don't you lick your lips at me


Pairing: Bucky/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Metal arm porn, fingering, dirty talk, Bucky being a cocky lil shit. Me loving my Buck-Buck.

Word Count: 2631.

Rating: 18+

So… @sexylibrarian1 once wrote me something about Bucky’s hands and I had this floating around (obviously what she wrote is 1000% better than this, go read it) and I decided to post it. My wife is inspiring, if I was John Legend she’d be one of my Chrissy’s because @thecrownedrose would be the other.


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Don’t make Daddy jealous

I’m going to hell because of this…and I need to bath in holy water

Reader x Christian Yu

Type: smut

Warnings: swearing, rough play, daddy kink

Words count: 2966

Summary: You had to go to your bff bday party instead of spending time with your boyfriend, but the night won’t be as boring as you thought when you’re noticing Christian stalking you in the distance [cannot believe that his pic is totally fitting into this story]

- Christian I can’t go today I told you I have to go to Silvia’s birthday party, I promised her last week.

- Ahh I cannot believe this, finally I’m free a bit but I can’t see you, I really miss you baby girl… - he was whining in the phone and it seems he was grumpy too.

- I promise I will call you after I get back home, okay? I miss you too Christian so so much but I can’t skip this party.

- Okay, you promised me, don’t forget what you said! There will be guys too? – yes, he was definitely whining.

- Of course there will be, we’re going to a club, so …

- Jesus…to where? Fuck… don’t you dare to flirt with someone or let some fucktards to dance with you or or anything… ha?!

- Christian please chill a bit, it’s a lil’ party nothing serious and why would I flirt or dance with another guy when I’ve a smokin’ hot boyfriend?

- Smokin’ hot? Aye babe… he’s definitely lucky for having such a great girl like you!

- Honey I gotta go, I’ll call you when the party is over!

- Take care of yourself or I’m gonna kick your sexy butt!

- You idjit, I will, I love you!

To be honest the last thing you wanted to do is to go to a party, getting drunk and whoosh dumbass guys away, but it was your best friend’s party and you had no other choice. The club was pretty fancy and the VIP section was all your crew’s for tonight. Your bestie was mega-happy and already drunk after half an hour. Not to be a partypooper you also cheered for yourself in your mind and you went to get some drinks. After four gintonics you definitely started to feel the party. However your phone started to buzz and you saw the worried texts from Christian. Trying not to mess up you txted back that you’re fine and stop worrying about you. But it turned out you misspelled your sentences and of course Christian noticed that you’re drunk.

- Y/N, put the fuck down that phone you bitch and come dance with me – Silvia, your bestie yelled at you and rushed you to the dance floor.

After an exhausting hour you two were still dancing and felt like there’s no tomorrow. Especially when you started to dance on the table and singing like true party-queens. Your hair was a mess, your tight black mini-dress was way too up as it should be and also your black lace bra showing a little. Then there was the moment when you noticed Christian in a dark corner with his friends and with a glass of whiskey in his hands. You got caught, you fuckin’ got caught…

- Silv, Christian is here, and I think he’s gonna kill me, don’t look there but he’s sitting in the corner with a couple of his friends and he saw me – you yelled into your friend’s ear.

- Goddammit honey, then we should put on a more heated show than before, you should play with him and I guarantee your night will be hotter than this party – she shouted back to you.

- Are you crazy?! He’s gonna kill me, you can’t imagine how pissed off he will be…

- That’s more fun, trust me and show him that you are the sexiest hoe in this club, shake that booty honey!!!

So you decided to play. You got off of the table and poured another shot. And went to a more crowded area, but you still saw Christian in this distance. From this point the game finally began. There were two guys who were watching you all night with hungry eyes and when you smiled at them they got closer in an instant. They looked really good and they weren’t bad dancers. Now all you had to do was wait to Christian noticing this whole mess. But you knew he was watching you from the start and had to control himself. The bad thing is that you wanted him to lose control and make a move. So you let the two hottie to get closer than should be. When one of them put his hands on your waist and the other was definitely wanted to kiss you here and there, you caught Christian’s death glare and saw him rushing towards you in the crowd.

- You think it’s funny? What the fuck are you doing? Are you playing a game? You two get the fuck outta here until I beat your asses – he was way too mad, but also way too sexy.

He grabbed your wrist and walked you out from the club. When you stared back you saw Silvia sending thumbs-up in the air.

- This silly idiot… tomorrow I have to tell her everything… - you giggled.

While you were waiting for the taxi, you tried to save your ass a bit.

- Christian, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you mad, I drank too much and wasn’t in the right mind.

He turned his head, still grabbing your wrist strong, and whispered in you ear:

- You did this on purpose baby girl, both of us know this and pray for God to be gracious with you from now on, coz when we finally get home I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up.

You got chills. And your whole body got goosebumps too. Plus you felt that guilty pleasure climbing up in your core.

- Christian this is bullshit I didn’t…

- Shut up, just shut up baby girl don’t make the things worse, no fuckin’ words until we get home!

So you didn’t say anything until you two got home…

The stairway was dark and quiet, you barely see anything but somehow you managed to get into your apartment. The second part of the game started.

- Christian are you still mad? Please don’t misunderstand this whole situation I was just… partying, those guys didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t even know them… - you started innocently when he pushed you to the wall, grabbed your wrists and put them above your head.

- Oh stop talking nonsense Y/N, and better stop with this fairytale story too, now you should start thinking how you gonna redeem this mess… - his gaze was no joke that lustfilled eyes didn’t guarantee mercy and he was close. Too close to you, pushing to the wall with all of his weight. And he smelt so good. His fragrance always killed you and you could differentiate this smell from thousands of other parfums. It was his, only his. You decided to play another card.

- Please don’t be mad at me, I will do anything daddy… - you bited your lips and looked into his eyes.

- You lil’ shit… - he kissed you roughly, grabbing your hair with one hand while with the another he was still holding your wrists firmly.

- Daddy is fuckin’ so pissed right now baby, you teased me a lot… - his mouth was all over on you, started from your neck, down to your collarbones and now between your breasts. He let go your wrists, squeezing your butt with both of his hands. You can’t help but let out a moan.

- Christian, please… I want you so badly.

- Oh really? Those two can’t fuck you that good like me, ha? – he didn’t wait for your response when he kissed you again and pulled down the zip on your dress. You were also in a rush unbuttoning his shirt, touching his bare chest, his tattoos, his arms down to his abs until you found his belt and unbuckled it. After that you unbuttoned his pants too, letting it fall while he took off your bra and your panties, a nipple went straight into his mouth, sucking it passionately and caresses the other with his hand, drawing circles and pulling it until both of them were hard. You were a moaning mess, your fingers were digging in his hair wanting more and more.

- Daaad enough, please it’s too much, I can’t… I can’t… - you whined.

- Enough?! Oh honey look, we’re still in the hall, and I didn’t even touch you there yet… hands up like before! – he ordered and you put up your arms. He grabbed your wrists again with one hand, and the another started to wondering between your thights. He kissed you again, biting and sucking on your bottom lip, his tongue twirling everywhere until you moaned into his mouth.

- Baby girl, you’re so wet for me, you’re dripping – he said it teasingly while his fingers went up and down on your folds at a really slow pace. His eyes never lost contact with yours and seeing his wanting-gaze turned you on more.

- Tell me how much you want me baby girl, tell daddy how much you want his cock inside your dripping pussy – his voice was deep and raspy, and his fingers started to move faster and faster on your clit.

- Fuck Christian… I want you, please… I want you inside me, please daddy fuck me I’ll be a good girl just fuck me for the fuck’s sake… - you were in daze, your whole body was about to explode.

- Mmm… my baby you want me this badly? Well, I told you I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up… - he inserted a finger into you, and you just moaned into his neck grabbing his hair.

- Ah Y/N you’re so fuckin’ wet – he pumped his finger in and out at a slow pace, adding another digit and catching up a quick speed.

- Maybe I should taste why are you this wet? Am I this good babe? Tell me… - he purred into your ear sending chills down your body.

- Christian please… I can’t take this anymore, it feels good, it feels sooo good – you mewled.

