don't you dare touch me

Royalty Starters
  • "Watch where you're going, peasant!"
  • "Royal? Sure, you're a royal pain in the ass!"
  • "Don't you know who you're talking to?"
  • "Wow, it's uncanny. You really look exactly like the prince/princess."
  • "You're my new servant?"
  • "You know, I could use a new servant."
  • "How dare you touch me!"
  • "I don't think the people like me."
  • "I believe there have been attempts on my life. I'm hiring you to protect me."
  • "What do you mean you're not my real guardsman?"
  • "Peasant life must be so dull!"
  • "I'm sorry, miss priss. I was just trying to save your skin!"
  • "You want me to wear that? It's ghastly!"
  • "Have you ever even left the castle?"
  • "It's lonely being a leader, you know. You're my only real friend."
  • "Father wants me to marry a snobbish nobleman/noblewoman. I won't go through with it!"
  • "That was my favorite ball gown!"
  • "What do you mean you don't own silk clothing?"
  • "How do you people live like this!?"
-|Angst Starters|-
  • "How could you? I loved you."
  • "I hate you. I hate you more than anything!"
  • "Don't! Don't you dare touch me!"
  • "Look at what you've turned me into? Are you happy now?"
  • "You ruined everything. You did this. It's all your fault."
  • "I'm never going to love you."
  • "Forget about everything, act like it never happened, because I never want to see you again."
  • "Congratulations, you really made a fool out of me. For a second there, I really thought we were friends."
  • "After everything I did for you? You're just going to walk away like I never existed?"
  • "I lied about everything, about loving you, about caring. It was all a lie, and you should have known. No one could ever love someone as broken as you."
  • "Someday, I'm going to look back at this moment and laugh. Because you really believed everything I told you."
  • "You didn't really think I cared, did you?"
  • "I'm leaving. Tonight. I'm not coming back."
  • "It wasn't meant to happen, but I don't regret what I did. Even if it hurt you."
  • "You're the one person that I enjoyed tricking the most. Because you really bought it."
  • "I wanted you, every part of you. And now that I have it, I'm bored by it. By you."

excuse me, sir, have you seen sebastian stan anywhere? i thought that boy was on that park bench but instead there’s this deliciously hairy manly heart-attack inducing MAN in his place

  • *before watching an anime*
  • Me: why do people call that character their son. That's so stupid
  • *after watching the anime, reading the manga, searching the whole internet for updates and fanart*

“I would…. I would like to fight… I’d like to fight everybody who wants to… make war on people.”

