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Don’t You Forget About Me (Part One/?)

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Peter Parker x Reader

Part One//Part Two//Part Three

You pushed through the crowd of onlookers, all attempting to get a glance at the newest fight between Flash and one of his victims. With a roll of your eyes you shoved aside the last person. The fight was happening next to your locker and you soon realized why; Flash was beating up your locker-mate, Peter Parker. 

You didn’t know the fellow sophomore well, other than that he had a genius brain. It was good for you to keep it that way; pushing people away was one of the things you were amazing at. So those multiple times he tried to befriend you didn’t mean a thing as you never answered. He probably thought you were mute or just a really angry person all the time considering you glared at everything in sight. You were doing that right now actually as you opened your locker with Flash pushing Peter up against the lockers next to you.

“What you going to do about this, huh Parker? You just going to wimp away like usual?” Flash mocked the shy teen as he held him against the lockers by the straps of his backpack. You were beginning to get annoyed by his incessant talking as you shoved books into your own rugged backpack. Finally you slammed your locker shut, swung your backpack over a shoulder, and glared icily at Flash. Everyone around you became quiet as your voice resonated through the halls.

“Would you shut your trap Flash? If I have to listen to your obnoxious voice for one more minute, I will punch you!” You snapped, turning his attention to you instead of Parker. The senior smirked at you, a fist still raised towards Peter.

“Come on, do it. You don’t have the guts.” He egged, causing your eyes to narrow. With out any warning your fist flew towards his nose. The impact caused Flash to drop Peter and grasp his nose, howling in pain. No teachers were to be seen as you strutted away with irritation coming off of you in waves and the eyes of one particular boy sitting on the ground.

The next day a sea of students parted like the red sea as you walked in the double doors to school. The word about you punching the senior and almost breaking his nose had gotten around fast, and the other students didn’t want your lined eyes and pale knuckles to go their way. As you opened your locker, Peter sidled up next to you with a thankful and bewildered expression.

“That was so cool!” He stuttered out, continuing to spew words so fast that you thought he was speaking a different language. With your books in hand, you slammed your locker shut and turned towards Peter.

“The only reason I punched him was because he’s more annoying than a nat; don’t go thinking I saved your ass or something.” You spat out before swiveling and walking towards your next class that you coincidentally had with the nerd in question.

The bell rang as you walked in the class calmly with Parker clumsily following after. Your teacher gave the two of you a glance before starting to sign partners for the end of year project.

“Parker and Y/L/N, Allen and Johnson…” Of course you were paired up with the blubbering idiot. With a groan you got up and moved over to where Peter was scribbling down mathematical equations on a piece of paper. He seemed flustered when you sat down next to him and slammed your stuff down.

“Parker, looks like we’re writing partners.” You piped up as he stuffed his homework away and cleared his throat nervously. “What are we writing about? Before you say anything, we are not writing about George Washington or any shit like that; I already get enough fun facts about him from my brother.”

“How about h-how NASA is starting a launch project to Mars?” He suggested, pencil in his clammy hand as you pulled out a plain sheet of paper. You shrugged and nodded, leaning back precariously in your seat.

“Sounds cool with me. Anything that will make me sound smart and get us an A.” Peter nodded slowly, surprise bubbling in his eyes. You chuckled and raised a sculpted brow. “What? Just because I look like death you didn’t think I would be a straight A student? Get it together Parker.” You joked. He smiled anxiously and wrote down a few things in his sloppy handwriting. His awkward behavior made you think that he had never talked to a girl before in his whole life. “Have you ever even talked to a girl before Parker? You look flustered.” A huge grin appeared on your lips as he glanced up at you.

“What? Y-Yeah, totally.” He responded with a quiet resonance. “My Aunt M-May.” You burst out laughing, gaining the unwanted attention from a few students and the teacher. Shortly they looked away as your laughter died down and tears were wiped from your eyes.

“You crack me up, nerd.” You giggled, flicking your hair out of your face. Peter tilted his head slightly.

“Um, you’re w-welcome?” The bell rang soon after his reply. You picked up your materials swiftly and left, leaving your number on the scrap of paper he was writing on. There needed to be a way of contact so you guys could work on your project together; this thing did cost half of your grade.

Peter gathered his supplies as well, chest heaving with flutters as he saw your number on the corner. You gave him your number; you, the most mysterious and awesome person in the world (besides Tony Stark) had given him your number. He knew it was just to get into contact for the English assignment, but he still couldn’t help but let the bees ready their stingers in his stomach.

He couldn’t wait to tell Aunt May.

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“Dear Mr. Vernon, 

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.

Does that answer your question? 

Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.”