Don’t Take the Girl {Hamilton: John Laurens x Reader}

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Warnings: angst

Time: Modernish

Gender: Female

Song: Don’t Take the Girl by Tim McGraw

If its in italics its a song lyric ayyyy


“Johnny’s daddy was taking him fishin’
When he was eight years old”

 John Laurens stood outside his house with his father, Henry Laurens. His father was fixing the reel of one of the fishing rods as John packed some of their needs into the truck. John noticed his dad packed a little more than normal, so he assumed they would be out longer.

“Little girl came through the front gate
Holdin’ a fishin’ pole
His dad looked down and smiled”

Little adorable [Y/N] walking in through the front gate, guided by her mother. She held her own fishing pole as they walked down the pathway. [Y/N] stood by her mother as John’s came out to talk to her.

John, standing next to his dad, looking at the new arrival and the puzzle pieces clicked. He paled a bit with a slight pout. His dad looked at him and bent down a bit, smiling.

We can’t leave her behind. Son, I know you don’t want her to go
But someday you’ll change your mind.
“ He said.

Take Hercules Mulligan, take Lafayette, take my best friend Alex. Take anybody you want as long as she don’t go. Take any boy in the world, daddy please, don’t take the girl” John whispered, desperately.

His dad just stood up and shook his head, laughing. The mothers finished talking and turned to the guys.

“Alright, [Y/N], have fun.” Her mother said. She nodded and walked over to the John and his dad.

“Hi Mr. Laurens! Hi Johnny!” She said excitedly as she was helped into the car by Henry. John didn’t let her see the little bit of blush on his face as she called him Johnny.

“Same old boy, same sweet girl
Ten years down the road
He held her tight and kissed her lips in
Front of the picture show”

As soon as John turned 16, he had asked [Y/N] out, who was also 16. They’ve been dating for two years and on this night it was their anniversary. John decided to take her to the movies for the night, following after a dinner.

The movie had just finished, so they left, talking about it.

“You know, Johnny, I didn’t take you as someone who would be interested in that kind of movie.” [Y/N] said, tucked under his arm.

“I’m trying to branch out, I guess. Plus you’ve said you wanted to watch it ever since you first saw the trailer.” He grinned and placed a kiss to her forehead.

They stood outside in front of the florescent frames showing the movies offered. He leaded down and pressed a kiss to her lips, wrapping his arms around her waist and tugging her as close as possible. She, in return, wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair, which was put into a low ponytail.

Suddenly, a stranger came and pulled a gun, grabbed her by the arm and tugged her harshly away from him. The stranger than said, “If you do what I tell you to, there won’t be any harm”.

John instantly complied, saying “Take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards. Here’s the watch that my Grandpa gave me. Here’s the key to my car. Mister give it a whirl, but please don’t take the girl.” 

The robber took what was offered and ran away, only to be caught by multiple people and the cops because they were in front of the theater and the robber was an idiot. [Y/N] was pushed to ground though, and John instantly picked her up bridal style. She was a little frozen in fear, but once back in the arms of her lover, she unfroze.

“Did that really happen?” She whispered to John. He nodded. Some good people who witness the exchange gave John his stuff back and helped the two to the car.

“Same old boy
Same sweet girl
Five years down the road
There’s gonna be a little one and she
Says it’s time to go”

“Babe?” [Y/N] said, waddling around their new house. They moved in a few months prior, once they learned [Y/N] was pregnant. She was in the living room and John was in his study. He was practicing law like his best friend Alexander Hamilton, slightly unwillingly. It was his parents’ idea. Anyway, [Y/N] kept calling to him, to which he replied after the fifth time.

“Yes?” He said, slightly exasperated.

“The baby is coming.” She said calmly.

“WHAT?!?” John literally flew down the stairs, yelling. “Why are you calm a baby is exiting you get in the car I’m going to be a dad.” John says, a blur of phrases, as he rushes around [Y/N] who walks to the car and gets in the passenger seat.

Once they arrived, [Y/N] was ushered away and John was sat in the waiting room. He had texted/called all of his three and a half friends (Alex, Herc, Laf and Burr). He waited for both his wife and his friends.

The doctor comes out, a little red and frowning. He straightened himself out as he got to John. The doctor says “The baby’s fine, but you’ll have to leave, because his momma’s fading fast,” and started explaining.

It fell onto deaf ears as John hit his knees and there he prayed, “Take the very breath you gave me, take the heart from my chest. I’ll gladly take her place if you’ll let me, make this my last request.Take me out of this world. God, please don’t take the girl.” He couldn’t stop the tears falling from his eyes, not even when his friends showed up. Not even when they asked the doctor. They only stopped when he was handed his little baby girl, only to start back up again shortly.

