I’ve never done an ‘Imagine’ before so please bear with me. This little idea wouldn’t leave my head so I had to write it.

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Imagine you being best friends with Tony and Clay. You’re the one girl who’s either oblivious to all the cute boys around you and/or you’re the one girl who brushes off all flirtatious comments thrown at you. However, there is one boy who’s truly interested in you and he finally decides to make it known when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Jeff X Reader

Walking through the school hall, you wrinkle your nose at the red and pink paper hearts adorning the walls. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and posters advertise dollar carnations so you can buy your Valentine all he/she deserves. It’s not that you have anything against the Hallmark holiday, it’s just.. all so pink and definitely not one of your favorite colors.

You make it to gym, pasting on a frown as you trudge inside. Making a beeline for the coach, you pass over a note and wait patiently as it’s read. The coach scoffs, you bite back a smirk and then trudge over to the bleachers when the coach grunts in acknowledgement of having read the note before waving you off. When you stomp halfway up said bleachers, you let your book bag fall with a content sigh before laying down on your stomach on one of the bleacher seats while pillowing your head atop your crossed arms. 

“You look cozy,” you hear Tony’s familiar voice say. “What excuse is it this time?”

“Killer cramps and a heavy flow. I enjoy grossing out the coach.” Cracking open an eye, you see Tony decked out in gym wear sitting right in front of you, grinning. “Having a vagina really has it’s perks.”

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From Here On Out // Chapter One

ONE // The One With The Rom-Com

Here’s the first chapter for you all! I hope you like it, I worked and reworked this story so much over the past month and this outcome is not at all how it started off, as @islareeveswriting and @harrysmeadow will know. Big props to them for sticking with me and suffering me moaning, particularly over the next chapter, which you will most likely get up tomorrow, because it’s been hell and they’ve seen me through several swift deletions and rewrites.

It’s a little different, I think, to how I usually write fics. I’ve got an OFC but I’ve left her pretty open to interpretation in terms of how much like the reader she can be. The story is going to focus less on the people around them and building a picture of their life, and more on the actual story and how these two work together. I hope that you enjoy it and please do let me know your thoughts! x

Word Count // 4k

Listen To // Perfect (Stripped Version) by One Direction

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In all of her twenty two years, Meredith Dashwood had never seen such a rainstorm. Heavy water droplets were banging against the wooden window ledge outside the glass pane of the hotel room she was sharing with Harry for the next couple of nights. Navigating the old and windy streets of Dunkirk to find the building would have been tough enough without fighting the weather outside, alas the rain had started almost as soon as she’d boarded the bus in Lille after her journey across the English Channel, and it hadn’t stopped since.

She’d no idea where she was going or when he’d make an appearance in the room but she was occupying herself as best she could going through the French channels on the telly and lying starfish across the double bed which laid in the centre against the back wall of the room. She’d already changed out of her wet jeans and jumper, and had them both hanging to dry over the radiator underneath the window. Her boots were soaked through, sat with newspaper in them to dry them out, and her coat was hanging miserably over the back of the door, leaving tiny drips on the ends waiting for their moment to let go and fall to the carpeted floor.

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Hey so a while ago I went to montreal’s comiccon with my very first cosplay! I was Sailor Lùcio and my friend @lilithredhearts was Sailor! Had a lot of fun.

(p.s. This is my very first time doing cosplay AND posting pictures of myself here, plz be nice, they/them pronouns)

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I would like to point out something important.

I’m not all that good at physics or math, but…

Oikawa was not going to hit Kageyama.

From the angle of his arm and the position we are shown when and after Iwaizumi blocks him, we can see it pretty clearly.

Oikawa was aiming at the ball.

Not at Kageyama’s head, but at the ball he was holding.

Oikawa was probably going to slap it away or something similar.

He still is a shitty and childish senpai to Kageyama but…he’s not an abusive bully or an aggressive guy, ready to beat to a pulp his junior. He doesn’t have anger issues. He wasn’t going to harm him. He’s just mad, frustrated and his usual teenager trash.

Let’s think about the possibility, okay?




(Ps. yes this is a fan theory! There can be other interpretations or ideas and this is not 10000% right and indisputable, no need to fight about this, just look at my second and at yukiranine’s reblog for other views and discussions! (Friendly) Exchanging ideas, theories, views and headcanons is funny!)


“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”

Aqours First Live Leaks PSA

Some of you may have seen footage of Aqours’ First Live circulating social media recently.

This footage is illegal.

More specifically, it’s a satrip - illegally leaked footage from the satellite feed used to stream the Live Viewings. It shouldn’t belong in the hands of fans.

In fact, there is usually no officially released video footage until the Blu-ray preview and Blu-ray come out. Before then, any videos of First Live on the internet are likely illegal footage.

We understand that many of you are dying to to watch First Live, but for the love of Aqours…

DO NOT upload and spread First Live leaks around on social media.

By doing so, you are also publicly acknowledging that you are in possession of illegally leaked videos.

If you see any First Live leaks on social media, please report them.

These leaks have the potential to hurt future chances for Live Viewings. Live Viewings are a privilege, not a right. The satellite footage only exists because Live Viewings do, and if it keeps getting leaked and spread around every year, then Love Live! might decide that it’d be better to not have Live Viewings at all.

You may think that you are doing other fans a favor by spreading satrip clips, but you are also actively hurting the Love Live! franchise.

If you would like to support Love Live! Sunshine!! live performances, then please buy the First Live Blu-ray.

