Q: When do you feel stressed? 

“I feel stressed because of work,but then again resting and not working is like a torture to me because you have time to think about things. I think I like being “crazy busy” better. After promoting for a long time,we had a year long hiatus. I had a lot of time to think about stuff. My personality is to constantly pick things about myself,I make myself tired from it. I couldn’t bear to go outside,I just …I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts in my mind,I wanted to sleep somehow. Whenever I talk about my problems to other celebrity colleagues they just say “ Well you’re SNSD” and when I talk to my seniors about it they tell me that this is the best part of my career which makes me feel as if I can’t tell someone how I feel comfortably .”

Them: But are you okay? Me: Yeah lol why wouldn’t I be??? Just because this taidan hit me like a truck? Just because I’m crying my lungs out that my sunshine bean is retiring?,? Just because I thought of deleting every single post/gifset about Mirion and Maamiri and I’m so wrecked I’m thinking of never watching Zuka ever again????? I’M FINE I’M COMPLETELY FINE!


it is so much more fulfilling to ship something based on a deep canonical friendship than on the shallow, automatic, development-less het couples mainstream media tends to throw at us.  and we get a lot more well-established, complex male-male friendships, which I think is part of why m/m slash ships are so popular even in shows that are supposedly aggressively het.

so maybe if there were more great, platonic friendships with women in them, period, there’d be less frustration for OP? also, more strong canon basis for f/f ships? win-win.

*claps hands*

jasper stans think a literal 14yo child is mean for being afraid of or not wanting to talk to a gem that tried to kill him and the crystal gems more than once and wants him dead

*bangs pots and pans together*

jasper stans think that jasper’s a ~poor baby who needs love~ and that nothing that happened with malachite is even her fault at all 

*plays a bass drum*

jasper stans think the only reason people call jasper abusive is because lapis is ~small and tiny~ and jasper is BIG AND STRONG and they trivialize the abuse by throwing “you just hate buff women” at people addressing it

*crashes cymbals*

jasper stans think that lapis’ “i enjoyed it” and “i miss her” lines were proof of lapis ‘admitting’ that she was evil and abused jasper, despite the fact that they’re examples of classic self-blaming things that abuse victims say 

*sets off fireworks*

jasper stans think jasper’s “you’ve changed me” line meant that jasper had actually changed and was broken from being held prisoner as malachite, despite the fact that “i’ve changed, it can be different now” is literally one of the lies abusers tell to their victims to try to get them to stay

*leans in close and whispers*

((every redemption idea i’ve seen from jasper stans involved the crystal gems seeing from her point of view and sympathizing with her, and not the other way around, because they don’t think jasper needs to change))

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Sugamon; Namjoon finally getting Yoongi to admit his feelings for Jimin please!!!

“you think you’re slick?” yoongi hisses at a very smug namjoon after folllowing him into the bathroom of the concert venue so that they can finally talk in private.

namjoon only shrugs, not even looking at yoongi as he fixes his hair in the mirror, “no idea what you’re talking about, but yeah i guess so!”

“shut up—” yoongi lightly shoves at namjoon’s shoulder, making the younger snort, “you’ve made your damn point, you’ve been flirting with jimin all week and it’s starting to bother me—so yeah, i like him, okay? you can back off now.”

send me a pairing and au, i’ll write a three sentence fic

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Honestly I really enjoy your gore and idk why anon went bitching in your ask box when they could've just blacklisted it. For fuck sake I even understood that you drew gore as a way to cope even without you saying it, and it's really nasty for them to complain about it?? So please keep posting whatever you feel like without feeling guilty :)

Anon my friend this ask means a lot to me bc I always have a fear that ppl think I do draw gore just to be edgy and different (or w/e it’s dumb but I do worry lol) so like to read that u understood it’s not that at all is cool to me and yea thank you sm :,)

i still can’t think about anything else other than the david/winona pic

i mean

why are they squeezed together?

is she on his lap?

is that a new pic?

is she visiting him often?

do they talk about jopper?

do they want to give me a heart attack?

I was never Bertolt biggest fan but I’m so fucking angry and sad for his death. He was gonna get killed sooner or later because Isayama is a sadistic fuck who likes to kill fictional children, but he didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve to die screaming for help and covered in tears. He didn’t deserve to get eaten while sobbing and thinking about Reiner and Annie. He didn’t even have a way to get away, fuck. He couldn’t do anything but watch as one of his old comrades ended his life (and I’m not saying it’s Armin’s fault, either; we all know he’s gonna have to live with the consequences of a choice he didn’t make for the rest of his life).

I have tears in my eyes. I feel sick. Isayama, you really fucked it up.

Okay, literally nothing is all that wrong right now but I hate everything and I hate the fact that I can’t even just have a good cry about it because it’s late and the little kids are in bed and my mom and my sister are in the next room.

…I started crying over not getting to see my brother today like I really wanted to but now I’m still crying because I haven’t had any evenings alone with my mom practically all summer and we never watch the shows/movies I want to watch, only what I can be talked into watching and literally that’s all I’m crying about at this point.

For reference, I’m not a teenager; I’m almost twenty-six. I HATE it that I still cry like this over nothing! I HATE IT.

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"He chooses his words carefully in order to express himself as clearly as possible" I liked that you said that cause I've always thought that the reason Harry seems 'slow' when he talks is just because he's carefully articulating his thoughts into words. He's so mindful and really thinks about every word he speaks. He expresses himself in a way that people can understand and relate. He oozes intelligence, it's incredible. I can't wait to hear more from him during solo promo!

It baffles me that people could look at Harry Monochromatic Question Mark Social-Media-Ghost Styles and not see how much thought he puts into everything he says and does. He’s very careful about the way in which he presents himself. He chooses his words carefully because he understands the weight of them, and not only in the “my fans take everything I say to heart” way but also in a more cognizant “every word that leaves my lips is a brick in the foundation of My Self as seen by others” way. It’s definitely about voicing his thoughts in such a way that they will become more… melodic, in essence, and thus be able to reach more people regardless of their background. It’s also about self-preservation. It’s also about privacy and playing a never-ending game of chess where he has to think not 1, not 5, but 10 moves ahead, because he knows that despite the fact that the world at large has already crowned him King, that doesn’t mean they deem him human. Or at least not human enough to deserve respect & patience and Context. Point being the people rushing Harry to “get to the point” are missing the point themselves; when you are constantly in the spotlight the way Harry is, when you know there are millions of people out there who hang onto your every word, when you’ve met and heard of countless individuals who’ve already decided what kind of person you are from reading one print interview or a cheap headline, and, more importantly, when you’ve got so many valuable things to say and only so many minutes to say them, speaking must feel less like a walk in the park and more like juggling, or rather, like putting together a very intricate 5000 piece jigsaw. Except you don’t know what it’s gonna look like in the end and you don’t really know which pieces belong in the corners and which are meant to reside safely in the centre of it all and you don’t even know if you’ll get to finish it in time, all you know is people are staring at you waiting for you to offer them the full picture on a silver platter, and it’s better to take it slow and make sure that whatever, however much, you end up assembling will resemble the picture you’ve created in your head as closely as possible, rather than rush and scramble and force the pieces together and be left with a crooked unfitting mess. 

*casually asks mom what time the boardwalk closes*
“are you going out again? Aren’t you tired?”
“Well, uh-” *lies* ”I want to catch more pokemon?”

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