- Oh no no, the morning is still a bit far away darlin’ you have to bare with me a little more – he smirked at you, letting go of your hands and kneeled down in front of you closing his mouth on your wetness. He was licking your folds up and down, finding your clit and sucking on it while his fingers were pumping in and out. He was always eating you out like a dessert, enjoying it so much.

- Daaad I really can’t take it anymore I’m gonna cum… - you arched your back and moaning loudly.

- Then cum for me babe, moan for me until the neighbors will come over.

This pushed you over the edge, your orgasm washed everything away, you screamed out his name, cursing out loud, while he was still fingering you and licking your pussy until your last pleasure wave ended.

- That’s my baby girl – he kissed you with his plumped lips letting you taste yourself. You hooked your legs around his hips and he took you in the bedroom and dropped you on the bed. You sat up immediately, watching him taking off his boxers. He was so hard and sexy as fuck, you gulped and licked your lips while he started to jerk himself up more, his fingers running slowly on his length, looking deeply into your eyes. Without any words he moved closer to you, touching your lips with his throbbing cock. You wanted to suck him badly, you were literally drooling.

- Aye, babe you want me this much? – he let his tip into your mouth. You started to lick him, twirling your tongue around him, earning a hiss.

- Christian, please I want you in my mouth… don’t do this to me – you begged him with no shame.

- Mm you were so so bad to me today babe, what should I do with you, ha? – he kissed you with passion, gathering your hair into a ponytail. And he put his cock in your mouth. He started to roll his hips, moving his member in and out while his hand was holding your hair. He tasted so good, your mouth was full with him. You had no control in your movements he was harsh, fucking your mouth mercilessly almost choking on him but you didn’t mind, you were still burning for him, your pussy aching for some skinship. Also his deep moans turned you on more, seeing his wavering abs, his sweaty chest and arms made your womanhood even more wet.

- Fuck, baby girl you’re so good, but I can’t take this anymore – he clenched his teeth, moving out quickly, really close to cum but he didn’t… he was testing his limits.

- Turn around honey, turn around for daddy – he said, and you did as he told.

His cock was eager to find your entrance, pushing it deeply into your core, stretching you out and fill you completely.

- Shit, babe you’re so tight and wet for me, you feel so good – he was pounding into you roughly, one hand on your waist and one hand pulling your hair. You can’t help but moan with all your heart, shouting out his name over and over.

- Fuck Y/N, if you continue this loud mess I can’t hold myself back for too long – but you also couldn’t hold back yourself, his thrusts were getting deeper and deeper bringing your next orgasm close. You arched your back, grabbing his thights, while he was covering your mouth and started to rub your clit.

- Ah babe I’m so close, fuck I can’t hold back, you’re so wet, I wanna cum all over on your tits baby girl – his husky voice filled your ear pushing towards your edge, when he took out himself, turned you around and came on your breasts. He spreaded his cum with his cock on your nipples, putting his thumb into your mouth and you sucked it while watched his rosy and sweaty face.

- I’m sorry baby, I didn’t plan this way, maybe I need some fuel to refill my energy – he went to your drawer getting some wet tissues.

- You know Y/N, you look utterly sexy like this – he was wiping up the mess, after that he kissed you softly, carressing your hair.

- But my girl didn’t get everything before because of me, come on princess spread those legs for daddy – he went down on you but he was much more softer and sensual this time.

You put your feet on his shoulders, spreading your legs allowing him to eat you out again. He loved licking your pussy in every way possible, your moans fuelled him as his tongue got faster on your clit.

- Cum for me honey, I wanna hear you scream – you didn’t know how you always managed to cum to his order but with Christian everything was possible. He held your waist in place, still sucking on your wetness until you ride out your high.

- Good girl, but I’m afraid I can’t let you sleep yet – you looked down and it seemed he refilled that energy somewhere already.

He moved you to the center of the bed, laying you down and hovering over you. He kissed your lips, and slipped into you slowly. You bit your lips from the overpowering sensation, your womanhood was totally destroyed by him. However you loved the feeling when you were full with him, feeling every inch of him inside of you.

He looked into your eyes with love, quiet moans coming from his mouth. His forehead was on yours, when you kissed him and dig in his hair. He was moving at a stable pace, adding deep thrusts frequently. You were so in love with this sensual Christian, the only goal of his was to please you no matter what. He started to massage your clit, giving sloppy kisses on your neck and you felt you’re getting closer and closer again. You were holding onto his shoulders tight, your nails digging into his skin probably causing bruises because of the overhelming stimulation. He quickened his movements to catch up with you.

- Christian, I’m… I’m coming… oh God you feel so good…, fuck Christian… - you tightened your walls around him, pushing him over the edge, while you also felt your pulsating orgasm giving you nothing but trembling thighs and body. You screamed out his name, your hand clenched with his until he collapsed on you breathing heavily and pulled himself out of you. You kissed his head, carressing his back and he tried to catch his breath rolling to the side.

- Y/N this was so fuckin’ good, I love you baby girl.

- I love you too Christian. But to be honest you destroyed my pussy, so no woohoo at least for a week.

- Are you serious?! – he popped up from the bed quickly and looked at you with puppy eyes.

- You bastard I only mean sex to you, ha?! – you kicked towards him jokingly.

- Slow down, lil’ girl I’m gonna hug you to death and cuddle you until you fall asleep, but before lemme close the curtains it’s already too bright outside – he raised his eyebrow and winked at you.

With your last drop of energy you threw a pillow towards him.

julielovekpop  asked:

I have a request for VIXX's Leo/Taekwoon where he buys his girlfriend a part of jeans. He gives her the jeans to try on which are her size, but she's gained some weight in her ass so they don't go over her ass because it's little bigger than she imagine. She gets embarrassed asks him to help her. They end up doing the nasty. Also can you make this ambw? Thanks! 😘😘😘😘


“Baby where are you?” Taekwoon asked as he entered your apartment. He looked around from you hearing some soft singing coming from the back room as you danced around. He laughed softly as he opened the door a bit wider leaning against the door frame tilting his head to the side licking his lips watching you move your hips side to side. “Someone looks like she is having fun without me.” He called out making you jump and turn around as you looked at him.

“Oh hey babe!” You called out as you twirled around once more before dancing towards him, light steps and bouncing on your tiptoes until you were planting a kiss on his lips, and he reciprocated wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you closer to him letting the kiss linger for a bit before he was pulling back to look down at you.

“Did you have a good day baby?” He asked you softly and you nodded your head looking up at him.

“Today was great actually. Of course, I missed my baby like crazy but besides that everything was good.” You admitted shrugging your shoulders noticing that he had a bag in his hand. “What’s that?” You asked softly pointing to the white bag and he grinned holding it up before he shrugged his shoulders.

“I was in the mall today and I saw some pants I thought you might like. Do you want to try them on?” He asked softly as he took the jeans out of the bag looking at you. He opened them up and they seemed to be big enough for you, the were ripped with little frays on your thighs and knees. You nodded eagerly, needing some more pants because he was always ripping your pants up. He gave them to you and you thanked him kissing his lips once again before you made your way into the bathroom. You shed the short shorts you were in, bending over after you opened the pants you started to slide them on slowly over your thighs humming softly. Everything was going well so far, the fabric grazing your skin you were pulling them up by the hems inch by inch. But once you got up to your thighs then things got a bit difficult. You finally after a few jumps and tugs got them to press against your thighs. You frowned looking at yourself in the mirror, determined to get the jeans onto your ass you waddled into your room biting on your bottom plump lip as you looked at your boyfriend.

“Taekkie- help.” You pouted playfully walking towards him. Taekwoon looked up at you immediately freezing in his position. His legs were crossed and he was on his phone but taking one look at your ass that clearly didn’t fit into your jeans, he put his phone down onto the bed, beckoning you closer to him.

“How can I help you princess?” He asked softly, pulling you close to him by your hips.

“I can’t get my ass into these jeans. Can you help me please?” You asked softly embarrassed by the fact that you couldn’t get them over your ass and he nodded his head standing up. You felt bad because you had gained weight but it seemed he didn’t care as he watched you with a sly smirk.

