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“Yes, bro. And she’s coming over today, so I need y'all dog ass niggas to be gone.”

Erik was rushing around, throwing clothes in the hamper, washing dishes, putting shoes in the closet. His place wasn’t messy at all but shit the nigga still wanted to make sure. Some of his frat brothers were over, chillin’ with him.

“Nigga, you’ve known this bitch for 4 days and yo’ ass already whipped.” His frat brother, Kraine, spoke up. Erik’s jaw tightened before he stood up fron placing his shoes away.

“You can refer to your hoes however you want, but this girl, Y/N, ain’t gon’ be too many more bitches before you get punched in yo jaw.” His stance was stiff as he looked at Kraine, eyes hard. Kraine smacked his teeth and stood up. “Man, all I’m saying is if I werw you I wouldn’t get hooked over one pussy when I got so much to choose fr–.”

His words were cut off by Erik punching him in his jaw, cracking it. The other frat brothers popped up, some holding back Kraine and others holding back Erik. “It’s a good thing you ain’t me nigga, otherwise I would’ve stuck my dick in the STD infested hoe, Brittany. Fuck out my house, all of y'all.”

He snatched his arms from them as everybody made their way out, Kraine holding his jaw. Erik slammed the door, rubbing the top of his head while letting out a sigh. “Pussy ass…” He spoke and his phone buzzed.

He opened the text, smiling as your name showed on the screen and a simple text. I’m five minutes away.’


Sure enough, five minutes later, you were waving to Stasi as she pulled off. Your Puma slides lightly flopped as you walked to his door, knocking lightly before waiting.

You were dressed in a pair of black leggings, a red crop top, and a simple gold necklace around your neck. Your pedicured feet were in a pair of red Puma slides, your white toes on display. You’re freshly done ombre acrylics glisented in the sunlight and your fresh face exhibited your natural glow.

Erik opened the door, clad in a pair of basketball short and a black t-shirt. His feet were covered in black socks, Nike slides on. He wore a gold chain around his neck, bright smile on his face as he looked at you.

“Hey, beautiful…” He spoke, eyes trailing over your outfit as you rocked back and forth, holding a blanket in your hands. “What’s cookin’, good lookin’?” You spoke, walking inside as he stepped to the side, chuckling.

Your eyes scanned his apartment, a soft smile on your lips. The black and white theme ran all throughout and it was cozy.

“Alright, movie day it is, huh?” You spoke, seeing Netflix already pulled up on the TV and snacks laid out. You looked up at him and for a moment he was captivated with the little shine you had in your eyes. He cleared his throat before nodding, locking the door and leading you to the couch.

“Yeah, we can watch whatever you want, princess.” He spoke. You looked at him, inwardly swooning at the pet name as the two of you sat down. “Okay, we’re definitely watching Coco first.” He smiled, nodding his head.

You spread the blanket out over you two, grabbing the bowl of popcorn and leaning over to Erik as he placed his arm on the back of the couch. Erik clicked on the movie, grabbing a few bits of popcorn and looking down to you, smiling before lightly kissing your head.


Before you knew it, 12 am had rolled around, the two of you laughing at “Don’t be a Menace to Society While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood”. You giggled softly, yawning before snuggling more into Erik. The two of you had changed everything. Pushed all of his furniture back, made an entire pillow fort and you were unbelievably comfortable.

Your eyes fluttered, slowly nodding off then waking back up. You sighed softly, catching Erik’s attention. “Getting tired?” He asked, you nodded hugging yourself to him. “Let me see your phone, I’ll call St-”. He heard your soft snores, softly chuckling to himself befor rubbing your back. He cut off the movie and moved to pick you up.

You immediately wrapped your arms and levs around him, pressing your face into his neck. Erik carried you to his room, laying you in his bed. You slowly rolled over, hugging his pillow as you inhaled his scent from his pillow. He chuckled and went to the bathroom.

He changed his clothes and quickly checked on you before leaving out. He laid on the couch, smiling as he thought about you. His mind wondered slightly before he drifted off.

______Time Skip______

It had been three months since that night. You had woken up the next morning in Erik’d bed, your phone being blown up by Stasi, your parents, and your brothers. You had reassured them everything was okay. Erik was up before you so the two you went to breakfast. You spent the day with him again, stopping by your dorm to freshen up.

Over the months, the two of you had grown closer. He always made you smile, you always gave him a genuine laugh and the two of you were nearly inseperable. Every one around you two shipped y'all together and Erik was ready to call you his but you were always a little apprehensive, he is a Que after all.

You expressed your emotions to Erik and it only caused him to work harder to prove himself. He didn’t entertain any girls, if he went out to party he always had you with him, and if he didn’t he either didn’t go or dodged hoes like the plague.

Today you two were in NOLA at an even for sororities. Only things is, Erik didn’t know you were there. You told him you had an event to go to and him likewise but you didn’t stop to think it was this. You had become apart Delta Sigma Theta the weeks after you arrived at Howard. You went through hell week, pledged yourself, and did everything required of you. And honestly you were having a huge blast. The girls were friendly, you felt like you were in a real sister hood.

