don't yuck my yum

Okay, I’m going to say it.

If you like things uncommon in this social construct like eating ass, or even liking horse cocks or gore sex, I’m not going to judge you for it. In every UC system and college community, we try to learn the term “don’t yuck my yum”. Look it up on google before you’re classified as ignorant.

How would you people (for those who like vagina) feel if I said, “EWWW VAGINA. *Goes off to talk about it being a black hole and something utterly gruesome*”?

Some people would be cool with it, but others would be offended because vagina is what they like. Women would also be offended because it’s a body part they are forced to have. Same goes for those who hate dicks and have dicks.

You also have to know the difference between liking something and actually doing it. I have a friend who likes seeing horse cock, but that doesn’t mean he wants that whole thing rammed in him to die. Having sex with a horse is nonconsentual and wrong, but there’s no harm in liking a horse without touching him.

I’m just saying, no matter how weird something is to you, don’t look down on others for liking something that is seemingly abnormal TO YOU. Please stop being ignorant about others’ tastes. They can’t control it, just like people’s sexualities.