don't you compare yourself to him

someone in my class: my god this is so easy why are we going over it in class


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Okay, that’s legit. I also understand not shipping something that ended badly, since clearly they’re better off without each other.


Bonquisha carrying David. Him sitting on her lap when they kiss. She calls him “string bean” and he calls her Bonbon or Bonnie. He likes winding his fingers with hers because her hands are so dark and strong compared to his. Her eyes are yellow and have long narrow pupils that make her look like a cat and when she looks at him a particular way he feels like the fluffiest most vulnerable bunny and it kinda thrills him. Him playing with her hair and her combing through his floof. Him wearing her inappropriately-phrased tank tops as giant pajama shirts (stolen from @ciphernetics​). Her teasing him about not being a “conquistador” and he tries to be all macho and it’s both hilarious and adorable. Him being just head-over-heels in love with her dog. Also I just cannot get over the fact that she can carry him like he’s a sack of flour and this is very very good.


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I don't know if this has been requested or not yet, but I'd love a fic about Soldier 76 who's very protective of his pregnant s/o

With a hum you gently rubbed your swollen belly, hobbling to the kitchen where you could hear Jack cooking. Just entering your third trimester you had ballooned up. Although you often compared yourself to a land whale Jack would just stare at you enamoured and proclaim that you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

With his adoration and affection also came a protective streak. Since you had first told him that you were pregnant he just followed you, hand on your swelling waist, and protected you from harm.

Though what he thought was harmful differed greatly from your own definition.

He kept you from doing housework, instead doing it himself and with the missions he still did for Overwatch you quickly became concerned. You could see it tearing him apart at the seams and it didn’t look like there was an end in sight.

Today it was going to stop, you thought determined as you walked up behind Jack cooking dinner. 

Your hand gently grasped his trying to pull the spatula out of his hand.

“I can do it,” he stared forward, clearly tired, “Shouldn’t you go sit down.”

“Jack, you’re clearly exhausted,” you pleaded, “I can finish dinner.”

“I’m fine,” his eyebrows scrunched together drawing out the bags under his eyes.

“You’re not fine,” you scolded, hand rubbing the purple underneath his eyes, “I can’t loose you to yourself.”

He let you take the spatula and he wobbled away, sitting at the table. You quickly took over cooking while he rested his head in his hands.

“I’m sorry,” his voice was soft, “I was just so scared I’d loose you.”

You quickly served the food on two plates and placed one in front of him. Sitting down you gently rubbed his arm.

“We’re a team,” you cooed watching him press himself into your touch, “Please let me help or were you planing to raise a child on your own?”

He shook his head while chuckling and you grabbed a forkful of food, bringing it to his mouth while making plane noises.

“We’re coming in for a landing,” you said while he just raised an eyebrow.

“Nyoom,” he ate the food and you got another mouthful, “Phhbbb.”

“Reinforcements inbound,” he gently grabbed your arm, pulling you into a kiss.

Better Late Than Never

Can you do an imagine where reader is jealous of Newt and Tina with fluff at the end? :) Thanks

Edited by @winter-patrick

“Newt This place is amazing" 

You look to your right and see that Newt had brought Tina into his case. 

“Oh hello Tina.” 

You say politely, she was about to reply when  Newt whisked her away.

 “Come, Tina, I have so much to show you” Newt grabs her hand and leads her to the mooncalves. 

Your face fell a little as Newt completely ignored you. It’s not like you had been friends since Hogwarts and you had been there for him and almost got killed a couple times helping him. Oh wait. You exited the case not wanting to hear Tina and Newt laughing. 

“Hey y/n!” Queenie says brightly, “Oh, hey Queen” You say blandly, her face frowns a little as she reads your mind. 

“Queenie, please don't read my mind” She nods and goes back to listening to Jacob. 

Your mind swirls with thoughts, I’ve been there for Newt through everything, 

Why can’t this idiot see how much I love him, am I not good enough? 

What does Tina have that I don’t? 

You excused yourself to the bathroom, you looked at yourself in the mirror. Sure Tina had amazing bone structure and her hair was smooth. You continued comparing when you heard Newt and Tina come out of the case. 

“The case was amazing! I haven’t seen anything that amazing!” Tina’s voice rang out through the apartment. 

\“Isn’t it Tina, It’s almost as wonderful as you.” Newt said playfully. 

