• Heavydirtysoul: "this is not rap" ARE YOU SURE TYLER?! ARE YOU REALLY SURE?! + street poetry lyrics I'm crying
  • Stressed out: insecurity + anti-capitalist vibes
  • Ride: reggae-techno-emo-rap
  • Fairly local: that one high note. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Tear in my heart: the cutesy love song we all need TBH
  • Lane boy: remember when you thought the ode to sleep rap was hard? AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The judge: weird ass noise in the beginning + ukulele + freeeeEEEEEEEE
  • Doubt: k but the beginning part sound like cats meowing really fast
  • Polarize: low key makes it feel like you're in a rap video
  • We don't believe what on tv: JOSHHHHHHHHH + YEYEYE
  • Message man: chill af + dat bassline tho
  • Hometown: supercool alt-rock vibes
  • Not today: "this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds" LIKE ALL YOUR FUCKIN MUSIC?!?! THIS IS WHY IM SO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSED
  • Goner: I'm crying AGAIN + the tiNY BEAN IS SCREAMING AGAIN
Blurryface Summary
  • heavydirtysoul: Speed beat street poetry
  • Stressed Out: Funky existential crisis
  • Ride: Bouncy electronica
  • Fairly Local: Electro-Operatic call to arms
  • Tear In My Heart: Cute and happy love song
  • Lane Boy: Drum and Bass fuck you to the music industry
  • The Judge: Ukulele fuelled power folk
  • Doubt: Everybody in the club get down (as low as these lyrics)
  • Polarize: Schizophrenic RnB
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV: So that's where 2009 Mumford & Sons went
  • Message Man: Imagine Twenty One Dragon Pilots
  • Hometown: Foster The People
  • Not Today: Killer bassline, deathly lyrics
  • Goner: Awwh just like the origina-NO WAIT BLURRYFACE LINES AND SCREAMING

So we have Blurryface and no Blurryface and I am able to remove the Blurryface part so if we are able to remove the red part (Blurryface) by ourselves, does that mean we alone decide if we let Blurryface have a place in our lives or not?

blurryface album art and patterns

So, after investigating YouTube, Google, etc I have finally figure out which patterns from the blurryface album by twenty one pilots correspond with which songs. I figure that many people have already figure all this out but would still like to spread the word.
So, if you look at the blurryface album art you will see nine different patterns inside the nine different circles. Many people speculated that the circles represented different songs on the album. However, if you buy the album on vinyl you are able to take out the sheet that has the nine patterns on it. Now, here’s where this started to intrigue me. The paper doesn’t have nine patterns, it has fourteen, and there are fourteen different songs on the album. This confirmed the pattern=song theory.
So, after this I went to the twenty one pilots YouTube channel and looked at each of the videos of the song audio and kept track of which patterns were with what songs. Since five of the songs have music videos and no audio videos, I only had nine of them figured out.
After that I looked up the other songs live. Both performances of Ride and Tear In My Heart had pattern graphics in the background.
Now there were just three left. I tried to look up live performances but none of them had the graphics. After some more searching I finally came across a YouTube channel, Blurryface - EP. They had the original videos up of the songs with the patterns. From the channel, I was able to find the final three patterns.
So here are the songs and their corresponding patterns:
On Album Art:
(First Row)
-First Circle: Heavydirtysoul
-Second Circle: Tear In My Heart
-Third Circle: Ride
(Second Row)
-Fourth Circle: Polarize
-Fifth Circle: Doubt
-Sixth Circle: Lane Boy
(Third Row)
-Seventh Circle: Fairly Local
-Eight Circle: Stressed Out
-Ninth Circle: Goner
The other five can be found on the twenty one pilots Youtube channel with the audio of the songs:
-The Judge
-We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
-Message Man
-Not Today
The songs represented on the cover are not the first nine songs on the album. So why those songs? Why put those specific songs on the album cover?
Yes, the ones on the cover are the most well known. There may be some correspondence though. The last row of songs all deal more with Blurryface himself. He speaks in Stressed Out and Fairly Local and is being fought in Goner. But what could the other ones mean? I want anyone that sees this post and is interested to try and find out. If you have a theory please message me.
I know that the pattern and song correspondence has likely been figured out before but I still wanted to make this post. Thank you for reading.

When twenty øne piløts drøps the høttest album øf 2015.

*blurryface plays*
  • me: this is my favorite song on blurryface.
  • next song: *plays*
  • me: this is my favorite song on blurryface.
  • next song: *plays*
  • me: this is my favorite song on blurryface.
  • *repeat*

“Don’t forget about her”…

RIP Christina Grimmie
(1994 - 2016)

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