Training motivation (The Flash- Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: I don’t have anything against Iris, but in this one she’s just a friend of Barry. Also, I hope you all like this and that it isn’t as bad as I think it is. Might be little unorganized but I wrote it like in 10 minutes and it wasn’t checked or anything. In short, please tell me what you think and sorry. Oh, and it was all inspire by one of @tvshowturtle imagines. REQUESTS ARE OPEN 😂
It was regular Thursday. You were walking down the street to the lab. You were friends with Cisco before the whole Flash thing started and it wasn’t surprising that he let the secret slip. Luckily you were smart and shy, so you kept it to yourself. With time you met Caitlin and Wells. Eventually you met Barry too. It was awkward at the beginning, cause he was nervous and rambling and you were too closed to start normal conversation. Now however you were friends. You knew enough about each other to be comfortable and casually start conversation or even flirt. You were happy that you found such a great group of people you could trust.
When you walked down the corridor you heard Cisco’s voice and faint punches but they were rare. You figured out that he probably made Barry work out, even though it was only 7am.
“Okay. Would you start training?” You walked in at the same time Cisco sighted
“Hello boys” You giggled and kissed Cisco’s cheek. You let your body fall to the chair
“What, no kiss for me?” You quirked an eyebrow at pouting Barry. Idea struck and you smirked
“Cisco ended the project so he deserved, while you didn’t even start” You said pointing to the punching bag. Your others friends laughed and before any of you blinked Barry started throwing punches
“Wow” Cisco whispered standing next to you
“Are you monitoring that?” You whispered back in slight awe
“Yeah” He nodded without taking his eyes off of Barry
It went for another 10 minutes, but in the meantime you and Cisco managed to start your own lab work. Barry being oblivious to that went on and on. It was 7:30 when you felt small breeze next to you. You looked up to see smiling Barry
“So what about that kiss?” You shook your head with small smile and planted soft kiss on his left cheek
“Hope it will be good motivation” You both looked at each other for a bit longer and neither could contain goofy smiles.
Those small moments were the most important ones. The sparkles in the eye. The smile you couldn’t stop. The bitting of the heart that made your cheeks flush. The warmth in your chest that made you feel like home. That feeling was something you couldn’t let go

  • yall: I'm really against cringe culture. It silences a lot of young artists and creators and prevents them from enjoying something or creating something extraordinary because someone else told them it was bad.
  • yall when people start liking some dude in a top hat: wow..... I don't want to be TOO harsh..... but this is pretty embarrassing........ yikes

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How would Xiumin/Kyungsoo/Chen/Chanyeol react if they were on the phone with their girlfriend, and they forgot to tell her that she was on speakerphone, and she called them a really embarrassing nickname and at least one other member overheard?


The two of you would just be having a normal conversation as Minseok went about cleaning his room. It was hard to balance the phone between his shoulder and cheek so he settled for putting you on speaker, not bothering to tell you since it would make no difference. The conversation soon turned playful and the both of you were going back and forth calling each other names in the most endearing way possible. It wasn’t long until after you slipped the embarrassing nickname by, and he wouldn’t have been offended, until he heard the choke going by his bedroom door with a high pitched, “SHE SAID WHAT?”

He would poke his head out the door then to glare them down. “You say anything about this conversation, remember I know where you sleep.”


Kyungsoo in himself is a very quiet and private person, and it was that same way for phone calls. It wasn’t his choice to put you on speaker, let’s make that clear. He was having a usual conversation with you until Chanyeol snatched the phone out of his hand, and Chanyeol had been the one to set the call for you to be on speaker. He had all the good intentions in the world just to say hi, but as soon as a nickname that you called Kyungsoo on a daily basis left the speaker, he could help but drop the phone in laughter. Kyungsoo wouldn’t even be worried if the phone had broken or not, trying to hide away the embarrassment by tuning out the giant’s laughter and your confused but flustered voice.

“I’m never going to live this down…”


Jongdae having you on speaker would be a usual thing to happen, he didn’t really care what the others thought about the conversation no matter how dirty or weird it had gotten, and he knew how much it flustered you to know that you were on speaker at the very last second. One day you decided to turn the tables on him, knowing full well at this point that he had you on speaker again and from the sounds of it had company. You baited him into the argument that got more suggestive by the second, and you nailed the final blow by asking, “And what are you going to do about it, [nickname]?”

The room erupted in laughter.

“Well played, babe. Well played.”


It would be a challenge trying to embarrass him in front of the others, and it was a challenge that you tried to win at every time. It was easy to tell when you were set on speaker by the echo in the phone line and you took every opportunity you could to call him every embarrassing nickname in the book. You would have to give up eventually, he thinks, as he tries to fight down a blush when you call him something and one of the others nearly snorts their drink out of their nose.

“You’re not trying hard enough!”

Aoba Moca (BanG Dream! Girls Band Party) in the Atarimae no Kyori outfit of Meigo Arisa (Toaru Majutsu no Index). Both girls voiced by the same person, Misawa Sachika

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Your art is always inspiring and you take so much care doing each one! Thank you for being so friendly within the Owari no fandom! Respecting every ship. But don't be sorry for inactivity whenever you post we are all happy! Thank you for also liking Guren and Kureto as many do not and you are kind about it! Thank you for existing, don't be too harsh on yourself.

You’re too kind anon T-T * uncontrollable sobbings * Things have been a little difficult lately so these words really meant a lot //hugs