Title: Steal Away in ohunlimited (author tba)
Pairing: Sehun/Tao
Rating: R
Words: 12.7k
Summary: Partners in crime AU; Tao and Sehun are a new thing. They also steal things and date each other on the side.

I’ve sort of been taking a break from fanfics because I haven’t read anything solid till now, but this one drew me in when I saw the summary. I really enjoyed this story and although jongdae and chanyeol were side characters their relationships with taohun were really nice (basically good character dynamics). I recommend it for the taohun + spy/hacker/action(?) lovers :3 


Sehun as Jack Frost
If there’s something I’m doing wrong, could you… could you just tell me what it is? Because I’ve tried everything, and no one ever sees me! You put me here! The least you can do is tell me… tell me why.

With Halloween closing in on us once again,

I think it’s time to remind ourselves of some past, truly good, spoopy times we’ve had with our boys, to get into a real Happy Halloween-mood

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bonus (hecka spoopy):

Happy Halloween y’all!