Victor and Yuuri Skinship / Relationship Progress
  • Episode 1: Victor is naked
  • Episode 2: Victor is still naked + Victor flirting with Yuuri + light carress on Yuuri's face and hand + Yuuri being scared to get close to Victor
  • Episode 3: Still naked + touching Yuuri's lip at close proximity + WHISTLING AT YUURI'S EROS + Yuuri initiating a hug + Victor initiating a hug
  • Episode 4: Still naked + Victuuri naked stretching exercise in the onsen + Yuuri's 'Head Boop' + BEACH SCENE + Yuuri is no longer scared to get close to Victor (naturally close proximity)
  • Episode 5: Victor is finally fully clothed (in a suit) throughout the episode + VICTUURI HUGS EVERYWHERE???? + SUPER CLOSE PROXIMITY LIKE ITS NOTHING???? + "Your lips are chapped" + "Victor is the first person I've ever wanted to hold on to. I don't really have a name for that emotion but I've decided to call it love."
  • Episode 6: Goddamnit Victor why are you stripping in a restaurant + an underwear flew onto Guang-Hong's head wtf Victor + Victuuri's entwined fingers + Yuuri initiating an intense forehead touch + "Don't you DARE take your eyes off me" + "I'm the only one who can satisfy Victor" + "I'm the only one in the entire world who knows Victor's love" + Yuuri Eros Upgrade - ADDED TONGUE TO HIS SHORT PROGRAM + Victuuri casual touches??? Like that hug from behind while watching Chris??? Again, like its nothing???
  • Episode 7: Yuuri and Victor sleeping on the same bed + Victor made Yuuri cry (in a good way) + "STAY CLOSE TO ME!" + *inhales slowly* THEY DID IT. THEY FUCKING KISSED. ON THE LIPS. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. VICTUURI KISS HAPPENED.
  • Episode 8: Victor on his knees - tying Yuuri's skates + Yuuri pulling Victor by the tie + Yuuri seductively whispering to Victor + Yuuri Eros Upgrade - Kissy Face w/ Sound + Victor on his knees (again) - kissing Yuuri's skate + Victuuri went from boyfriends to Proud Parents TM in 0.2 seconds + Yuuri putting Makacchin above his own FS program for Victor's sake
  • Episode 9: Victuuri Hugs (x3) eventhough Victor's screentime is less than 3 minutes + Yurio supporting Yuuri + Yurio smiling at Yuuri + Yurio SHARING with Yuuri for his birthday + Yuuri is hugging everyone + Yuuri's "Until I retire, please be mine!" proposal to which Victor responds by kissing Yuuri's hand and then "I hope you'd never retire" + Makacchin is a-okay
  • Episode 10: Holy fuck Yuuri bought almost 800 euros worth of a pair of golden wedding (engagement) rings + Victuuri exchanging rings at a church + Victuuri being totally flashy about their rings + confirmed wedding if Yuuri wins GPF + Yuuri just found out that he seduced Victor first at last year's banquet party + Yuuri pole dancing with Chris + Yuuri drunkenly challenged Victor to a dance-off + Victuuri interpretative pair dancing + Victuuri smiling and laughing even before they met (sober) + Yuuri dry humped Victor and adorably requested Victor to become his coach + Victor fell in love with Katsuki Yuuri that night at the banquet party last year and Yuuri doesn't remember shit
Britannia's Dinner With Her Entire Family
  • Britannia: wow, I never imagined this diner to be very... Big.
  • England: well, sorry mum, but the family is getting bigger and bigger.
  • Britannia: yeah... I thought I only have 5 kids... But I guess I was wrong...
  • America: dude, so when are we gonna eat? Ima starving!!
  • England: be patient you twat, it's hard enough to gather the whole family here!
  • Scotland: Hong Kong should've cooked...
  • Hong Kong: that's too annoying.
  • North Ireland: why don't we start on the meal then? Could someone please pass me the salt?
  • Sealand: awwww, I wanted to eat ice cream first!
  • Wy: stop being a child and eat your food!
  • Australia: haha, but you're also a child Wy!!
  • Molossia: everyone just fucking shut up and let me eat in fucking peace you fucking pieces of shit!
  • America: whoa, I never knew Molossia swore that much! Oh, hey bro, can you pass me the big meat?
  • Canada: ... Okay-
  • Ireland: Oy, don't eat off my mashed potatoes! Git your own!
  • Wales: but North is hogging all of it.
  • New Zealand: does anyone have a spare napkin? Australia suddenly dumped all the potatoes on his shirt...
  • Australia: it wasn't MY fault! ... Partly the table cloth's fault...
  • Hutt River: here ya go mate.
  • Ireland: you did WHAT to the potatoes?!? You little piece of- *splat* ... WHO FUCKING THREW A PIECE OF HAGGIS ON MY FACE??
  • Scotland: don't you dare look at me, Ire, I didn't even touch the Haggis!
  • America: that was Haggis? I thought it was a piece of dried up extraterrestrial being.
  • Australia: it's the same thing.
  • Scotland: what did you say Aussie?? Take that!
  • Wy: ow! Who threw broccoli at me????
  • Sealand: haha? Now you have to eat vegetables- ow! Who threw that??
  • Molossia: I told you that I want some piece and quiet- OKAY, WHO FUCKING THREW DESSERT AT ME?!?
  • North Ireland: whoops.
  • America: FOOD FIGHT!!!!!
  • England: food what- WAIT!!!
  • Hong Kong: haha, like, got you Wales-
  • Wales: says who? I'll throw some baked beans at ga-
  • New Zealand: whoops, did that miss and hit Hutt River?
  • Hutt River: I see, it doesn't seem that you 'missed', big brother..
  • Molossia: BRING IT ON BITCH!!
  • Sealand: NO, I WILL YOU LOSERS!!!!!
  • England: .... Dear lord.
  • Britannia: oh dear... Well, better join the war. England, honey, be careful of the cupcake being thrown at you- OKAY, WHO MISERABLY FAILED AND THREW THE CUPCAKE AT ME INSTEAD???
  • America: erm... It was... It was... CANADA!
  • Canada: EEEEEHHHHHHH????
  • Britannia: you asked for it, sweetie! BRING ON THE BRAWL!
  • Canada: ... Help.
  • England: ............. Lord help us....... But oh well- OY, WHICH ONE OF YOU BLOODY GITS THREW A WHOLE CHICKEN AT ME???
  • Yupe, the meals would always end with a food fight and swearing:

