwide within the shadows. And so a brand-new intelligence agency was created. It’s name is D-Agency.”
*hums intro to Reason Triangle*

You thought Beliebers and Directioners were insane

Try kpop fans. Like y'all don’t even know
I was supposedly a VIP cause T.O.P is top bias. (For real tho, I love him). I mentioned that Rap Mon’s voice is too sexy and Suga is adorable (they’re from BTS) and one of my followers were like (in anon) “You’re no VIP you’re an ARMY in disguise. Go kill yourself. You don’t deserve to live on this planet or even look at BIGBANG” (the group T.O.P is in). But then I got hate either from the same person or they’re posse for like three days. (I lost a couple followers that day) Asking why I was still blogging, why am I still alive, how do i even dare to continue to breathe. Y'all. These people are too serious about they’re groups and shit. Fans attack each other saying they’re not a big enough fan. It’s scary out there. Don’t do it. Don’t do it man.


Here we are! I finally made it !
Well it is not top but I have to try of too much flunked step the proportions human x)
Small one presents for:
My favorite artists. I adore you so much, my friends are going to become crazy there has strength. X)
I tried to respect every style of drawing.
( With me who tear totally and my Oc who cannot bear it any more of me x))
Sorry if my English is rots. (Frennnchhh)

And sorry if liian söpö in finnish does not want to say so cute x) (the translators ~).
I hope that that pleases you, now I return to my cave of unsociable 8D. (too shy for this world.)

-We lose her.. again..
-Shut up you, stupid kid. >_> ]

different memories, shared love

Levi is on his tiptoes, trying to reach that box from the top shelf that has tea leaves inside of it, when the kitchen door creaks open and Eren steps in. Levi instantly drops back to his feet and furrows his brows. Sure, the sun has already risen so you could say the day has begun, but Levi knows it’s not even half six yet.

Eren’s hair is a mess, which is not a surprise, he’s wearing the pants of his uniform and a white shirt. His grey eyes are wide open and his lips are slightly parted; he looks utterly confused. There’s something more in his expression, too, and from the deep sea of his eyes, Levi finds it; Eren’s alarmed. Eren’s holding white flowers in both of his hands.

”Captain -” Eren starts but cuts himself off, biting his bottom lip. Levi can feel his eyebrows dropping even lower at the weird tone of Eren’s voice. ”I didn’t think you’d be… up yet.” Levi lets out a short breath that could count as a pathetic chuckle. He can tell the other hadn’t expected to see him.

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