Your heart broke a little, you walked out seeing everyone laughing but Tina’s and Newt’s face are dusted a light pink. Queenie’s eyes travel toward you and she walks over to you. 

“I asked you not to read my mind” she gives you a sympathetic look, 

“I know, people are easiest to read when they’re hurting” sighing you start to walk away from her

“I'm not hurting Queen, I’m fine, besides I always knew I was never going to be his” you give her a half smile before walking towards the door. 

Newt watched you walk to the door, his face laced with confusion. 

“Y/N, where are you going?” he asks walking over to you. 

“Out.” you reply curtly. 

“Out where?” he asks confused by your tone. 

“Just Out Newt. Go back to Tina. Then you’ll forget all about me.” 

You walk out the door before Newt had a chance to reply, slamming the door behind you. At this point Newt was very worried, you were never like this. You were always so kind and occasionally sarcastic but nothing like this. 

“Queenie, do you have any idea what that was about?” Newt asks. 

“Oh im sure she’s fine Newt, maybe she just needs time on her own” Tina says, ushering Newt to sit down. 

“I don’t know…” He says looking at the door, “I guess you’re right”. 

He sits down and listens to the dinner conversation, his mind still on you. You walked out the door and onto the streets. When you noticed Newt didn't even try to stop you it only reassured your thoughts. Newt didn’t care. You wandered aimlessly for a while, not sure what time it even was you ended up in Central Park. 

You laid down on the grass, thank merlin for summer nights, a warm breeze blew past your face. You gazed at the stars, a little part of you wishing Newt was with you. Eventually, you found yourself drifting off to sleep. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” Your eyes slowly opened, you were still in central park. the sun was rising and the sky was orange. 

“Y/N!” You heard the distressed voice of Newt calling you. 

He came into view, his hair was a mess, his bowtie was untied and his eyes were bloodshot. He spotted you and he ran over to you. 

“Merlins beard Y/n! You had me so worried, where were you, are you hurt, why did you leave, why did you not come back?” 

He continued asking you questions, not leaving you any time to respond. 

“I’m fine Newt, I was here and I fell asleep” 

“Never ever do that to me again y/n” he sat next to you and laid on the grass. 

“Newt, did you sleep?” you ask, he looks up at you, 

“honestly, no. I was in the case for a while and when I came out I noticed you weren’t there. I got worried and I went searching” 

“Why?” you ask. 

“Because I care about you y/n, you’re my best friend” Friends “Is that all we’ll ever be” you whisper, not wanting Newt to hear. 

“What was that y/n?” he asked, 

“Nothing.” The sharpness in your voice returned.  

“Okay, really y/n, what’s wrong?” he sat up and looked at you. 

“It’s just… It’s stupid, really. I guess I got jealous, of you and Tina,” you say, shamefully.

 “Jealous?” he laughed a little and you felt even worse. You were about to get up when Newt grabbed your hand. 

“Y/n, why on earth would you be jealous? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. You’re so smart and also the most stunning. I’ve had a crush on you for a while now.” He gave you an awkward smile. 

“I feel really dumb,” you say, turning red. 

“I should have said something,” Newt replies, also beginning to turn red. 

“Better late than never, I guess,” you start to laugh and Newt joins in. 

“Come on, love. Let’s go back.” He stands up and grabs your hand and the two of you walk back to the apartment.

I have an Idea for Angst to the max fic and ill be worken on requests this week too!

Somehow, in some fucking way, my mother is like a shittier, harder-to-be-around version of Rick. Because she’s smart and she knows it, but unlike Rick she PRETENDS she’s a good person until you make her mad, she snaps, calls you mean names, then when you defend yourself she’s back to being the victim it’s. Ugh. So many people wonder, “Hey Gavin, Rick is a shitty person why do you like him?” And I never have the guts to answer ‘well he’s like my mom but LESS of an asshole and not related to me.’