anonymous asked:

Hello, for the drabbles maybe some ginny and Luna with "Is this even fAIR OH MY GOD STOP" or "don't you even dare touch me". Congrats on graduating from college! I hope life gives you lots of good things on this new part of your life!

Anon prompt: Ginny/Luna, charmed clothing that tickles its wearer (likely sold at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes). Maybe the twins prank Ginny with a charmed scarf or socks, and Luna takes advantage of it.

“Oooh, is that a present?” Luna asked with interest as Ginny collapsed onto the sofa with a large brown parcel in her lap. She leaned against Ginny as her girlfriend stared at the parcel with suspicion.

“It’s… from Fred and George,” Ginny said, holding the innocuous-looking package at an arms-length. “Which means it’s almost definitely something from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.”

Luna shoved gently at her shoulder. “Well, open it already!”

Gingerly, as if she were afraid that it would explode at any moment, Ginny pulled apart the flaps and opened the parcel to reveal a pair of socks. When her expression only turned more mistrustful, Luna couldn’t help but giggle. Ginny flushed.

“You’ve met Fred and George,” she grumbled defensively. “Why would they send me socks?

“To keep your feet warm?” Luna suggested innocently. The soft, fuzzy socks were nearly knee-length, and an offensive shade of pink. “Try them on!”

“There’s something wrong with them,” Ginny insisted. “They’ll probably turn my feet green.”

“Probably,” Luna agreed. “But you won’t know until you try.” She poked at her girlfriend’s bare leg. “Besides, you must be cold right now. It’s the middle of the winter and you don’t have socks on.”

“Fine, but I’ll blame you when this goes to hell,” Ginny said, gingerly pulling on one of the socks. When nothing happened, she put on the other and wiggled her feet experimentally. “They- hmm.” She pulled back the top of one of the socks, revealing a normal-colored leg. “No, they seem fine.”

“See? Maybe your brothers just wanted to give you something nice.”

Ginny frowned. “That doesn’t seem like Fred and George.” She shrugged and settled back against Luna’s shoulder. “They’re usually more-” With a sudden flinch she broke off, biting her lip. “They’re m-more-”

Luna raised an eyebrow as Ginny started giggling. “I- I thihihink I know what the sohohocks are for,” she exclaimed, kicking her feet.

“Let me guess – tickle socks?” Luna gave her girlfriend a bemused smile, looking down at the socks, which seemed markedly more malicious with the way they were subtly vibrating and contracting around Ginny’s legs.

“Ihihit feels lihihike they’re nibbling my tohohohoes!” Ginny cried, curling her feet and reaching down to pull at one of the socks. “Lunahaha, do something!”

“Do something? Of course.” Luna pushed Ginny back onto the sofa, sabotaging her attempts to remove the socks.

“Wahahait, no!” Ginny protested, scrambling back on the sofa until she hit the armrest. “Don’t you even dare touch mehehe!” she exclaimed as Luna slid her hands under Ginny’s top.

“But you said you wanted me to do something!” Luna said, scribbling her fingers across Ginny’s belly. “And here I am.”

“Nohohot that!” Ginny laughed harder as Luna’s fingers spidered over her sides. “You’re not hehehelping!”

“Really? You mean this isn’t helping even a little?” Luna poked at Ginny’s navel and began giggling herself when she drew out a loud, giggly squeal from her girlfriend.

“No! Luna, it tihihickles!” Ginny protested, squirming as Luna’s fingers danced across her hips. “Plehehease, the socks are bad eehehenough!”