“It’ll be my pleasure.” He whispered in a husked voice as he pulled you even closer. You didn’t notice how his voice dropped an octave low or how his eyes shown mischief. He gripped at the back of the jeans pushing them against your ass causing your body to press against his as he tried to pull it up. You braced your hands on his chest, biting on your bottom lip as he worked with you, hoping in your mind that the jeans went up over your ass. But your boyfriend was sneaky. He gripped at the hems of your panties starting to pull them between your ass cheeks and you gasped softly looking up at him.

“Y-yah what are you doing?” You asked softly feeling the fabric of the pants press against your ass cheeks.

“I’m just trying to pull these jeans up.” He said nonchalantly with a shrug of his shoulders, one hand pulling up the jeans and the other hand pulling up your panties at the same time so it felt like both was going up.

“It feels like you’re giving me a wedgie..” You mumbled softly and he chuckled shaking his head.

“No baby, just trying to get this ass in those jeans.” He mumbled but he was full of mischief. Looking as he made your panties turn into a thong between your ass cheeks. He looked at the plump brown cheeks that looked part stuffed into the pants, your thick thighs that were being outlined in the pants. He hummed tilting his head. “Let’s see if this works..” He muttered as if he was really helping, pushing the jeans down just under your ass cheeks biting on his bottom lip to hid a groan. He looked at your ass cheeks that were on full display now, his large hands gripping onto your ass cheeks to grab them once before he gripped at your pants pulling them up teasingly but not the whole way.

“Damn baby girl.. Let’s try something different.” He muttered getting down on his knees, he moved to get behind you, looking up at you he pressed his hands on your ass cheeks cupping the flesh before he gripped onto the jeans pulling them down again. “Maybe if you hold onto the bed, I can help you push them up a bit better.” He said softly seeing how far he could go with the scheme.

“Oh really? Let’s see then.” You said softly pushing your hands down onto the edge of the bed trying to spread your legs wide.

“No no, keep them closed.” He muttered softly pushing your legs together. You weren’t that oblivious, maybe at times but now you knew what he was up to and honestly you didn’t want to stop him. You were starting to feel wet in your panties and the way he was gripping at your ass was making you want to beg for him to take you, but not wanting to ask you decided to just wait it out and be patient for once to let him have his fun. Taekwoon leaned close to run his hands up your covered thighs, his eyes locked onto your ass, and your soaked pussy lips that seemed to be clenched around your panties that were in between your ass cheeks. He leaned close to you, licking his lips he nuzzled his face against your ass cheek opening his mouth to let out a soft moan that was inaudible. You could feel the fanning of his hot breath against your ass cheeks and it made you become littered with goosebumps as you waited there nervously.

“A-are they going over?” You asked softly as he darted his tongue out to lick against your flesh softly, he bit onto your ass cheek gently before moving to bite on the other one, gripping at the bunched-up material of the pants but not actually pulling them over your ass cheeks.

“Hmm. Going to have to try something else, this ass is just- fuck.” He was at a loss for words staring at the flesh in his face.

“Keep trying then.” You looked back at him, finally looking in his eyes for the first time. You saw the pure raw want deep in his brown orbs as he stares back at you, lifting his hand he landed a slap against your right ass cheek causing you to gasp as he pulled you to be still.

“This fucking fat ass.” He groaned low in his throat, making you softly laugh as he slapped against your ass cheek again. “I just want to mark it. Maybe if I spank it hard enough it will become numb enough to help you push them into these jeans.” He mused out as he bit onto your ass cheeks again, his hands cupping at your ass spreading your cheeks apart before he let them go. Playing with your ass, he was losing himself moving to press kisses against your flesh. He moved to push you against the bed move, making sure you stayed bent over he let all of his resistance fly out of the window. He slipped your panties to the side looking at your swollen pussy lips smirking to himself as he ran a finger up and down the wet lips watching as your back arched and a soft moan left your lips.

“Look at this pretty pussy. So, swollen and fat. It looks so beautiful, all for me to play with and eat. I wish you could see yourself.” He moaned softly taking his phone out from his pocket and angling his camera to snap a picture of your pussy lips and round ass on display for him, he leaned forward to push his tongue inside of your lips causing you to moan out as your back arched. He groaned, flicking his tongue up and down your slit, playing with your soaked pussy before he started to kiss and bite on your pussy lips pulling on them with his lips and sucking on them as well. He was enjoying devouring you whole. Getting the juices on his lips he licked his lips before he moved to dive his head back forward, kissing on your lips and slipping his tongue back into your pussy finding your clit and attacking it. Your hand flew back to grip at his hair as you gasped out loud in pleasure, your back arching as you pushed your hips back against his face. You rolled your hips backwards against your face and he was quick to grip at your hips to hold you steady. He continued to assault your clit with the flattening of his tongue, sliding it up and down before he shoved it inside of your pussy. He moaned as he tasted you swirling his tongue around, flicking his tongue in and out your heat. He curved it trying to find your spot, a finger moving to press it inside of you, curving it as he stretched you out. Your body was shaking and you were full of pleasure trying to keep yourself from falling over.

You gripped hard at the sheets on the bed, shutting your eyes you cried out for him, needing more than what he was giving. “Please Taekwoon. Please fuck me, shit I need you.” You begged hoarsely as you looked back at him pulling at his black locks. “Fuck get inside of me dammit!” You hollered out at him and he pulled back with wet glistening lips and chin. He moved to stand up, pressing his hand against the lower part of your back he held you in place as he took his time to drag his zipper down. He pushed down his pants and boxers in one go kicking them off as he aligned himself with you. Slowly, he slid his dick inside of you moaning softly. He gripped at your hips burying himself to the hilt causing you both to release a mix of soft moans and grunts throughout the room. He held himself deep inside of you before he pulled back and pushed back inside of you. His pace was slow but deep making sure he tried to damn near press against your cervix as he entered inside of you. He was thicker than most men you had. He was a bit longer too, your body moved against his. The pain added to the pleasure you were feeling as he started to let his pace pick up. He was gripping at your hips hard enough to bruise the skin. But you didn’t care all that mattered was that he was fucking you and it felt so fucking amazing to have him inside of you his thick dick pulsing and stretching out your wet pink insides. He slapped at your ass cheeks watching them jiggle against his hand as he grunted out in pleasure continuing to slam inside of you, rolling his hips, you could feel the juices slipping out of your pink pussy, and down your thighs. You could feel how your pussy quivered and tightened around him more. Your body was becoming taken on a trip of ecstasy and you didn’t want to stop.

Taekwoon stopped and changed positions, sitting down on the bed he moved towards the headboard dragging you with him. Placing your back against his chest, he lifted your legs together as he slid back inside of you starting to fuck into you as he kept your legs hoisted in the air. You rolled your head back crying out against his shoulder, your pussy tightening around his shaft to keep him sucked in deep inside of you. He sucked in a sharp breath as he continued to shift angles until he was fucking against your spot causing your cries to become louder. The bed springs started to sound off as you both rocked together, the headboard lightly smacking against the wall as he brought you closer to your orgasm.

“You feel so good on my dick baby; does it feel good to have my hips pushing against this fat ass? You look like such a fucking goddess getting fucked into like this. Tell me how it feels, tell me how much you fucking love it.” He mumbled hotly against your ear.

“I fucking love it! I love having you pound into my pussy. Shit it feel so good to have you fucking me. I’m so damn close I want to cum.” He chuckled lightly as he watched you nodding his head. He leaned his head into your neck, sucking on the skin he painted your with hickies making sure that you had bruises tomorrow. He whispered dirty nothings into your ear moving to flip you over on your stomach, with your legs closed he moved to plant his feet into the ground starting to bend his knees slamming into you, your loud cries choking out in your throat. Your hands clawed at the sheets as you shouted his name for dear life. Your pussy wrapping around his dick like a vice your toes curling as the pit of your stomach clenched. You were cumming on his dick in a matter of seconds and he was meeting his end with you, filling you to the brim as your essences painted his dick and mixed with his cum. He shuddered lightly as he slowed down his hips pushing himself down into you before he pulled out, lying beside you; he pulled you close taking off the pants. You swallowed your breaths savoring them as you cupped his cheeks kissing onto his lips.

