I’m going to confess this stupid thing, but it happens to me that from time to time, when a very good blog of this fandom follows me I’m like ’is this true? You are following me? Are you sure this is not a mistake?’ And I always wait for they to stop following me because I can not believe that someone so cool has noticed my existence.

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

anonymous asked:

so i check the onceler wiki to see if there's any active onceler blogs still out there and you are just about the only one left that posts daily. so congrats, i guess.

Lmao I know of others that post regularly 

I’m not even a onceler blog anymore haha

Haven’t really been ever since my rp partner closed down her to blog

I need to combine my passions of history and theatre somehow and like make interesting historical fiction or scripts about cool women in history

Hey guys, what if Tom was Q instead of Bond?

He could be in the franchise without having to be so heavily tied to/associated with it, and 


He’s played villains and he’s played heroes. Why not the genius with all the cool gadgets and plans?


this is maybe a few steps up from rabbit lightning. maybe.