MM Characters Finding Out MC Self Harms
  • Jumin: "He-hey, babe...what is this about?" *holds up a razor blade, dried blood visible*
  • MC: *suddenly against the wall, pinned tightly by Jumin* "I-I can ex-"
  • Jumin: *cuts MC off with a passionate kiss* "Don't do this. You have me and the RFA. Whatever you need, I can get it for you. I pro-prom-promise" *last sentence stuttering due to overflowing tears*
  • MC: "Jumin, I didn't mean it that way."
  • Jumin: *holding up MC's slashed wrists* "Oh, honey. Please, what can I do? Does it hurt when I put my lips here?"
  • MC: *slightly wincing* "No, it's nothing compared to the pain I've caused you."
  • Jumin: *holding MC tighter against wall* "Don't you dare say anything like that again. You have caused no one any pain but yourself. Tonight...tonight I want you to stay by my side and never leave me. Tomorrow, too. And the next day and the one after that. Until we both leave this world. Don't break this promise, okay."
  • MC: *nodding head against side of Jumin's neck, hugging him in return* "Forever. I promise."
  • -----------------
  • Jaehee: *opening front door, walking in on MC in a ball on the floor, burn marks over her body* "MC, how was your da--OH LORD! MC wake up!"
  • MC: *being softly shaken by Jaehee, then very violently* "Jaehee, don't be mad..."
  • Jaehee: "Dammit, why would I be mad? *sniff* you just scared *sniff* me. Where are these marks from? Did you do this? Are you okay?"
  • MC: *trying to sit up, arms too weak* "I did it myself. Please don't think of me differently, Jaehee. This isn't because of you."
  • Jaehee: *picking MC up and embracing her gently* "No, no. I don't want to ask any more. I want you to rest. I know you like tea, even though my speciality is coffee, I'll make a big mug of chamomile just for you."
  • MC: "God, Jaehee I love you so much."
  • Jaehee: "I worked not only as an assistant to one of the largest companies worldwide, but underneath Jumin Han. I understand how you feel when you do these things to yourself, MC. I-I'll be here next time. No. There won't be a next time, right?"
  • MC: "of...of course, Jaehee. I love you..."
  • ------------------
  • Zen: *opens shower curtain, bathroom extremely foggy* "Hmm...I didn't take that hot of a shower, why is it so damn misty in this room?"
  • MC: *almost inaudibly crying, hiding under a mound of soggy towels by front of bathroom*
  • Zen: "Hey, MC is that you laughing? Did you do something here? Is Seven there to record me tripping and cracking my skull open?"
  • MC: *drops pill bottle by accident, several small pills rattling on the tile floor* *MC is completely quiet*
  • Zen: "MC? Was that you? It's not funny. *steps onto a pill* Ow, what the hell? Are there pebbles in here? *picks up the small bead of medicine* ...MC?"
  • MC: *unresponsive and slumped over*
  • Zen: "Dammit! Where are you? This isn't funny! *quickly pulling pants on* *stumbles over pile of towels by door, exposing a tired looking MC* "There you are!"
  • MC: *knocked out cold*
  • Zen: "Hey...MC? Is it too hot in here? Are you groggy from the steam? MC!? *examines MC's green tinted face* "oh god oh god okay. Let me get you out of here." *picks up MC's limp body and carries into bedroom*
  • MC: *eyes finally opening after several minutes* *gasping for air* "Zen! What happened?"
  • Zen: *tears rolling down face* "Don't ever do that again? What's wrong with you? Do you hate yourself that much? What about our life together?!"
  • MC: *blankly sharing at Zen and crying hysterically* "I-I-I-I"
  • Zen: "I'm sorry. God! I didn't mean to yell. MC, you mean so much to me. Don't throw that away."
  • MC: "Zen...I won't. It's a deal."
  • ----------------
  • Yoosung: *removing headset and walking into bedroom* "Arghh! I can't believe I let that guild get away with killing off one of my favorite characters!"
  • MC: *hidden between the bed and the wall, trembling*
  • Yoosung: *undressing for bed, flinging clothing every which way* *t-shirt lands on MC's head*
  • MC: *lets out a quiet yelp*
  • Yoosung: "Ah! What was that noise?! The guild came out of the video game and is coming after me next! Wait, I have a baseba--MC? What are you doing here? How did you get in?"
  • MC: *eyes puffy and clogged with tears, face streaked with blood* "Yoosung...I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I needed a place tonight, I hope it's okay."
  • Yoosung: *crawling over bed to get to MC* "'ve got blood all over you! MC?! What happened to you?!"
  • MC: "I just did a little bit of damage. That's all, Yoosung." *forcing self to smile*
  • Yoosung: *pulling MC up on the bed, setting her beside him* "Oh my god! Okay, okay calm down. Tell me everything, please..."
  • MC: *sighing slowly* "A knife."
  • Yoosung: "Did you do this to yourself? MC...why?"
  • MC: "Ye-yes. I did. I can't say why. It's just something I do...I understand if you want to push me away because of it..."
  • Yoosung: *pulls MC into lap, rubbing her partly bloody hair* "Don't even say that, MC. I don't need another Rika in my life. I don't want you to go like her, I just want you and all of you now. I don't care what you say or do, I'm not going to push you away."
  • MC: *looking down at feet, tears erupting and trembling in Yoosung's grasp* "Oh, Yoosung...I really appreciate it. you mind if I stay the night here? I can leave--"
  • Yoosung: *slings MC over back like a sack of sugar, carrying her to bathroom* "Here, I have some towels in this closet and for can wear one of my shirts if you'd like."
  • MC: "Yoosung, this is really too much. You don't need to."
  • Yoosung: "No, MC. This is too little. I don't ever want to leave your side. I want to be right here forever. Do you mind if I just sit outside of the bathroom door to make sure you don't pass out? I-I can get some orange juice and cookies to replenish the vitamins you've lost..."
  • MC: *smiling bashfully* "I'd love that, Yoos--" *cuts of own sentence by kissing Yoosung on the cheek*
  • --------------
  • 707: *opens new Chatroom with MC* "Heya babe, meow~~"
  • MC: *phone loudly buzzes in 707's bedroom*
  • 707: "What the hell? Was that MC's phone? How the hell'd she get in?"
  • MC: *disregards phone and goes back to picking at skin, pulling back the flaps of extra meat where she hasn't carved at yet*
  • 707: "Oh god...I know what she came here for hehe trying to test my God fearing values, I see." *face lighting up bright red*
  • MC: *wearing 707's old headphones making the everything around her silent*
  • 707: *flamboyantly busting open door and in a sing song voice* "MC! Are you there, my little sparkling star? Huh? Where is she? Where is my sexy surprise, har-umph. Wait a sec--MC?"
  • MC: puts down carving knife and begins to cry ever so softly, still unaware of surroundings with headphones on tight*
  • 707: *leans over to see what MC has been doing, holding in a loud gasp* "MC? Are you okay? What's going on? Hey! MC!"
  • MC: *feels headphones being pulled off* "What? Oh god, Seven, you scared me!"
  • 707: "I should say the same to you. What is this all about?" *pointing at knife and exposed flesh on MC's arms*
  • MC: *rolls down sleeves instantly, and immediately feeling a stinging sensation* "Ah! Dammit that burns...Seven. Can you sit right next to me for a minute?"
  • 707: "You don't even need to ask. MC...are things okay?"
  • MC: "707, why do we live alone? It's hard to be in that old apartment. Away from you."
  • 707: "MC, if I knew you felt that way I would have TrustFundKid fly some expensive jet over to fetch your things. Why don't you live--er I mean, you should stay for a while. Take your time."
  • MC: *looking down at the grey of her hoodie absorb the blood beneath it, turning into a dark and ugly maroon* "I would be fine with that, Sev--" *becomes dizzy and falls into Seven's arms*
  • 707: "Woah! MC! Let me grab you something..."
  • MC: "No, really it's fine. Let me sit here a little longer."
  • 707: "Why'd you do it?"
  • MC: "Why do you repel against me?"
  • *both dead silent*
  • 707: "I don't want to hurt you..."
  • MC: "Seven, that's crap. I'm the one hurting myself. So...please stay with me. Don't go away from now o--"
  • 707: "MC!? Dammit!" *picks MC up and holds her all the way to his most expensive car, driving off to hospital and steering with one hand on the wheel, the other around MC*
  • *at hospital*
  • 707: *pressing hand into MC's tightly, resting forehead on hers* "I'm right here. I'm not leaving."