“Oh, fine,” Luna sighed with a smile. “But you’re on your own with the socks,” she added, giggling with amusement as Ginny half-glared half-smiled at her and tried to yank the socks off her feet.

“That’s nohohot fahahair! Lunahaha, help me- no, don’t tickle me mohohore, that’s not hehehelping!”

Dear Jeff,

If you dare hurt any of my babies (aka Baby cinnamon-roll-too-good-too-precious-for-this-world Liam, Baby True Alpha Scott McCall, Baby Malia, Ô BABY DEPUTY JORDAN FUCKING PARRISH, Ô BABY BANSHEE LYDIA MARTIN, Baby Stiles), you will have my death on your conscious.

Yours sincerely,

PS : If any of them gets hurt I will ask Derek to go and rip off your throat with his teeth.

I’ll stay with you because I want to, not because I have to

I have wanted to write about this for a while, but I hadn’t had the time to sit down and organize my ideas. When I wrote my meta for 10x03, there was something I said there that got stuck in my mind:

“Why did Cas leave at the end of the episode? Seriously guys, tell me… why would he stay? It would have been totally OOC if Cas had stayed. He’s an angel, he’s NEVER stayed for a long time with the Winchesters. He wanted to stay when he was a helpless, lost human, but Dean didn’t let him.”

He wanted to stay when he was a helpless, lost human


Castiel, angel of the Lord, has never stayed with the Winchesters. In season 5, he was hunted, he could not go back to Heaven. However, he was never on the road with the boys even though he helped them sometimes. When he briefly lost his powers at the end of season 5, he stayed with the boys, BUT… DID HE HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE? Where was he supposed to go WITHOUT his powers? In fact, when he woke up in the hospital and realized he was completely human, he had to ask Dean for help. When Cas regained his powers in 5x22, Dean was alone, Sam had jumped to the pit, BUT Castiel didn’t stay. He had a mission. God brought him back to life for a reason, so he went back to Heaven. Dean saw him leave again. Never did Cas suggest in any way that he wanted to stay on Earth.

In season 6, Castiel was fighting the civil war against Raphael. He told Dean once in 6x10, “Much of the time I’d rather be here”, so we can gather that Cas was starting to feel that Heaven didn’t mean home to him anymore, which was only logical, considering they were in the middle of a war. But in spite of that, Cas had a mission. He didn’t stay with the boys. He always left.

After everything that happened at the end of season 6 with the souls of Purgatory and at the beginning of season 7 with the leviathans, Castiel was gone for most of season 7, leaving a brokenhearted Dean. When he came back, Dean and Sam had to leave him behind because they couldn’t protect him while he was crazy!Cas. Even after Castiel woke up, he never stayed with the boys. He was somehow vulnerable (he’d lost his marbles, remember?), but he still had his powers, so he wandered around and just popped up when he had something to say to the boys. In other words, he always left.

When Dean and Cas ended up in Purgatory, Castiel left ONE MORE TIME. Dean might have imagined Cas staying by his side, fighting the purgatory creatures. But nope! He was gone AGAIN. Despite that, Dean looked for Castiel everywhere and wouldn’t leave without him. Later Dean learned that Cas left him in Purgatory to protect him. I’m guessing that, in his mind, Cas had a mission: to protect Dean Winchester from the leviathans, and that mission made him leave. AS USUAL.  

Dean escaped Purgatory and Cas stayed behind because HE WANTED TO. That was so painful for Dean that he even had to change his own memory of the event. He preferred to think that HE wasn’t able to help Cas. He didn’t want to accept that Cas would rather stay in Purgatory; that Cas would rather leave him AGAIN. It was Cas’ decision to do penance for all his wrongs, so he stayed in Purgatory willingly, something he never did with Dean; he never stayed with Dean willingly.

In season 8, when Cas was brought back by Naomi, he kind of wanted to stay with the boys for the first time. He came back in 8x07, remember? And at the beginning of 8x08, he was still with the boys and he finally made a decision for himself, “I’m gonna become a hunter.” However, by the end of the episode, Castiel decided to LEAVE DEAN AGAIN. Dean even offered Cas to ride shotgun. Dean Winchester was willing to have Castiel as shotgun (a place that has ALWAYS BEEN FOR SAM). Meaning: Dean was happy to have Cas willingly with them for the first time in forever. But what happened? Castiel decided that he could not run from his mistakes. It was not Naomi who made him stay at the retirement home.

