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“I was a fool addicted to your sweetness.

I didn’t want to let go of the devil’s hand…

Too bad but it’s too sweet, It’s too evil.“ x 


When you gain an army of new followers overnight.

The Bubbler / Le Bulleur


When you realize you have nothing new to post because you’ve been on hiatus…


You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.


I… Have no excuse for the second image… I’M SORRY, OK?? The scene from the movie is so funny I just… Had to… 👉 👈

Anyways, hope you like it! ^^

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Letters from Karazhan

The Twins

“He’s weird and he’s fast.”


betsyselanoican: “They look like Pepsi and Mountain Dew.” YEAH YEAH. :U

This is an AU I made with Betsy BECAUSE WE NEED MORE OF THESE TWO IN OUR LIIIIVES! It’s been a long while since I drew these two. TwT

I was actually super jelly of all the amazing artists making Wanda and Pietro in AoU SO I placed my own twist! HEHEHE. Hope you like it! I designed Billy’s outfit myself and sort of Tommy’s. XD

Anyway~ Read more just below the cut! I don’t want to bombard people with my WALL OF TEXT.

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anonymous asked:

This isn't really a request, but how tall do you think mini bots are, particularly mtmte Swerve? Like people will write fics and what not with him, but I still have a hard time picturing his size next to a human! Plz help!! ;-;

I actually thought about this for a long time, and because i have way too much time on my hands, I did a bit of digging.  According the the official TF Wiki, Megatron is 38 feet tall, which gives us a good starting point.  Now, it’s impossible to say for certain because every artist draws the characters differently, but I think this picture is probably an accurate depiction of Megatron and Tailgate’s height difference.

It looks like Megs might be leaning down just a tad, but we’ll say that his midway height is about at his hips, which would be 19ft high.  Since Tailgate looks to be around half that, I’m going to ball park his height at about 9.5 feet.  

Here we see that Swerve, Rewind and Tailgate are roughly the same height, so I’m going to assume that they’re also around 9.5-10 feet tall.

Rung and Pipes, on the other hand seem to have a good bit of height on the other three, coming up to about chest height on some of the other bots.  If we say Tailgate is about 9.5 feet tall, then Rung and Pipes appear to be around 15-17 feet.

So taking all that into account, I imagine that a human is going to hit somewhere between Swerve’s thighs and his hips depending on how tall they are.

Hey, sweeties ! So… Yeah. I reached 900 followers. Do you see this nine with two zeros ? Yeah, 900 wonderful persons are following me and it’s just crazy ! Like, I never thought I was going to reach it. It was a little blog, and after one year & half, 900 persons decided to click on the button following, and I can only thank you for it. So many people encouraged me, and there’re who are here for me since the beginning. I met such lovely, nice and amazing people, I made friends, even best friends. And I’m blessed to know such incredible people. I improved ‘cause of them. They encouraged me, inspired me, made me laugh, smile and cry (of happiness!), and you don’t know how important you’re for me, even the persons who left.  Of course I still have a long way to go. But I’m with everyone, with the Inazuma Fandom Family, and even if I do the same crap forever, this is the most important for me. I’m happy that I decided, the day I created my blog, to join the Inazuma Fandom Family. I love the people here, the memes, the art in any ways I see each day in my dashboard. You make my tumblr experience such a beautiful one, and I hope I’ll stay here for a long time. So thank you ! Thank you very much for everything. To everyone. I love you all !! >3< ♡♡♡

Being emotional is not a good idea.. I’ll cry if I continue.. ;-; Here is my follow forever ! I advice to follow all of them. Such sweet & talented persons !

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And for the end… Sakka Yarouze !!


Prussia- Hetalia

I was watching some tutorials about how to make heads, because I’m forgetting how to draw, and… a wild Prussia came(????)

Bonus: I had the need to draw him with Gilbird

PD: Sorry for the signature, but I liked the result

PD2: I put the lineart with transparent if you want to color it(?

PD3: Next step, try to draw Lovi or Spain XD


I made (extra dark chocolate) truffles on a whim.


And then this happened. :v

Please do not repost elsewhere. Reblogs are a-okay. Thank you!

smol-wizard-in-a-big-world  asked:

Im going to be honest, i usually hate OC X Cannon Character ships, but I find Khadgar X Peregrin so fudging adorable I LOVE IT

💛 Oh dear, thank you so much ! You don’t know how much this makes me happy ;w; ! <33

anonymous asked:

jesus will you ever just stick to one story

what a silly ask! do writers only ever write one story? of course not! 😊 part of being a writer, in any sense, is having lots of ideas and wanting to express those ideas in creative ways! It’s okay to get burnt out on one idea or one story and move onto another! 😊 i write sim stories because I love to write! I don’t have to stick to any make-believe deadline or adhere to anyone’s expectations, especially yours anon 😊