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Is it just me or did everyone learn to play the recorder in school? Why did we do that? Is there a career in being a professional recorder player? And of all instruments why make the recorder the universal constant????

Hockey Coach

Requested: could you do one where you are the ice hockey coach of aaliyah and at one parctise you meet shawn?



You’ve loved hockey for as long as you can remember. Now that you’re eighteen and attending university, you aren’t playing in a league like you used to, but you couldn’t walk away from hockey completely. That’s why you found yourself volunteering to coach a thirteen and under girls team. The girls are all sweethearts, although some days are more difficult than others. Coaching girls has taught you so much, even though you were their age only five years ago, you feel like you’re so different now, but they definitely remind you of yourself at that age. Thirteen is a hard age so you have to definitely be sensitive when you’re dealing with them.

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I Hate You

Requested by anonymous: heyy can you do one where y/n a new exchange student on shawn’s street and they don’t like each other at first then something happens and they start dating? 


Week 1

You and your family had recently moved to Pickering for your dad’s job. Of course, you were bitter as you had to leave behind all of your friends in a different country and honestly, the relationship between your dad and you was extremely rocky.

There was nothing you could’ve done to stop the move anyway, so your parents told you to stop acting like a brat and accept it. You were currently setting up your desk, pictures of your friends scattered on a cork board right above it.

Just the mere thought about having to start over in a new country, at a new school, and make new friends made your heart speed up and your stomach sink.

“Y/N, mom and dad need you to take me to the hockey try outs!” Your younger brother Ethan yelled behind your closed door.

You rolled your eyes, running your fingers against your scalp. You were definitely not in the mood to take anyone anywhere. Plus, how were you supposed to get there? You’ve only been in Pickering for three days, you had no idea where anything was.

“Please, Y/N!” Ethan screamed louder, making you let out an annoyed sound. You swung your door open aggressively and walked right past Ethan, down the stairs and into the kitchen where your parents were seated at the table.

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Kuromyu Vincent

I planned to write this post like 300 years ago but I somehow forgot about it until now lol

So Vincent’s debut in Kuromyu was in Lycoris 2014 where he looked like this:

And his debut turned out to be a bit controversial, as Editor Kuma recalled in a tweet, when fans sent messages complaining how Vincent’s hair looks different from the manga. Here, Vincent’s voice was also different (probably by someone from the musical cast but he was uncredited).

So in Lycoris 2015, they got Vincent’s anime voice actor Okitsu Kazuyuki to read his lines.
And they also found someone else to play him.

Someone new from the Lyrocis 2015 musical cast.


And in Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus, where Vincent had an even more crucial role to play in the flashbacks, Furukawa Yuta again played Vincent Phantomhive(’s silhouette) while taking on the lead role as Sebastian Michaelis. Do check him out when the DVD comes out in April.

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HIIII!! Really love ur blog! I need your help! I wanna cosplay Yurio during the "Allegro appassionato in b minor" exhibition, but I don't find a decent picture. Could you plese help me? Thanks in advance *^*

Hello and thank you////// You mean you need screenshots? I can give you some if you want (the final episode had some nice skating scenes to me):

is this enough//////?

I think I learned from a young age I was attracted to toxic things ;
When I was four years old my favorite place was my grandmas country house, I loved the way the trees seemed to stretch on forever and the stars covered the entirety of the horizon; however the trip there made me sick - yet I loved it all the same.
11 years later and I’m staring into a pair of blue green eyes and I see the same stars I did back then. And just the same he made me heartsick -yet I loved him all the same
—  this time my stars are falling (a.j.)
What I believe

I feel like I’ve been too negative lately. And I think there’s a shortage of liberals clearly saying what they want and believe.

So here’s my manifesto, more or less. The rules for liberalism, as I practice it.

1. The Truth, Above All

If the facts tell you things you don’t want to hear, accept them. If it turns out that liberalism doesn’t work, stop being a liberal.

The truth is the biggest advantage you can ever have in politics over the long term. So don’t lie to yourself or to anyone else.

If you ever find yourself lying for your cause, denying scientific realities or trying to deceive people into supporting you, you’re probably on the wrong side.

2. The Best For Everyone

Every person matters. Don’t write anyone off as morally irrelevant. Foreigners, misfits, vagrants, criminals, political enemies…if you can make their lives better, do so.

This does not mean giving everyone everything they want. Many people want things that will hurt other people. Liberalism demands that you remember that those other people are people, and deserve your protection from the people who want to hurt them.

Remember, we’re all stuck on this world together. 

3. Follow Your Own Rules

Human rights aren’t just for your friends. Laws aren’t just for your enemies.

Liberalism is here to let people of every religion and ideology live together. It’s here to reconcile nearly irreconcilable differences. For this to work at all, you need to obey your own rules even when they’re inconvenient.

Your enemies won’t always do the same for you in return, so make sure your rules aren’t crippling. But follow them. Every person who respects a rule strengthens it.

If you lose an election, and you have at your disposal enough power to overturn the result by force…don’t. Doing so will almost certainly make things worse.