“You’re lucky I love you, such a horny man.” You sighed playfully. “You knew they wouldn’t fit.” You frowned and he shook his head with a stupid grin on his lips.

“I didn’t think you’d actually let me do it. But I’m glad you played along baby. Tomorrow I’ll take you to get more pants I promise.” He said as he raised a pinky locking it with yours making you yawn and pull him closer.

“Who knows maybe we can even fuck around in the dressing rooms. You just better shove my panties in my mouth to keep my quiet.” You heard him groan causing a smirk to paint your lips as you closed your eyes leaving him with a teasing image and hardening dick.

Caramel Flan

Street racers!AU

warnings: street magic to the extreme, the series is slowly piecing itself together so the newcomers might get confused, ft. Ha Minho, theft, guns, virus codes, betrayal and secrets because everyone does, confident Samuel  

You stood there on the pavements amidst the downpour and rowdy crowd. As the lights flashed on you, you greeted, “Great day to all over Kingstown, and a great night to experience the things we don’t understand.”

People paused around you as they recognized who you were–the red horse. You flashed them a smile when they started cheering, but you quickly silenced them to speak, “In spite of the heavy rainfall, I want you to pay close attention. But not too close, you’ll only see less of anything.”

“I won’t clear up the skies for you, but we’ll go crazy with the rain like a snap of a finger where it,” you waited before ending, “stops.”

The rain suddenly stopped around you which made the crowd scream and shout in amusement. But the show didn’t end there, you questioned, “What if they turn into diamonds?”

You snapped your fingers before the droplets hit ground in their solid state. You laughed, gesturing towards the clothed water tank behind the people. You raised a finger directing them to look at your next reveal, you said, “Look closely, some things aren’t what they always seem.”

Dragging the fabric away from the glass tank, all of the diamonds were already inside. However, something bothered you, your friend said through the other line, “You need to leave, now.”

You climbed the ladder beside the tank making the people roar, afterwards you finished, “The closer you look, the less you see.”

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andistone  asked:

I searched through your rec lists and tags and I do not think I saw anything that applies to my ask but please don't hate me if I missed it. Do you have some good shower sex fics? I've read a few, but they seem to be few and far between and ngl those are my favorite. Thank you!


Draco Malfoy Is NOT Attractive (Sophie_French)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3.1k, Summary: Draco Malfoy is NOT attractive. Not even one bit. Nope.

Slip Into My Lover’s Hands (lumosed_quill)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 5.9k, Summary: Draco licks his lips. He shuts his eyes, because he doesn’t think he can look at Potter when he says it. When he asks for it. “One finger?”

A Shower, A Meal, A Nap, and A Shag (chickenlivesinpumpkin)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 4.6k, Summary: Harry’s supposed to be alone in Grimmauld Place…so why is there a Malfoy in his shower? And what’s Harry going to do about it?

Hung Like A Horntail (lumosed_quill)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 2.3k, Summary: Draco’s become a bit obsessed with Harry’s sizable package. It’s a little distracting. Even more so when it’s up your arse. (Or “Harry’s Big Dick is messing with Draco’s life.” ~Capitu)

Ruin Me (traintracks)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3k, Summary: This little thing is sort of set apart in time. It’s ‘round about sixth year – if Draco wasn’t ever assigned his “task”.

Harry Potter Gives A Shit (talithan)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.5k, Summary: “Where are you headed?” “No place special,” Draco fumbled, and flushed further. But then: “I can change that,” said Harry Potter.

Practice (gracerene)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 1.4k, Summary: Round two is just practice.

I Should Hate You The Whole Night Through (digthewriter)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3.1k, Summary: Harry and Malfoy are on the same team, but that doesn’t mean the need to compete has gone away, or that Harry’s need to watch Malfoy has lessened.

Hurt For The Right Reasons (traintracks)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 4.6k, Summary: Everything was so cocked up. He just wanted this one thing. He wanted to hurt for the right reasons for once.

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Harry catching you looking at yourself in the mirror in just your undies with a frown on your face. Maybe it's one of those days where you just don't feel okay in your body

“What’s all this?”

You’re caught by surprise when you see him standing behind you.  You turn around and frown, instantly trying to cover yourself up.  “Sorry… I just….”

“No, no apologizing.  You’re here, looking this good without telling me?”

You sigh, looking down.  “I mean… I don’t think I look very good.”

Harry gasps, feigning offense.  “How on earth could you say that? Look at you!”  He takes your wrists in his hands, removing your arms from across your body. and licking his lips.  “You’re so sexy.” 

Your cheeks go red and you shake your head.  “No.”

“Hey.” He reaches under your chin, looking you in the eyes.  “Says who?”

“Me.”  You still wont look him in the eyes, and it breaks his heart.

“Well you’re wrong, love.  Look at you.  Look at these hips… and that stomach… and…. these.” His hands trail up to your chest and over the curve of your breast.  “Fuck baby.  You kill me.”

Your cheeks are red when you finally make eye contact.  “Stoooop.”

“No, m’serious.  You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.  With the sexiest mind and personality to match.”  He grins brilliantly down at you, leaning forward to kiss at your cheeks.  “I mean it.  You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.  And m’gonna tell you that every second of every day until you believe it.” He kisses your neck.  “Don’t want to see any more of that frownin’ yeah?”

I don't like being told what to do.

I was in the middle of a very good dream and I mean very good. I was laying on a bed, watching as Theo took his shirt off. I slowly licked my lips, definatly approving of what I saw.

He looked over at me and laughed,“Liking the view?”

I nodded, eyeing him up and down,“Oh you have no idea.”

He smile, then looked to wear my shirt was still covering my body, “Your turn.”

I sighed and gave a slight shrug of my shoulders, “I don’t know. I think I might need some help taking it off.”

“You don’t gotta ask me twice.”, He said, making his way on the bed.

Once he was hovering over me, he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I egarly kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pulled away, looked me in the eye and said, “Y/N, it’s time to wake up.”

I looked at him extremly confused, “What?”

“Y/N, get up. I have a job for you.”

I opened my eyes and saw Theo standing in the doorway to my room. I groaned and rolled over. Maybe if I go back to sleep right now, I will be able to finish that dream.

Theo wasn’t on bored with that plan, “Seriously! Get up already. We have work that needs to be done.”

I rolled my eyes, gosh he was such a nag, “You are so much better in dream form.”

“What?”, He asked, not sure if he heard right.

“Forget it.”, I say, sitting up and streching, “So what’s on the agenda today?”

He shook his head, getting back to reason why he so rudly woke me up, “Right. I need you to spend the day with Stiles. Keep him away from Scott.”

I looked at him like he hd just spoken a different language,“Excuse me? You want me to babysit? I don’t think so. Get one of your little minnions to do it.”

He sighed, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, “Hayden is on Liam duty and Corey is on Mason duty. So that leaves you.”

I hummed and pretending to be thinking about it, then said,“ Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Theo’s eyes snapped open, “What do you mean you don’t think so? Did you forget who you’re talking to?”

I got up and walked over to him, looking him in the eye,“ Did you forget who you’re talking to? Do you not remember why I left my pack in the first place? I don’t like being told what to do.”, I paused, a sly smile aprearing on my face,“ That is, unless I’m naked.”

His jaw dropped open and eyes widend in shock, “What?”

I laughed at his reaction, then I got a brilliant idea, “You know what? I think I will pay Stiles a visit after all.”

That seemed to snap Theo out of it, he grabbed my arm and glared at me, “You’re not seriously thinking about sleeping with him are you?”

I pulled out of his grasp and walked over to my dresser, pulling out the shortest pair of shorts that I owned. Then I walked over to my closet and pulled out a black tank top. Once I was dressed I quickly put on my sneakers and left my room.

As I was walking towards the front door, Theo grabbed my wrist, “Answer me Y/N. Are you really thinking about sleeping with him.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed at him, “Hey, you’re the one that me to spend the day with him. You just never said doing what. So now you’ll get what you want and I’ll get to have a little fun while doing it.”

“I mean why would you even want to. He’s not even that cute.”, He mumbled, looking everywhere but me.

I eyed him for a second, then it hit me, “Theo why do you care so much?”

“Because…”, He started to say, but trailed off.