He lost the love of his life that day. And that day, he made a promise to his daughter, which he named [Y/N] Jr., that nothing bad would ever happen to her.

“Johnny’s daddy was taking him fishin’
When he was eight years old”


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Holler at your girl as she starts her fourth move to her fourth city in her fourth state in four months, on roughly 4 hours of sleep over the past 2 days. And a new headcold, because of course I would be getting sick now 🙃


So I went to drag con this past weekend (and I could write paragraphs on the experience alone, but that’s a rant for another time) and the first thing my friend and I did was attend the UNHhhh Live panel. Overall it was a special and amazing experience, but ONE THING, or should I say person, marred it.

This person decided it was a good idea to get up and read PORNOGRAPHIC fan fiction ABOUT Trixie and Katya OUT LOUD to Trixie and Katya. – AFTER THEY ASKED HER NOT TO! Trixie straight up said “no, please don’t.” and the bitch goes “Oh, just a few” and proceeds to take up 5 entire minutes (which doesn’t sound long, but trust me, it’s a lifetime when only 15 minutes are allotted for questions, others are waiting to ask theirs, and everyone in the room is uncomfortable) reading them DESPITE THE QUEENS’ EXPLICIT WISHES!

Let me be VERY clear here. I don’t care how well you THINK you know a queen because you’re a fan, you never, EVER have the right to put someone in that position. They were kind enough to humor her for one, but despite the fact that both queens and the captive audience were visibly uncomfortable, SHE WENT ON! Trixie had to FORCIBLY stop her mid sentence on her third (and most explicit) reading. It was truly awful. I later learned that Trixie’s boyfriend was also in the audience making the whole situation even more awkward and embarrassing.

I don’t know who this girl thought she was, how old she was, what possessed her to think this was a good idea, or why no one cares enough about her to stop her from doing this, but what she did to those queens is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Please spread the word, tell your friends and neighbors, that NO MEANS NO, even in drag. Please remember that these queens are real people, they still reserve the right to a certain amount of privacy, and they still deserve your respect. DRAG DOES NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL CONSENT.

Thank you.

Biggest pet peeve is when smart girls turn into dumb ones for a man.

And then have the nerve to call themselves feminist. I think fucking not.

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My friend (marked in blue) posted her frustrations with being  called “girl” despite  being almost 30 years old, and how you wouldn’t call a man “boy”.
She expressed her anger towards being infantized…(which is so NOT a contoversial thing to say…It should literally go without saying WHY it’s not cool to talk to an adult like they are a child)….

….and two male family members just HAD to pounce in to mock her ….

One (marked in black)  being outright asshole-ish, the other (marked in red) kinda…goaded it on, like whooooaaaah LOL gonna make her so mad, LOLOL

I am just…so fucking tired of this…

So tired…

And my female friend just lost a father like 3 weeks ago, still mourning…and these male family members (who know she is mourning) treat her like shit…What the fuck? Can’t sexism and patriarchal bullshit EVER just take a break?

I am so tired of it….

But even after all this, showing this example of blatant sexism….I STILL have to reassure men that I don’t hate all of them…

So tired….

I told my therapist that I always had heated arguments with my mom because she doesn’t allow me to wear shorts thinking shorts are inappropriate where I live. My therapist told that my mom was sorta right because if I wear short clothing id draw too much negative attention and people will think that in spite of being a girl from a respectable family I’m someone of questionable character and I was like wtf? I wanna wear shorts because it’s fucking hot outside and Im sweating like a pig !Why should I care about the opinion of people who don’t even know my name !? I told her that people should stop stereotyping and that my dress doesn’t equal my character to which with a pained smile she replied that “ It’s just the way of the world hun” She even said that she avoided talking to her closest acquaintances on the street if they wore too short dresses that made them look “vulgar”!!!!!! Finally I made her talk to my mom and I came to a compromise that I’d wear long pants if any outsider came to our home and I’m fuming over this.
The point of this long af ramble is that it’s fucking 42°C outside and I have to suffer due to my clothes whereas all the boys in my neighbourhood are smartly walking around in the dumbest and weirdest shorts and no one’s batting an eyelash!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ?????????I CAN’T SHOW MY LEGS ????? IS HAVING ARMS AND LEGS ABNORMAL FOR A GIRL?????OR SOME ASSHOLE JUST CAN’T CONTROL HIMSELF AND WILL CUM IN THE PANTS ?????WHY SHOULD I CARE WHAT SOME INSIGNIFICANT MORTALS THINK ABOUT ME?? I am wearing clothes for comfort not for every person in the town ! And I AM MORE THAN MY CLOTHES I AM DEFINED BY WHAT I ACTUALLY AM AND NOT BY FUCKING WHAT I WEAR YOU HEAR ME ???????????????? DON’T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER