don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me

“Oh, ew,” says the little wiggler voice again, and you are the goddamn king so this time instead of freezing up you reach down, pull him right up from the floor to off his feet, hold him up against you and kiss him deep and long and slow. He squeaks a little, and then he feels your tongue flick his lips and he’s surrendering, opening up and moaning real soft into your mouth. There’s a chorus of tiny little groans, a couple little shocked hisses, one or two squeaks that are pure delight.

@spockandawe said:   The POF scene after Gamzee runs the obstacle course, after he and Kurloz spar. You’ve got the giving/receiving pain part of their relationship, but also some major flirtation, and it’s one of the first times they’ve done the public affection thing after keeping it secret for so long. Plus the younger faithful peeping is so ADORABLE.