• hermione: rules are Very Important™
  • hermione: -sets teacher on fire-
  • hermione: have you checked the restricted section?
  • hermione: our only answer is polyjuice potion, brewed extremely illegally in the girls' bathroom. btw we have to steal the ingredients
  • hermione: we gonna fuCK time up, fuck what the ministry said, let's save a gd hippogriff and an escaped felon
  • hermione: -knitting hats- don't mind me, just tryna trick all the house elves into going free
  • hermione: -keeps a HUMAN BEING in a jar-
  • hermione: hey harry, u should lead us in a secret underground defense group. i'll make a sign up sheet. don't worry, it's hella cursed
  • hermione: oh, remember that human being animagus i captured? let's blackmail the shit out of her to get her to write an article for us
  • hermione: -uses confundus on mclaggen-
  • hermione: -obliviates her FUCKING PARENTS-
  • hermione: -runs away from school to fight the dark lord-
  • hermione: anyway, rules are Very Important™

11102017 // 38/100 Days Of Productivity. - My Chemistry Notes on The Modern View of Atomic Structure. 

Taylor Swift’s album was released today. I haven’t heard it, though.

I haven’t got enough sleep this whole past week. But here are my Chem notes on something I’m probably somehow gonna fuck up. 

But it’s Friday so that means me getting somewhat enough sleep!

Let It Out Jar

A simple spell for when you have all those negative emotions bottles up and need a place to release them.

Originally posted by itsprettydead


  • Jar
  • Your Voice
  • A Name (optional)

Clean the jar making sure it’s spotless, then go outside or wherever comfortable and scream all of your negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc into the jar.

Make sure you let go of everything you can possibly think of then quickly close the jar. With this spell remember that negativity can overflow so when you feel the time is right cleanse the jar and start again !!

**Optional, take the jar when it’s about to flow over with negativity and write down a person who has cause some of these feelings or emotions. Drop the paper in the jar and shake it so those same feelings will shake that person, boom you have a little curse!


Today there’s a burning hole of rage in my chest and blood will fucking be spilled.

If you’ve followed this blog from my beginning, you might have read here and there posts about Toxic Coworker. She’s NOT a good person. She’s manipulative, she uses gifts and threats and lies to get what she wants. She’s also very ambitious and little by little she’s placed herself in line to be the new team manager. She’d be my boss if she succeed. She’s not, not yet, but she sure acts like it.

Here’s where shit gets weird.

I snapped at her once, because she was trying to order me around and reminded her that we’re the same rank and SHE IS NOT MY BOSS. She didn’t like it. At all. She didn’t say anything, she’s not that honest, but she turned icy.

That night, Grimm, my baby cat, fell from the window and got badly hurt.

There was drama at work while I was away with my family in law. Some coworkers of mine confronted her and our superiors. My coworkers used me as an example of unfair treatment because Toxic Coworker has been treating our clients like shit and she suffered no consequences… while I got a letter of warning because I was not smiling as much as usual because I was depressed.

The exact same afternoon, my father in law got his feet wrecked by a strimmer.

It took me a while to notice a pattern. But every time I stand up to her or inconvenience her in any way, something bad happens to my loved ones. I was suspicious she was a fellow witch before that but now I’m sure she is.

Today, I noticed her taking pictures of me. I wasn’t sure I wasn’t just being paranoid, but I told one of my coworkers and he snooped through her phone while she was away. Sure enough, the pictures were there. No idea what she plans on doing with them. I talked with that coworker and two others I trust about it. Toxic Coworker came and I’m 70% sure she knows we were talking about her.

My sister just called me to ask if she could come and live at my place because she’s basically homeless right now.

I protected my whole house by salting every window and the door. I made myself a house guardian (his name’s Winfred, he’s cool). And now I’m gonna figure out how to curse the fuck out of that fucking parasite.

Bitch is gonna bleed.

excuse my french but antiLams shit is fucking ridiculous. like….

LGBT+ person: realizes an influential founder of the United States was not straight and, enthusiastic to find representation in a powerful figure, throws their focus on the most loving relationship Hamilton had with another man rather than his heteronormative relationships that dominate academia…

but see, if you really like Lams- or any m/m ship, it’s not that you crave representation that validates your existence and ambition or that you prefer relationships with equal agency and characters that are not only fleshed out by their canon but also easily able to engage with the major conflicts therein, you just hate women. you just want smut with schlongs. you’re horrible. sexist. perverted.

there’s a difference between using fandom as a vehicle for your validation or creativity and using it for jacking off. let’s not assume the worst of people.