Exo Conversation XXV
  • Sehun: I"m going out.
  • Suho: Don't do anything that I don't do!
  • Sehun: Like what? Get laid?
  • (later)
  • Xiumin: Why is our leader sobbing on the bathroom floor?

Got my copies of The War today 💕💕 also yes that is my EXO wall and my collection of EXO albums!! Nothing too fancy but I like it and it makes me feel happy and distracted looking at it while I work~

Baekhyun and Sehun talking about showering together
  • [Jung Sun Hee's Night like Tonight 140119]
  • Baekhyun: I often shower with Sehun. But when I shower with Sehun he doesn't move away from the shower head even though I'm the hyung. I'm sure I was the first one to go into the shower booth but Sehun always goes out before me. And I always clean the soap residue on the floor. I'm the hyung but I don't feel like the hyung.
  • Sehun: Hahahaha this is...the reason for this is...from a long time ago, from mama era we used to shower together. But since then Baekhyunnie hyung had a habit. When I take a shower and try to go out he would rub soap on me continuously so that I can't go out. I would have already dried my hair and body with a towel and think 'I'm gonna go out!' but then ssshhhhhhhh (water spraying noise) hahahahahaha
  • Baekhyun: I suddenly didn't want to be alone and I wanted to go out with him so I kept on spraying water on him on places that he'd already dried with a towel.
  • Sehun: I can never go out.
  • trans cr. onalandfarfaraway

Luhan liked a Weibo post:
#LuhanMakeAWishSeason# I hope both Luhan and Sehun’s entertainment career will be brighter in the future, I hope that my academic results is sufficient for me to enroll into Melbourne Uni or Sydney Uni. I hope my life in Australia will be better.

Exo reaction when their girlfriend does a special stage with someone they don't like

Sehun:*after he heard you two sing* You don’t need to have a good voice to sing, just to look pretty like him.

Kai:*eats way him feelings* why him from all the idols? why him?

Tao: Y/N:Wanna come to pre recording to see us sing?

Yeah I could do……nope!

Kyungsoo:*watches the two of you dance*

Chanyeol: Who gave him the right to touch my girl like that?

Chen: *after you told him how the practice went*If I’m gonna hear one more time how handsome and cool he is I’m gonna puke.

Baekhyun: Y/N: This is *insert name*! I heard you two guys don’t have eachother at heart.

What? from where did you heard that?it’s not true I…..think he is …cool.

Lay: You’re gonna do a duet with him?

Suho: Y/N:Are you jealous of him?that’s why you don’t like him?

Oh please between the two of us it’s clear who’s the handsome guy with the good voice.

Kris: Oh! I didn’t know he was still on the market? I haven’t heard from him in ages I thought he finally followed his dreams and became a shoe seller.

Luhan:*girly voice* “They choose him cause he was manly”. I’m manly also, they could have chosen me.

Xiumin: I still don’t like him.

oh sehun x studio ghibli // spring boy ❃
생일축하해 세훈아~ 라고 다정하게 부를줄 알았지? 아냐 넌 착각했어 착각했다구!! 난 네가 싫거든 오세훈. 생긴거부터 네가 하는 짓, 네 이름까지 다 맘에 안들어, 최악이라구. 너 볼때마다 얄미워 죽을셈이다 이 수니가. 그니까 나이만 먹지말고 철도 좀 들어라 알았지? 그러니까 내말이, 형들 그만 놀리고, 인상도 피고 다녀 이 오덜트야; 근데 내가 대체 왜 이딴걸 만들고, 왜 이 편지를 쓰고있는거지. 내 봄방학은 또 어디갔지. 다 너 때문이야. 책임져 오세훈.

아무튼 생축. (예헷)

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