The following is taken from the SupernaturalWiki, transcript for 8x08:

DEAN: All right, well, let’s blow this termite terrace. Cas, you get to ride shotgun. You done good.

CASTIEL: Thanks, but I, uh… I can’t come. I, uh…

We hear a siren in the distance and the scene abruptly changes.


Cas told Dean that he couldn’t go with them even BEFORE he spoke with Naomi. Castiel DECIDED that he DIDN’T WANT TO stay with Dean and Sam. And what did Castiel decide? That he wanted to go back to Heaven. He even told Naomi that, “I have been trying to pretend that I can escape what I did in Heaven, but I can’t. All that pain that I caused – I – I have to come back, to make things right.”

It was Naomi the one who didn’t let Cas go back to Heaven when he wanted to, but the boys didn’t know that. When Sam asked Cas why he couldn’t go with them, Cas’ answer was, “I want to stay with Mr. Jones. Someone should watch over him for a few days just to be safe.” After that Dean even asked him, “And then what?” Poor Dean probably wanted to hear something like, “And then I’ll join you guys again.” But what did he get? He got this, “Then I’m not sure. But I know I can’t run anymore.” Even if Castiel had stayed with the boys, it would NOT have been because of Dean. He wanted to be a hunter because HE WAS TRYING TO PRETEND THAT HE COULD ESCAPE WHAT HE DID IN HEAVEN. He wanted to stay with the boys because he didn’t have any other choice, not because he chose that. And Sam’s words to Mr. Jones helped Cas realize that he couldn’t deceive himself and run forever. So, in the end, he left again.

By the way, let’s not forget that 8x08 was the episode where Dean was all “talk to me” with Cas. He was happy Cas was back but wanted to make sure he was OK. He even suggested taking a trip upstairs, but Cas said he might kill himself if he saw what Heaven had become. So… somehow Dean KNEW that Cas was with them because he was avoiding his responsibility to Heaven, not really because he wanted to, but in the end, Castiel neither went back to Heaven nor stayed with them. Dean Winchester realized ONE MORE FUCKING TIME that Castiel DID NOT WANT TO STAY WITH HIM. He’d rather stay with a freaking stranger at a retirement home, but not with Dean! (Let’s remember he didn’t know Naomi didn’t allow Cas to go back to Heaven).

Cas appeared again in 8x10, but he left one more time at the end of the episode. In 8x17 Dean learned that Castiel was being mind-controlled by Naomi, but when the connection was finally broken, what did Cas decide? HE DECIDED TO LEAVE AGAIN. In fact, Dean was deeply hurt in 8x22 because Castiel didn’t trust HIM (not them, as in Sam and Dean; he was hurt because Cas didn’t trust HIM, because Cas didn’t stay with HIM; because Cas ran away from HIM. AGAIN).

They found Cas in 8x21, and he was still with the boys in 8x22 because ‘his wound wasn’t healing as quickly as he’d hoped’. However, by the end of the episode, HE LEFT AGAIN. He had a new mission: to close the gates of Heaven (or so Metatron made him believe). In that episode, Dean asked Cas to STAY at the bunker and get better, but when Dean and Sam returned, Cas was gone. AGAIN. And what was Dean’s reaction when Sam told him Cas wasn’t there? He said, “SOUNDS LIKE HIM”. Of course it sounds like him. Castiel has never stayed. He’s been leaving them (especially Dean) forever.

Then in 8x23, Cas asked Dean to help him with the third “angel trial” and Dean went with him. After all this time, there was the day when Dean had to say goodbye to Cas forever (or so they thought).

DEAN: Talk to me. Are you sure about this? I mean, it’s one thing me and Sammy slamming the gates to the pit, but you – you’re – you’re boarding up Heaven, and you’re locking the door behind you.

CASTIEL: Yeah. I know.

DEAN: You did a lot of damage up there, man. You think they’re just gonna let that slide?

CASTIEL: Do you mean do I think they’ll kill me? Yeah, they might.

DEAN: So this is it? E.T. goes home.

