A noona fan called in, not telling who she was a fan of at first. As she described the member she likes, one of the things she mentioned was “his dad ran a bakery”. While the other members didn’t know who, Sehun was the only one who immediately looked at Jongin and knew who she was referring to (and that tiny smirk on his face as the other members wonder who bYE). x


Sehun as Jack Frost
If there’s something I’m doing wrong, could you… could you just tell me what it is? Because I’ve tried everything, and no one ever sees me! You put me here! The least you can do is tell me… tell me why.


                                     EXO Halloween Series ; Sehun as Siren / sī′rən /

“the poets represent them as beautiful creatures inhabiting the rocks on the sea-shore, whither having allured passengers by the sweetness of their voices, they put them to death.”


3/12 | exo through the eras : oh sehun

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