“Because why?” I asked, wanting for him to finish.

He sighed, then looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Because if anyone is sleeping with you, it’s going to be me.”

Before I even had a chance to respond, he crashed his lips to mine. It only took me a couple of seconds to start kissing him back. I mean it’s not like I hadn’t dreamt of this happening.

After we had been making out for about five minutes, I pulled back and whipsered in his ear, “So are we doing this or not? I mean I did have previous plans.”

He growled, then picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder. I laughed as he made his way back into my room. He layed me down on my bed, then climbed on top of me.

He kissed up and down my neck a couple of times, before reaching down to tug on the end of my shirt, “Off now.”

As much as I wanted to comply, I decided to give him a hard time, “I thought I told you. I don’t like being told what to do, unless I’m naked and from what I can see, not naked.”

“By the time I’m done. You will be.”, He said, voice low and ruff in my ear, causing shivers to run down my spine.

He pulled away and sat up to remove his shirt. Once he had thrown his shirt to some place on my floor, I reached up and ran my hands down his chest.

“Way better than my dream.” I say, not missing the amused smile that appeared on Theo’s face.

“So you were dreaming about me earlier.”, He teased, remembering what I said this morning.

I shrugged like it was no big deal, “Not the first time and probably not the last.”

“So what exactly did we do in this dream of yours?” Theo asked, leaning back down to kiss my neck.

It took me a couple of minutes to form a coherent sentence, “Sadly not much. Seeing as someone woke me up and just when it was starting to get good.”

He laughed and pulled back to look at me, “How about I make it up to you by really giving you something to dream about.”

“Sure you can do that?”, I ask, with a playfull smile.

“Don’t you worry about it.”, He said, crushing his lips to mine once again.

You glanced at the clock again, checking it against the time on your phone. Was it really possible that every other student was late? It was fifteen minutes past. Sixteen. What the hell?

Professor Sanchez had his feet resting on his desk, lounging back in his seat and playing with his phone.

“Um… Professor?”


You hesitated and gave the door another pointless look. “Nobody else is here.”

“Observant.” Professor Sanchez sighed and sat up, bringing his sharp focus to you. He nodded to encourage you to come to him and templed his fingers under his chin. “…and?

“And… well, do you know why?” You spoke as you stood and made your way to his desk.

“Pro-proooobably because of that email I sent out about class be-eeuuughh-ing canceled.” He stood. The sleeves to his button-down shirt were rolled up to his elbows. You watched his fingers as he loosened his tie.

You snapped out of it to check your email. An empty inbox stared at you from your phone. “I didn’t get it,” you mutter. When you looked up, he was walking to you.

“Clearly.” He moved close, really close, pressing against your body and caging you in his arms, palms flattening against the desktop. “I never - never sent one to you.”

You willed yourself to stop staring at his throat and smirking lips and god, he was licking those lips, and his leg pushing between your thighs -

“Um,” you managed. He cradled the back of your neck with one large hand, the other smoothing over your ribs and slowly working up until his fingers brushed up against the swell of your breast.

“L-Let’s see how much extra credit you can take, babe,” he murmured.

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I don't know... all the italics give it a perverted vibe... like you're licking your lips while you type it. I've read A LOT of Keebler elf erotifiction (by accident) and your post is one of the best I've seen

this ask aged me 30 years but only like my internal organs

Sexualities visit the Therapist
  • Asexual~
  • Therapist: Hello, I'll be your therapist. So it says here you molest anything that starts with the letter-
  • Asexual: *Seductively licks an apple*
  • Therapist:
  • Asexual: *winks at a passing ant*
  • ~~~~~
  • Bisexual~
  • Therapist: So tell me, how many siblings do you have?
  • Bisexual: I can't say it.
  • Therapist: Uh, well I'll guess. One? Two?
  • Bisexual: Oh! Mm! say it again.
  • Therapist: ...Two?
  • Bisexual: AH AH! Mmm yes!
  • ~~~~~
  • Gay~
  • Therapist: Hello! How are you today?
  • Gay: *seductive voice* well you seem happy.
  • Therapist: Um, I guess I am.
  • Gay: I bet. *licks lips* Be happy. Happiness is so... Hot.
  • Therapist:
  • ~~~~~
  • Pansexual~
  • Therapist: Hi there! My name is Amy, I'll be your-
  • Pansexual: Is that what I think it is?
  • Therapist: *turns around* You mean the pot?
  • Pansexual: UGH don't say it, what a turn off.
  • Therapist: Um, then I won't... So it seems you've been involved in multiple sexual activities with... Pans...
  • Pansexual: Oh yeah. Sexy as hell, the best. I hate pots, though. Can't stand 'em.
  • Therapist: ...
  • Therapist: I
  • Pansexual: *glares at pot*
  • Therapist:
  • Therapist: I QUIT.
SVT reaction to their s/o being really horny but don't saying nothing because she's shy

Vocal Unit | Hip Hop Unit | Perfomance Unit 

Jeonghan: He’s a tease. Just as soon as he notices you changing your posture, how you move on your place and how your teeth rolls your bottom between them, he’ll start pocking on your sides, making you jump on your spot.

He’ll have a grin on his face when you finally look at his face, his tongue licking his lower lip as he leans closer to you.

“It’s okay, jagi, just tell me what you want?

Joshua: When he realizes what is bothering you he would feel shy too and a littlw sad. He wants you to be totally comfortable with him and say what’s on your mind instead of sitting there and trying to act like nothing’s happening.

He’ll come closer and grab your hand with a little amile on his face not sure if he should simply ask or wait until you can say it.

“Don’t be shy, please? Tell me what you’re thinking”

Woozi: He won’t know what to do. Probably he would be just like you about saying something, but at least he doesn’t try to hide it so you can understand him.

He’ll watch your reactions as he comes closer, how you shake when he puts his arms around you and place a kiss on your shoulder.

“Is it that hard to tell me, y/n?”

Seokmin: He’ll know something’s on your mind, but won’t realize the red on your cheeks on how you were moving your thighs together until he has his arms around your body.

He’ll feel a little shy too but he’ll smile at you, holding you close to him, letting his hands go up and down on your back.

“You don’t have to be shy with me, jagi”

Seungkwan: He’ll smile when your eyes meet his. He noticed how you were checking him out as you bite your lip.

He wants to help you to say something for yourself but doesn’t want you to hold yourself anymore and will end up asking you straight what you want.

“There’s no need to hold it that much, jagi, just tell me”

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I have a fic request! I noticed after Ending B 9S gets really protective of 2B and tries to stand in front of her a few times during the assault mission. When you go in his room during the credits, he talks in a gentle voice, while showering 2B with power up items, money, and tells her to be careful. So, I have this headcanon that they had sex after Ending B and that's why he was acting like that toward her. Would you be willing to write another lewd fanfic of these two again? Thank you!


(Once again, I’m doing the dirty and this time I’m like, fuck it, I’m sin mother and this ship is mine to steer. No real attention was put on the “how” in this one, however. Androids have genitals now; deal with it.)

-Tumblr formatting legend: * = italics -

Her gloved fingers brushed along the side of his face, judging the reality of his existence by this simple set of light movements of leather against artificial skin. Her knuckles curled as they ran over his cheek, a finger tracing his chin and, after a moment of slight hesitation, following the shape of his lips. His shaking breath parted the plump skin, his cheeks lightly dusted with blush pink.

She realized that this moment was something he didn’t expect and wasn’t something she had planned. It was born of a spontaneous desire to assure that it really was him and not another formatted version she needed to learn to love again.

“2…B?” He finally ventured when her fingers finally came to rest against the shell of his neck. She looked down but only saw the blackness of his visor, not the deep, dark blue eyes his model type was equipped with. His voice caught, embarrassed.

“Yes?” She prodded. 9S adverted his gaze even though he couldn’t see her eyes behind her visor. She raised an eyebrow, inviting him to voice his thoughts.

“…I…um,” he took her hand in his own. He gripped her smaller, delicate yet deadly fist in his own as if debating allowing her to fight this internal war with him.

N-not now.*

“Thanks.” He gave her a soft smile, a smile she could could see past with no assistance.