It was the final goodbye. Dean wanted to make sure that Cas was aware that he would lock the door of Heaven behind him. Dean wanted to know if Castiel was sure about it. He wanted to see if Castiel knew that the angels might kill him once he was locked in Heaven with them. And Cas’ answers indicate that there was NO way Cas wanted to stay. That there was NO way Dean could ask him to stay. That there was NO way Cas would decide to stay on Earth, to stay with them, to stay WITH HIM. Therefore, “THIS IS IT.”

Season 9 was a whole different story. Cas didn’t close the gates of Heaven, got tricked by Metatron and lost his powers completely. Cas became a helpless, lost human. Dean asked Cas to get to the bunker when he learned Cas was human. He was not angry about everything that happened with the angels fall. He just wanted to make sure that Cas was safe. In fact, when Cas took too long to get to the bunker and Dean was informed by fake!Ezekiel that Cas was in danger, he went desperately looking for him.

In 9x03, Castiel was all too ready to stay in the bunker and, unfortunately, Dean had to tell him to leave because of fake!Ezekiel. All this time, Dean wanted Cas to stay, to make the decision to stay, but Cas never did. Now that CAS WANTED TO STAY, it was not possible. That seems like a big tragedy. HOWEVER, I’m sooooo happy that Dean asked Cas to leave.

Don’t you see this? Castiel has never DECIDED to stay. In 9x03, Castiel wanted to stay because HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE. He was human, powerless, helpless, vulnerable, lost. He had no mission. He had nothing. What else could he do? He didn’t know how to survive as human. He couldn’t manage being human without the Winchesters (or so he thought). So… yeap, staying with the Winchesters was the ONLY logical choice Castiel could make (mostly after he starved and got killed in 9x03). But… it wasn’t his choice. Dean made the choice for him and sent him away.

Castiel was forced to survive by himself, which I consider wonderful for his story arc. He got a job, and little by little, he was learning to live as human. He realized that he could survive without Dean and without his powers. BUT HE WAS NOT HAPPY. He was hurt. And worst of all, he was human AND HURT, which means he actually had a huge range of feelings he never had to deal with before.

In 9x06, Cas saw Dean and helped him solve a case (it was that or dying). In that episode Cas was given a very important choice. He said he wanted to live, and Ephraim told him, “But as what, Castiel? As an angel? Or a man?”

That’s the big question in Castiel’s story arc and we haven’t been given the answer because Cas hasn’t decided yet. He became an angel again in 9x09 because “he did what he had to”, “if a war was coming he had to be prepared.” He’s an angel right now because he HAS TO, not because he wants to.

So what does Castiel want? Castiel loves Dean and Sam very much. But every time he has sacrificed something, it’s been for Dean. He knew how much Dean meant to him, but as an angel, he couldn’t know what exactly loving someone meant. My headcanon is that while being human, Castiel realized that he’s in love with Dean. Circumstances made him become an angel again (and probably he doesn’t have the same feelings he had when he was human, but NOW HE KNOWS). He knows the feelings are there. It’s just that as an angel he can’t feel them. The same way that he knows what a PB&J sandwich tastes like though he can’t enjoy it now that he’s an angel. He misses the PB&J sandwich, but he probably misses his warming feelings for Dean even more.

In 9x23, Castiel said he wanted to be an angel, but in 10x3, we understood that Cas said it because being an angel was the easiest way to deal with the loss of Dean Winchester (when Cas said that, he thought Metatron had killed Dean). That’s why Cas understood so well Dean’s wish to continue being a demon. Castiel has always chosen a mission over Dean. In 10x03, Castiel left one more time because he has a mission. That sure as hell sounds like Cas. The only difference is that post-human-period Cas knows that’s not all he needs. When Cas chose Dean over his army in 9x22, he proved that he knows Dean is more important than whatever mission. He told Hannah that getting to Dean was his priority. Cas is an angel right now, but Dean Winchester is his priority and now Cas KNOWS WHY.

The question is… what does Castiel want? Does he want to live as an angel or as a man? My prediction is that Cas will get his grace back (that’s the only way he could be a normal angel again). And that’s when he will have to decide what he wants. I really wish for the day Castiel will tell Dean, “I’ll stay with you because I WANT TO, not because I HAVE TO.”