So, here you were, in Nola, turning up with your girls. Stasi was right beside you as you and your line sisters strolled, the energy and attitude behind all of you capturing people’s attention.

Erik and his brothers stood around, most of them dressed in purple and gold jerseys and camo pants. Erik was shirtless, his shirt tucked into his back pocket. He wore camo pants with black boots, shades on rocking to music. Him and his boys noticed a crowd gathering, his brothers yelling over the music. “Ayo, I see the Reds!”

The Ques broke through the crowd, getting to their sister sorority. The Reds cheered as the apotted the familiar colors. You smiled and turned around, strolling on with your ladies, hips swaying as moved fluidly.

Erik’s eyes wondered over his sisters, smiling as he watched them. His eyes landed on a familiar mane od gorgeous hair and his suspicions were confirmed the moment you turned.

His eyes widened as Tré grabbed his shoulders, jumping up and down. “Ayyyye, ayyyye! Whew, them Reds thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.” The song changed and you Stasi broke away as well as the other ladies, dancing and singing along to the lyrics of the song.

A hand wrapped around your forearm and gently pulled you towards them. You looked up, getting ready to cuss out the culprit before your eyes brightened and you smiled. “Hey, Erik!” You squealed hugging him. He chuckled, hugging you back. “You didn’t tell me you were a Red, baby girl.”

You smiled sheepishly, shrugging your shoulders. He shook his head, smirking as he kissed your cheek and pressed his face into your neck. You giggled and let him go just as “Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yay” blared over the speakers.

You steppes back, smirking at Erik as you stood with Stasi. You whistled loudly as you saw them stomp, their energy off the charts. You smiled as Erik winked at you, letting out a loud “ROO”. You won’t admit to it outwardly but your flower jumped at the sound.

They ended they’re stroll, Erik danced as the song changed, the infamous Que Dog head shake nearly making your eyes roll back.

You took in a deep breath before going over and dancing with him, laughing amd smiling through the day.


The event had ended around 7, people roaming the streets of New Orleans. You and Erik broke away from your large group, entering a bar. You sat beside him, legs crossed and eating a fry from his plate lf food as he told you a childhood story.

“Yeah so, the nigga always had some money. Always, because he had two parents in thw house, meanwhile I was an orphan. Anyway, um, there would always be a group of us outside playing baseball. So we playin’ then all of a sudden we hear the ice cream truck…” At that time your food had finally arrived, you thanked the waitress and looked back to Erik.

“So everybody run inside and ask for a dollar. I’m sitting, waiting. Everybody come out the house empty handed accept this one mothafucka, right. So he goes, pays for the ive cream cone. He walkin’ back, lickin’ it. Meanwhile, a nigga hungry. So…I’m just looking, stomach growling. I walk up to dude…punch him in the nose and take his ice cream.” You laughed loudly, catching the attention of some people. You ignore them, covering your mouth as you giggled.

“So, Erik always been a bad boy, huh?” You giggled as he shrugged, eating a fry as you ate your food.

You two talked and talked until you literally had to be kicked out by the manager because it was closing time. The two of you walked the streets, holding hands.

“You know that I really like you, right?” He spoke softly, and you nodded. Your eyes trailed up to his. He had put his shirt back on and you had covered your colors with a jacket. “Yeah, I know. It’s just…” You sigh and stop walking.

Erik turns, looking at you with his hands in his pockets. “Y/N, you can tell me anything, baby.” You sigh, rubbing your eyes. “I know that…I’m just scared…” You looked down, hugging yourself.

“Of what? What happened? Who’s ass do I need to kick?” You chuckled softly. “No, Erik. Just…you’re a Que and dating Ques get kind of messy.” You sigh and look up at Erik, not being able to read his gaze.

You shake your head, walking around him. “Never mind, forget I said any–”, your words were cut off by his hands gently grabbing your waist, pulling you back to him before they went up to your face.

He softly pressed his lips to your nose, cheeks, neck and finally your lips, pressing onto them. Your hands softly wrapped around his wrists as you kissed him back. Your lips molded together smoothly as you tilted your head one way and he tilted his the other way.

His hands moved to the back of your head, tangling in your curls as you moved forward, standing on your toes to deepen the kiss. This kiss was slower than the last, all the passion was there. All the emotions of the last few months being passed through this one kiss.

Your hands gripped at his shirt as his tongue pushed into your mouth, slowly gliding over yours as you lightly panted. He pulled away, you chasing his lips and giving him one more peck as he pressed his forehead against yours.

He held your face in his hands, your eyes closed as you leaned into his touch. “Just say you’ll be mine baby. I’ll handle the rest…” He softly whispered, thumbs grazing over the apples of your cheeks. “I’m yours…”, you spoke and Erik smiled, wrapping his arms around your neck before pulling you close.

“And I’m yours…now let’s get back to the hotel before these white folks call the cops on us for making out outside their house.” He spoke and you chuckled softly, before biting your lip, giggling like a schoolgirl as he pulled you along.


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