She wasn’t going to push him, not now anyways. This wasn’t the time, time that was running short. At any moment, Command would give an order that would possibly divide them and she would never get this opportunity again.

So she ignored it and gently separated their hands, moving hers to press against his chest before leaning forward and bringing their lips together. The cool and firm skin yielded against hers, warm breath mixing as they each tested the boundaries of what they could do behind the closed door of the room the Resistance had given them. She felt the steady hum of his systems underneath her palms, growing in confidence with each beat before tugging that the buttons of his coat. 9S froze and swallowed, unsure of how he should react or use his hands as they rested uselessly at his sides.

He didn’t have to wait for long before his chest was exposed to her hands, which tugged urgently at his skintight undershirt. Her tongue pushed against his lips, looking for any sign of entry into his mouth as one hand slid up his back and entwined itself in his hair, nails pressing on his scalp.

She felt her pulse rate spike as they gave into the simpleminded desire coursing through their systems, blood pounding in her ears. A combat model, she shouldn’t feel this nervousness. Yes, she was bold and confident but that was in a situation where breaking the other person was perfectly acceptable and the desired goal. 9S wasn’t a person she wanted to hurt, even accidentally.

Gently, she pushed against him, causing him to rest on the bed, her palms on either side of his head. Their lips had came unglued during the transit; 2B panted, a small trail of saliva of unsure origin slicking the skin as she stared down at him. His cheeks and ears had become a shade of red that could only be described as “adorable”, his mouth just as lewdly askew as hers.

She stared down at him, attempting to gage his reaction to what had transpired before. Everything about him urged her on, begging her to keep going, including the obvious stiffness in his pants that was growing harder as movement aroused them both.

Still…she reached behind his head and undid the knot of his visor, pulling the obscuring black fabric from his eyes while doing the same to herself. His eyes, despite being artificial optics with wires and no soul behind them, were the most expressive part of him. One look into them told her everything and sealed the consent she needed.

Granted, she doubted that what she saw behind the thick veil of lust and desire was that look in his eyes she knew and feared. It was that look that was always followed by a swift betrayal in the form of a sword through his chest. He knew something and he wanted to tell her, but he was still searching for the right time and that wasn’t now, thank the God she still believed had abandoned her.

His coat and undershirt were urgently pulled off to silence her own thoughts on that terrifying subject. He couldn’t speak those words if his mouth was occupied with hers, his hands flush against her backside.

She could feel her own body heat rising, the fabric of her undergarments and clothes becoming too tight and heavy for her to bear. It felt similar to a buildup of reactor heat before the inevitable self destruction, her neither regions throbbing with sweltering, wet need.

“9S.” She separated their lips to gaze into his eyes again. He took the hint surprisingly well, but she didn’t doubt the label of “high end” attached to his model type. His logic systems worked far and above hers, able to solve these kind complexities when his own sheepishness finally died. He undid the near invisible buttons right at the side of her chest, the black fabric of her shirt coming loose before falling from her shoulders and arms and onto the ground. His thumbs trailed over her bare skin, tugging at the edges of her leotard to get to more of that smooth flesh he just wanted to feel*.

He visibly twitched when he felt her palm slide along his crotch, fingers grazing his member. One dragged against the damp tip, playing with him mercilessly as he panted uselessly against her mouth. “Ah…a…2B.” She cupped her hand around his length, the leather of her glove smooth and molding to his skin.

They moved against each other, losing clothing and inhibition. Underneath all the layers was bare skin, soft, peachy and a layer of untouched sensitivity. Other loosely regulated YoRHa members spoke in not-so-hushed tones about doing this very selfsame thing all the time around the Bunker, but 9S himself had never been privy to the practice. The way 2B moved for them though, her hands firmly planted on either side of his head and hips hovering above his crotch, broadcasted experience he couldn’t match. A tiny, jealous part of him wondered who else had the undeniable honor of witnessing her lewd and bare, the part also wondering what happened to them. He hadn’t even been inside her and he knew she felt as breathtaking as she looked when her eyes were low and her cheeks red with the effort of restrained sounds.

Keeping the theme of control firmly in her hands, she lowered herself onto him, hissing as she twisted the sheet in her fingers. His systems flushed with heat, his back arching at the sudden but welcome feeling that rushed through his nervous systems.

Who could possibly give this feeling up? After a moment, her hips began to rock against his before they became full thrusts, rapid exhales leaving their mouths in synchronized shallow breaths of air. What kind of idiot would let her go?

She had done this before. With him. Of course, he doesn’t remember, but she knows where he’s weak, the spots he didn’t like to be touched and the way he moved.

He hadn’t changed. They hadn’t wiped him away…and for that, she’s glad. It’s a small consolation prize for the suffering she will soon bring down onto him, pleasure before pain.

She wondered if it was worth it.

Inside, she was capable of burning him alive, smothering him in the greatest way possible with crushing, dominating force. Her slick muscles held him firm, wet, hot and…shit, he’s burning and his blood is boiling in his veins.*

He pushed against the bed, going against her weight to sit up with her in his lap, her head on his shoulder. She followed his lead, wrapping her legs around his back, tightly holding him flush to her. Fuck, it felt too good.* Her head throbbed, processors firing in overdrive as it all began to dull into one feeling of never wanting to stop*. If she didn’t stop…if they never stopped…

“Ngh…ah…ah.” His tongue fought a losing but heated battle with hers, warm saliva trailing down her lips. 9S moaned as she curved her back to allow for deeper penetration and closer contact between them. N-no way he was going to live through this. The way she rode him so desperately, so hungry for him and…well shit she was heavier than him and she wasn’t being gentle. If he broke his new body though, it was a hell of a way to go.

*Man, 21O is gonna be pissed…“how did you break your body again?” “I got fucked by a combat android and I learned that being on the bottom is dangerous to my health yet really awesome.”*

No way in hell he was going to tell anyone about this.

“Don't…don't…” She licked her lips and gasped for words. “Stop…thinking.”

*Just do me one favor please*, she wanted to beg. *Don’t do this to me again.*

Her nails dug into his skin, trails of red left in her wake. The pain was nothing compared to the all consuming pleasure, a mere inconvenience in the face of something he needed if he was going to be strong and…was he really going to tell her? He trusted her with his life, but his own mind was in shambles with what he had learned from digging where he had no right. Was he really going to doom her to the same fate? Was that fair?

“Stop thinking,” that’s what she had demanded.

Losing himself in her, in the feelings she drew out of him, was far better than the truth.

They had been called back to the Bunker and separated by circumstance, preparing the mission that would hopefully end the war. Adam and Eve had been destroyed, leaving the machine network venerable.

This was their chance, and yet *their chance had past. She came to his room one last time, the air heavy with knowledge and tension. His skin still smelled of her, his chest marked by thin cuts. It was fresh, the feeling still raw in his mind.

What could he say…? He was pathetic when it came to her. All he could do was give her a gift and words heavy with barely repressed affection and love.

Maybe…maybe when this fight was over, they could run from YoRHa no matter the outcome. They could escape together, become rouges and relocate where Command could never find them. He could research machines and she could fish and…and…

Was it…selfish? Was this what she wanted? Did she still want war or did she want the same peace he did? Was he only doing this for himself?

He had no time to answer. The mission came first.

Her hand lingered on his shoulder, as if she wanted to say something else, do something else, but nothing came to her.

“…Be careful, 9S.”

There it was, the frigid love he so hated. He wanted more warmth, more heat, more of the genuine person she was, not the soldier façade she put up.

“You too…2B.”

He would tell her. No matter the outcome, she deserved the truth.

Your Body Next To Mine

for @racheltuckerrr because she wanted some fluff.

Your Body Next To Mine

Kara hadn’t seen her former boss in couple of days. Well, technically, Cat was still her boss but she was under Snapper’s reign now. Even though she wasn’t Cat’s assistant anymore, she still visited the other woman. In fact, they had started weekly lunch dates. At first Cat claimed it was to see how she was holding up with the new position and to rant about the assistants that weren’t Kara but eventually it became something more. Cat would visit Kara in the office she was sure Snapper didn’t know about and Kara would bring Cat lunch and sit with her while they ate and caught up. They didn’t realize it at first but they had started a routine. Eventually, Cat visited Kara every morning and brought her coffee while Kara came by Cat’s office to bring them lunch. They had become close friends and Kara was happy. Sometimes Kara wondered if there was something more between them. She couldn’t admit it but somewhere along the way, she had started to develop feelings for her former boss. Sometimes, she felt that maybe, they might be reciprocated but then she realized she was most likely projecting her feelings onto the other woman.