4. Be Pragmatic

Compromises are not to be feared. They’re the way of the world.

Think capitalism is evil? Think taxation is theft? Fair enough. Liberals don’t have to be capitalist or statist. But they do have to respect the limitations of reality.

You do not have the strength to destroy everyone who disagrees with you. You need to be willing to negotiate with your enemies. Sometimes a mutually-acceptable compromise is impossible, sometimes violence is necessary, but always try for a nonviolent solution.

If you have radical ideas, by all means push for them. But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and be very reluctant to kill people. Remember that the future is uncertain, and nothing ever works smoothly on a grand scale.

5. When In Doubt, Be Kind

We all make mistakes. But if you’re humble, considerate, and slow to anger, you’ll screw up less and hurt people less when you do.

Don’t be a doormat. But do be kind, even to your enemies. Give the benefit of the doubt, don’t condemn people casually, and don’t indulge in cruelty.

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We are reading Romeo and Juliet in class, and although I'm enjoying it so far, I cannot help thinking that Romeo only fell in love with Juliet's beauty because he said something like 'did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight. I never saw real beauty till this night' and then Friar Laurence goes on saying that young men love with the eyes and not with the heart...

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Shakespeare! That makes me happy.

You mean to suggest that Romeo’s love might be relatively superficial because it’s based on Juliet’s looks rather than her personality? Well, it’s important not to underestimate the place that initial physical attraction plays in love; even a love that ultimately goes beyond that… But you’re right to pick up on it. It’s quite a crucial point.

One significant thing is that Romeo uses the word ‘beauty’ to refer to Rosaline far more than he does for Juliet. He always talks about Rosaline in formulaic and hackneyed ways. But Romeo only talks about Juliet in terms of beauty when he first sees her and when he says her ‘beauty hath made me effeminate’ (3.1.114) in the lead-up to his fight with Tybalt, when he chooses to subscribe to the toxic masculinity of his society and talks in a very clichéd way. After that, he only talks about Juliet’s beauty during his monologue in the Capulet crypt, where, given that she’s dead (as far as he knows), that’s the only thing left about her.

But believe it or not, there’s also a very complex question about early modern theories of cognition involved in the idea of perceiving others.

This is because in the early modern period there was a much closer connection between the physical and the mental. For them, in the right circumstances, it was theoretically possible for one to ‘see’ the soul of another person, to gain an understanding of one’s inner virtue and beauty (or the opposite) just by looking at the person. For this reason, vision was considered the most reliable of the senses. Still, it requires a little more than sight to achieve understanding. To put it very simply, they believed that in an ideal situation, the perception of physical objects was converted into mental images by the faculty of imagination, which then allowed the rational faculties to comprehend and judge what was being seen. In other words, the physical gets converted into the spiritual, and this then becomes knowledge and understanding in the memory. But in a less ideal situation, say when one’s emotions are unregulated, one is unhealthy, or one is drunk, this process fails to occur, and the perceptions goes straight to the passions, causing irrational and animalistic action.

One way of understanding Romeo’s ‘Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight, / For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night’ (1.4.165-6) is that what he thought of as love until this moment was not love from the ‘heart’ (remember rationality was not necessarily ascribed to the brains in those days). Romeo recognises that what he understood before was merely based on the eyes, the basic perception of physicality, and not true understanding. This is probably the reason why he makes the distinction between ‘beauty’ and ‘true beauty’. After all, beauty can refer to more than one’s looks; one can have a beautiful soul, and his suggestion is that he has seen past physical beauty into true beauty.

This actually fits in very well with what Friar Lawrence says, because when he says ‘Young men’s love then lies / Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes’ (2.2.66-7), he’s talking about Rosaline: ‘Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear, / So soon forsaken?’ (2.2.65-6). He’s repeating what Romeo has suggested in saying that it’s clear now that his previous love was based on the eyes and not in the heart. The Friar isn’t saying that what Romeo is now experiencing is the same thing, or that visual attraction is the only way one can love, hence the Friar’s qualification that he is speaking about ‘young men’s love’, which he calls ‘doting, not loving’ (2.2.82). He’s just saying that there is a difference between loving with the eyes and loving with the heart, and that Romeo’s love for Rosaline was evidently the former. It’s not clear whether Friar Lawrence accepts this new love of Romeo’s as being the real thing immediately; he goes along with it because he sees the good it could lead to. But then Friar Lawrence shouldn’t be taken for the wise arbiter of truth in the play… nobody can fulfil that function. What’s clear is that Romeo sees a clear difference between his two experiences of love, and that his attitude and actions when in love with Juliet are completely different to his ways when he was ‘doting’ on Rosaline.

So you see that falling in love with beauty is not necessarily simple or shallow. There are subtle distinctions being made all over the place.

Imagine bestfriend!Woozi making sure to spend more time with you because he knows that you’ve been feeling really down lately and is in need of some companionship.

The schism between your brow:
A truth never shared with your mouth.
Deep parting of the religion you claim
And the father you wanted to blame.
Lotions and creams won’t close
That ~ gap.





On your face.
(And it’s not your smile, babe)