Guys you don’t understand how hard I’m rolling my eyes while going through some of these Etsy shops for the Masterpost

I mean I’m still including them because they have good reviews and items

But god damn can you not act high and mighty because “oih I don’t support hunters or trappers or fur farms or any of those cruel things I just get my shit from roadkill which is TOTALLY more humane than a quick bullet, trappers are terrible blah blah blah”. As soon as I see this shit I just want to close the tab because god damn stop acting like you’re better than people who do source items from hunters and trappers, taking parts of the animals that would normally go to waste. Stop acting like roadkill is “Cruelty free” and hunting isn’t. I’d prefer my bones come from legal hunters who gave the animal a quick kill rather than something that got hit by a car and died a slow, painful death on the side of the road.

There are only a few items that can ever be called “cruelty free” because animals didn’t die or them. And that is naturally shed antlers, and things like wool that are taken from the animal while keeping the animal alive (and sometimes feathers that fall naturally, etc)

You aren’t fucking better than everyone because you don’t associate with hunters. Stop acting so high and mighty.

You know I passed my grade 11english class because of Sami Callihan? (Granted it’s become moot now, considering….) but it was the first time I ever got a 100% on anything ever and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

We had to pick three assignments to do and one I picked was to make a video. I wrote a monologue about monsters and corruption, got my friend to film it (some old douchebag also took part but fuck him), spray painted a background, and edited it myself. It was inspired by Sami Callihan.
Hell I even included a Megadeath song.
It was evil and sinister and if I hadn’t seen stuff like it from him, I don’t think I would have the confidence with my performing that I do now.

I’m going to start making those videos again and I think I’m going to post them on here if I can get movie maker again.

I went to see my form tutor/chem teacher today to ask her for a mark scheme for our mock which I redid and she said she’d give it to me tomorrow and then she actually looked at me and goes ‘are you okay?’ and I don’t know if that says more about my appearance after 2 weeks of revision or about the reasons I normally go talk to her

2015 film log | The Apartment (1960) | ★★★★½

i get upset @ my life really often bc i have gr8 conflict resolution skills but i either A. don’t have conflicts or B. don’t have friends who want to resolve them