Kara walked through the now empty building. It was Friday evening, everyone had gone home. Well almost everyone. While the majority of the time, they ate together, there were days like today where they both became swamped with work and missed their lunch dates. Usually, those were the days they stayed late anyways so they decided to make it dinner dates when that happened instead. Kara used the word date just as Cat always did, in a completely platonic way of course.

“You’re staring.” Cat called out to her visitor. “Why?”

“Because you’re struggling.” She said as she stepped into the office. “Let me help.”

“Since when do you talk back?” She questioned, a smile threatening to form on her face.

“I don’t know Cat, maybe since someone repeatedly scolded me for being too nice.” She smirked as she walked towards the other woman.

Cat shook her head, letting her weight lean against the desk as she welcomed the younger woman. “You know, I would’ve never promoted you if I had known that this is who you’d turn out to be.”

Kara smirked. “Yes, you would have.”

Cat rolled her eyes. “What are you still doing here? Everyone’s gone home already.”

“You’re still here.” She pointed a finger in Cat’s direction. “And don’t tell me that you don’t count because you’re the boss. You forget that I know you. Besides, I haven’t seen you today.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t make it any less true.” She stated as her hand went to the back of her dress. “Yeah, I figured Snapper’s got you chasing down stories.”

“More like useless nothings.” Kara muttered.

Cat sighed, struggling to fix her dress. “It’s good, it means that you’re starting to gain his respect. Besides, everyone’s got to start somewhere.”

“All right, that’s enough.” Kara mentioned for her to turn around. “Here, let me help.”

Cat shook her head, smiling at the assertiveness of the younger woman. “Thanks, the zipper’s been stuck all day and I can’t seem to loosen it.”

“Why you where these impossible things is a mystery to me.” Kara teased, letting a small sigh escape her lips.

As soon as Kara’s hands touched Cat’s neck, she knew that she was screwed. She wasn’t an idiot, she knew that they had chemistry. There was a certain flirtation, a back and forth they always shared. But lately, it was more prominent. She wasn’t sure if it was because of Kara’s new found assertiveness or maybe because Kara wasn’t her assistant anymore but the electricity around they seemed to crackle  when they were alone together.

Kara tried to ignore it, she really did. The fire that seemed to ignite in her stomach when she was near Cat had ignited and Kara knew, she knew that she shouldn’t give in to it but she wanted to. Oh, boy how she wanted to. The smell of Cat’s perfume was intoxicating and getting closer to her wasn’t helping.

Each step Kara took towards her seemed to echo. Cat wondered if the other woman could hear the thumping of her heartbeat because she could hear it. The blood seemed to be rushing in her ears and Kara wasn’t even touching her yet. Kara placed a hand delicately on her shoulder and her skin felt as if it was on fire.

Kara took a deep breath, trying to steady her shaky hands. It was stupid, it was a zipper. Cat had asked her to fix her zipper. So then why could she feel her heart pumping faster?

Kara stepped right behind the older blonde and Cat could feel the warmth breath by her ear. “You know, if you would dress less like you were going on a runway everyday then maybe this wouldn’t happen.”

Cat shivered, her whole body was tingling as she tried to continued their banter, her words came out breathlessly. “Hmm, and what dress more like you? I’ll stick to the occasional mishap.”

Cat felt the rumble of Kara’s laugh, the vibrations go through her. “Come on Cat, I don’t dress that bad.”

“Fine, I’ll admit. Your wardrobe’s gotten a little better. But only minutely.” Kara’s other hand reached up toward Cat’s smooth skin by her neck and gently pushes the other woman’s soft hair out of the way.

“Don’t want your hair to get caught.” She murmurs, her eyes transfixed on the other woman’s body.

Kara’s hand on her neck elicited a small gasp from Cat and she knows the other woman heard her. A couple of seconds later Kara pulled on the zipper, and slid it down gently. Kara tried not to dwell on the fact that she could see Cat’s lacy black bra peaking out from the now partly unzipped dress.

Cat felt Kara’s hand push the zipper down, antagonizing slow and she swallowed before clearing her throat. “Thanks,”

Kara stayed there’s frozen for a moment, before slowly bringing her hands to the top of Cat’s shoulders, leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever Kara touched. Suddenly, it became too much. The tension surrounding them became thicker, the spark between them igniting further and further, until the inevitable happened. It caught fire. Kara’s felt hands slid down to Cat’s waist and heard her breathing hitch.

“Cat.” She whispered, sucking lightly on the sensitive skin just below her ear.

That set Cat over the edge and she spun around to face the other woman. The moment their eyes met, she felt the heat from Kara’s smouldering eyes. It was as if they were burning through her. She leaned into the other woman, their lips barely touching. She could feel Kara’s warm breath on her.

“Cat?” The desire coating the other woman’s voice became too much for Cat and she closed the distance between them.

She laced her fingers around Kara’s neck and pulled her towards her. She kissed her, hard and it only took a moment before the other blonde responded. Kara’s lips were soft and inviting and a sense of warmth filed her entire body. Passion and desire burned within the kiss. She heard Kara moan and she took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Her tongue grazed the roof of the other blonde’s mouth and a low throaty growl escaped from her as arms grabbed her ass. She ran her fingers through Kara’s hair, letting it come loose from the ponytail. Their lips unlocked and before she could take a breath, Kara was sucking on the base of her neck. She withered and Kara sucked harder. There was sure to be a hickey in the morning but in that moment, she didn’t care. She brought her lips back to the younger woman’s lips but not before leaving a trail of open mouth kisses along the length of her neck. The fact that Kara was murmuring incomprehensible things her ear with a gravelly voice that she had never heard before made her about to burst with need.

Cat’s mouth tasted like bitter wine and possibilities. Cat’s hands roamed her body urgently and she trailed scorching open mouth kisses down the side of her neck. Cat’s hips rocked against her, unashamed and she involuntarily pressed hers against the other woman harder. She craned her neck, giving more access. She moaned, as she sucked near the base of her neck. Her response was an even louder moan.

And when breathing became a necessity, they pulled apart. Her whole body ached, she craved the other woman more than she thought was ever possible. She was more conscious of Cat than she had ever been of anything or anyone else in her life. When she leaned toward her and brushed her lips across Cat’s, she reached for the other woman as if she would otherwise drown.

They broke apart when air became necessary, their foreheads still touching. “Wow,”

“That was,” Cat exhaled, she felt dizzy as if the world was spinning. “Wow.”

She heard a chuckle come from the other blonde and stared. “What’s so funny.”

Kara smirked, a sultry laugh escaping her lips. “Are you speechless? Have I made the infamous Cat Grant speechless?”

“Shut up.” She smiled, smacking Kara on the shoulder.

“Make me.” Kara bit her lip and Cat felt herself shiver.

“Carter’s going to his fathers for the weekend.” She let the hand on Kara’s chest wander. “Meet me at my place in a couple of hours.”

She licked her lips. “Mhm I don’t know, I might need some convincing. I did have planning for tonight.”

“Oh, I have plans for you.” She let her hand dip into the younger woman’s shirt. “They involve you screaming my name until your voice becomes hoarse.”              

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Alpha!Chase pinning you against a wall, slowly lifting you up so that your hips meet his. "Have you been teasing me by humping my pillow again?" "Maybe-" "Don't test me!" "Yes Alpha" Chase licking his lips and letting out a small huff of air. "Your scent is intoxicating as it is, but you've been making me smell your sex for 4 weeks now. I think it's time I put you in your place" you can feel his magic discarding you of your panties. "I'm going to fuck you hard and fast against this wall"

Oh I like Alpha!Chase

Sinful Sunday™


“I love strawberries.”

Jonah decided to take you on a little date but he didn’t tell you where he was taking you. He just said that it would be “sweet” and that you’d like it. Jonah drove you to a cute little shop that was very colorful and the smell of sweet candy hit you. He had taken you to a candy shop.

