Imagine gushing about Newt to Minho
  • Y/N: And then he said "thanks love" in that shucking sexy acce- Shit! Newt's coming towards us! Don't mention a word about this! act cool!
  • Minho: I don't need to 'act cool' she-bean, it comes naturally.
  • Newt: Hey guys, what are you talking about?
  • Minho: um..
  • Minho: Body temperatures...
  • Newt: ....
  • Y/N: ......
  • Y/N: You know, dead people are cool.

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I heard you wanted some angst free Kara. What if Kara says some words in English because he is teaching himself the language? He doesn't want to tell his brothers so he pretends it's to act cool. -Don't smoke kids anon (my not angst game is weak)

maybe he wants to go to ENGLAND
Or the US, he doesnt ask much I guess

it’s a small idea but I like it anon xp I would say that learning could break his cool kid facade but he also would be the type of guy who tells you to go to school…
what a dilema, I sketched a tiny thing


Getting stuck in the elevator with Seventeen
  • Vocal unit
  • Woozi: Tries to fix the elevator by himself
  • "Aren't you gonna help me?"
  • Seokmin: -jumps in the elevator- "SEOKMIN ARE YOU TRING TO KILL US" "But this is so fun!"
  • Joshua: -Keeps calm and calls for help from staff--after a while- so let me tell you these puns
  • Jeonghan: -sits on the floor- oh well
  • Seungkwan: -mental breakdown-
  • Hip hop unit
  • S.Coups: -acts cool- "Don't worry babe, I got this." -Ends up breaking the elevator permanently-
  • Vernon: So in the meanwhile, do you wanna listen to my mix tape or
  • Wonwoo: -sighs- Wish Mingyu would be here
  • Mingyu: -Starts holding your sides- You're not Wonwoo but you'll do. What no I'm not scared, why would you think that
  • Performance unit
  • Jun: -moves closer- Well now that we're alone for a while
  • Minghao: -mumbles things in Chinese while sitting holding his knees-
  • Dino: -shivers- Yes I'm fine
  • Hoshi: -climbs out the actual elevator- ya u coming
today on Me, My Friend & Elsanna
  • friend: hey wanna go see Cinderella with me?
  • me: sure :)
  • me: (it's gonna be ok i got this i watched frozen fever for like 20 times so im used to all the gay conceal don't feel act natural act cool)
  • *in the cinema*
  • elsa: --and be your birthday date if I may
  • me: (oh god oh shit man i can't take it the gay is in hd i didn't prepare for this no)
  • me: (holy shit this is so embarrassing elsa how can you sing that people around the world are watching you good grief)
  • anna: Come on admit it to yourself
  • elsa: Okay... I have a cold
  • me: (please don't notice the gay please don't notice the gay please don't notice the gay)
  • kristoff: I LOVE YOU BABY
  • me: (thank you kris your hetero will cover the gay i think this will work everything is alright the world is saved)
  • anna: You letting me take care of you
  • me: (shit son this is it this scene here right here is the gayest please friend don't ask me a question don't)
  • *after Cinderella*
  • me: so what do you think about frozen
  • friend: cute! :)
  • me: :)