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I respect your opinion on Funimation! But I like to differ, I don't want to try or change your opinion on this, I'm just stating mine. Your right they do re-use their voice actors, but they do care. It's hard to find many people who are in that field. But they go through that effort to do their best. Also I personally am a fan of them. But again your opinion is your own.

I really disagree and I think that’s fairly obvious so I don’t really know why you felt like sending this but thanks I guess? Um? I’m not sure how to respond to this? I’d like to know where you’re seeing this apparent effort?? And care?? Like even within the industry there’s reports of people working there and talking about how shit of a company it is. But like. It’s your prerogative. Enjoy this quality script I guess. 

Ahh yes, breathe in that homophobia. 

honestly it really irks me how brutal people can be when talking about characters they don’t like, especially female characters. like sometimes they can get pretty violent and that kinda worries me it’s like damn son take a chill pill, go pet a dog, go outside and get some fresh air drink some water if you need too

hmm. streaming may fail on my main computer which I draw on but…I wonder if it would work on the laptop? I hate drawing on it but maybe I could like. voice act???? would anyone…wanna hear me laugh like a lunatic tho

I’m so torn with this stupid fake arm. On the one hand, it has the potential to be a fucking fantastic costume. On the other hand, it has thirty-seven individual parts that all need to be hand-stitched and I want to make a mock-up before doing the final one and that’s going to take all year.

anti sjws and sjws alike are like the superwholocks of the equality/justice side of tumblr tbh