“Bet you didn’t except this.” He smiled at you. He looked so happy to be there with you. His eyes sparkled when you both walked into the store. 

“Get whatever you want baby. I’m paying!” He said to you as he walked towards the M&M section. You walked around the entire store once so you could get an idea of what you wanted. You decided to get some sour strips and gummy rings. You were so distracted by the candy that you didn’t notice Jonah  behind you until he cleared his throat. He turned you around and grabbed your free hand and before you could say anything he was down on one knee. He pulled out a strawberry ring pop and said,

“Baby you’re ass is as sweet as strawberry. Will you do me the honor in marrying me?” He laughed while he said this so you could take the hit that he was joking.You pretended to be shocked and said,

“The famous Jonah Marais is asking me to marry him!? Oh whatever shall I do!” He laughed, rolled his eyes and said,

“Come on baby, just say yes.”

“Yes, Of course!” You giggled while he put the ring on your finger and you gave him a sweet kiss that tasted like strawberries. 

“Mmm” he said while he licked his lips. “I love strawberries.”

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Hey you amazing writer! Do you accept very short fics requests? Could you write a story how awkwardly teenage Fingon and Maedhros were crushing on each other back in Tirion? Their lame & cringey attempts at flirting? First teenage kiss? xxx

It had been easy once, Fingon remembered. He and Maedhros had spent hours together, laughing and talking of everything and nothing at all. But now their easy camaraderie was given over to strained silences, to awkward throat clearings and shuffling feet.

Strife would come between them in the end, pain and betrayal and a thousand miles of ice and war-torn kingdoms. But what lay between them now was something far more insidious and far less surmountable:


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Mare leans down, brushing a kiss over the crown of your head. He drags his lips down slowly to press feather-light kisses over your eyes, cheeks, the tip of your nose. Finally he pulls you in by the waist, one hand firm on the small of your back, the other tangled in your hair as the smell of smoke lingers around you. He claims your lips in a slow and passionate kiss, tasting you thoroughly. He pulls back smirking, licking his lips. "Don't know what you've been drinking babe, but I want more..."

(Ooooooo. My. Gods. That just ruined me on so many levels?!!!! *goes to hide in a hole with my bright red face*)

Don't Talk - Kris Wu/Yifan Smut

Again no one asked but here it is anyway. Whoops.


“Do you ever shut up?!” His voice was painfully loud.

“Kris-” you started, ready feeling the tears welling up.

“No, don’t fucking talk! I’m tired of hearing your voice! I’m tried of you constantly worrying about me! I’m tired of us! I’m tired of YOU!”

The room went silent. Neither of you ever breathed but you could see the remorse immediately in his eyes.

Licking his lips, he spoke, “Baby…”

“No. You said what you needed. I’m just…going to go to bed…You can let yourself out.”

You reached your bedroom and crawled into bed, curling up and crying into the comforter until you finally cried yourself to sleep.

You were woken by soft kisses against your face, scowling opening your eyes you could see Kris hovering above you, illuminated by the lights from the city outside. You could see his eyes were a little wet.


“Let me talk. I didn’t mean it. I love you, it’s just…everything that’s happening I’m just so overwhelmed and I didn’t know whee to direct it…I took it out on you and I’m sorry. It’s not an excuse. I’m so sorry, baby, please don’t leave me…please don’t cry…I’m sorry-”

You cut him off with a soft kiss to his lips. He smiled, deepening the kiss as his hands roamed up the sides of your body. Your hands slid up his t-shirt and tenderly scraped your nails against his soft skin granting a hiss from him.

It didn’t take long until your clothes were gone, your legs pinned down as Kris’s hard cock pounded into you. Every so often your lips would meet in a fiery kiss. His hand cupped your breast as his teeth sunk into your neck.

“So beautiful baby, fuck. You’re perfect…I love you…” He panted, grinding against you.

“Ah, Kris…fuck, more!”

“Yeah? More baby?” He growled, suddenly he reached down harshly pressing his fingers to your clit. “That’s it baby, squeeze my cock. You gonna cum? Hm?”

“Ah, yes! Cumming! Cumming!” Your nails dug into the smooth skin of his back, marring up the once flawless skin.

As you came, you could hear his whispering dirty things to you as he came with you. As he came down, he continued to rub you as you continued to cum hard.

“Mmm fuck baby, always cumming so good for me…”

Finally you fell limp against the bed. He gently ran his hand through your hair.

“I really am sorry baby.”

You hugged him, whispering “Just go to sleep, goofball.”


And that’s a wrap!

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"Baby, that's not nearly enough chalk, and your hands need to be spaced out more," Lance said, gathering chalk on his hands and coating more onto your palms. "Why don't you show me where my hands go?" You ask, roaming your hand down to cup him, leaving a trail of white. "You're almost there, Babe." He slaps your ass roughly, the white powder on his hand leaving an imprint on your skin, excess releasing in a cloud of chalk. Your hand slips down the front of his briefs more teasingly (1/2)

(2/2) You traced your finger tips over his tattoo before you slowly worked your way down. “You mean here?” He nodded, tongue darting out to lick his pink lips. You’d bring your hand up, tugging him close by a grip on his polo, “maybe you can show me what to do, coach.” The gym closed early and you were both covered in chalky hand marks all over your bodies.

I imagine one of the gymnasts coming in after  and when you both make it out of the office, theyres a massive hand print of chalk on your boob and one on Lance’s pants haha - Gen

Sinful Sunday™

revalya  asked:

.../*awkward cough*/ So it's a bit longer, but what if MC wore a cheetah printed dress and Vanderwood kind of mocked her that she's "trying" to look like an adult woman while she's just a smol kiddo... And she suddenly does something sexy like licking over her lips while giving him a sassy response~? (What am I even asking for) (it's not nsfw it's only adult-ish right) (please take your time;;;;;) (don't eat me Skittles)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This is gonna be fun (I apologize in advance cause I’m like 3 and don’t know how to adult, so yeah, just warning you cause it’s gonna be cringeworthy)
(Edit as I’m writing this; from my amazing knowledge of Korean culture (aka, stuff I’ve learned from watching KPOP interviews), my brain hatched an amazing idea that’ll probably be less cringeworthy. Thank God for my love of KPOP, I’ve never been more grateful for it.)

•Le Vandermaid decided to take you out on an actual date for once.

•I say for once cause you two barley ever go outside. He blames Saeyoung for ‘rubbing off his unhealthy habits onto him’

•To surprise Vandy, you decided to put on a cheetah print dress (a short one, may I add.)

•The reaction you got from Vanderwood was not the one you wanted….

•"Why the heck are you wearing that?!? You’re too young to wear that!?“

•You just gave him a ‘you got to be kidding me’ look.

•"Vandy, I’m 20, not 2!” “Same thing.”


•You huffed and crossed your arms, but then an amazing idea came to your mind.

•You smirked and started walking towards Vanderwood, swaying your hips slightly.

•You put your arms around his neck and pouted slightly.

•"Oppa~.“ You whined slightly.

•Vanderwood froze up slightly, but quickly put back on his ‘mess with me and you’re dead’ face.

•You bit your lip slightly. “Oppa~, why don’t you like me dress~? I picked it out especially for you~!”

•Vanderwood blushed and look to the side.

•You smirked in triumph.

•"Oppa~. Why don’t you think I’m pretty~?“

•Vanderwood is now currently Vandertomato (bad pun, I’m sorry.)

•"Oppa-” Vanderwood cut you off by kissing you. Quite roughly, may I add.

•He quickly pulled away and started speed-walking out the door.

•"I hate you.“ “I love you, too…..”

•"….Oppa.“ "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”

(For those who don’t know, “Oppa” is usually what females call older males that they are close with. Typically it’s used on a brother figure, but some people do use it ina romantic way, as well.)

(Whoops, I just realized that this isn’t exactly what you asked for. Sorry, I couldn’t really think of anything as my brain lacks in the 'adult’ area, but I hope you like it anyway.(seriously though, I’m sorry, I kinda went blank on this and the only thing that saved me was KPOP videos.)