Calum Song Preference: “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” by Chris Brown ft. Ariana Grande

Author: Rhine


{Don’t be gone too long}

You always whispered the same thing into Calum’s ear before he had to leave for tour, voice breathy and low as you stood on your tip toes to reach his height. He’d snake his arms around your waist and pull you closer, hooking his fingers around your belt loops, pressing his body against yours. You could feel every plane of his body on yours, wrapped up in his arms; close enough to see your reflection in his eyes as he stared at you, a faint smile working its way onto his lips.

He’d tell you, voice low, that he had to go on tour, that it was his job, that he’ll miss you, that he loves you.

And you’d simply say, don’t be gone too long. 

He’d laugh lightly and remind you that he’ll be back soon, rubbing his nose with yours and kissing your forehead lightly, holding you tightly for the last time before he had to enter the plane.

You’d watch him leave with a sad smile on your face, already feeling his absence from the moment he leaves your arms.


{‘Cause you won’t be there to love me when you’re gone}

And you’re scared that he’ll find someone while he’s away; that he won’t love you if you weren’t there, that somehow, your love would fade with the distance between the two of you. 

You see, you’re afraid that once he leaves he’ll forget about his love for you - you’d be a million miles away from him, oceans and mountains and cities away, and you’d always believe that you’d be the last thing on his mind.

He’d remind you that you’re his one and only and that he’ll call or text you every day; swearing that it’ll be just like he never left.

But you’d always be reminded with the empty bed and dull days; places where Calum should’ve been.

You were alone, without Calum’s love and without him to love.

He’d call you in the middle of the night, when you’d be snuggling in his sweater that smelled of him, swathed in your blankets and hair in tangles around you.

How are you, babe?


He’d give you a funny half-smile, curiosity gleaming in his eyes despite the low-quality Skype call.

Why’s that, babe? 

You’re not here beside me. 

He’d laugh and you’d give him a little pout, burying yourself a little deeper in your sheets.

Nothing kept you warm and safe like Calum, and you noticed the absence of his love like a missing limb.

You’re too cute.

And you’re too far away. 


{Don’t be gone too long}

You’d count down the days until he came back, opting to count the days instead of all the things you missed.

His smile when he saw you in the morning, his kisses when he walked through the door, his fingers as they interlaced with yours.

All the things you missed about Calum would only increase past infinity - no, you preferred to count down until you could see him again, where the numbers were more manageable. 

The days were long without him and you’d find yourself counting the hours and the minutes without him by your side as well; always waiting.

The clock ticked on too slowly and the days stretched on for too long and it felt like he’d be gone for lifetimes and his promises of soon barely registered while you waited for him to come back.

He was gone and every minute without him felt like a minute too long.


{Tell me who’s gonna love me when you’re gone}

No one would ever love you like Calum, you were sure.

No one would love how you were stubborn and a little too needy and occasionally too blunt with your words and lazy with your actions - no one would love every flaw, every imperfection and cherish it like Calum did.

You wouldn’t find anyone else who would smile at your stupidity instead of calling you out; someone who would calm you down when you were being foolish instead of giving up on you, someone who would love you when you deserved it the least.

No one else would hold you as close as he did, no one would open his heart to you like Calum and no one else would find a way to your own heart like he did. 

You were certain of this, and every time Calum left, this belief would only strengthen. 

You were always so alone without him, and you’d be reminded of how much you valued your love with him. How much he loved you - no one else around you loved you in the way Calum did, and you were certain no one ever would.

Without him, without his love, a part of you was missing - no one else could compare to him. 

You’d wait for him to come back home, to come back to you - he said he’d be back soon, he promised he wouldn’t be gone for too long - and he always kept his promises.

He’d arrive at the gates with a smile on his face and sweep you up in his arms, dropping his bags and lifting your feet off the ground as he pressed his lips to yours. 

His hands would be secure around your body and you’d finally melt into the touch that you had been aching for for so long.

Was I gone for too long, babe?

Just a little. 

He’d crinkle his nose at you and you’d wrap your legs around his waist, pulling yourself closer to him, the warmth of his body thawing the cold emptiness that once settled in your bones while he was gone.

He’d rub your nose with his and whisper in a voice low enough only for you to hear, breath hot against your lips as the words left his mouth.

It’ll be a second compared to the eternity I intend to spend with you. 


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I know I shouldn't compare myself to anyone but I just think you're so beautiful and perfect and I get so down on myself coz I don't look like you. How can I stop comparing myself to other people?

♥ know that everyone has done it at one point, myself included
♥ go through your social media and unfollow everyone who makes you feel bad about how you look
♥ spend more time building up your own life ( fill it with special moments, hobbies, more knowledge, kind people, lovely words, creating something … )
♥ follow people on social media who focuses on inner beauty and inspire you to do more with your life
♥ love yourself unconditionally. talk to your 5-year-old self and tell her/him that you deserve more! you are bad ass and are in control of how you are gonna feel!! Don’t blame pretty girls on social media on how you feel about yourself cause you can choose not to be obsessed with unimportant shit as how you look and rather focus on what’s really important! 


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are you really comparing the killing of osama bin laden to the assassination of dr king and malcolm x? So they could silence him? You treat him like a revolutionary hero! whether or not you agree with how this war on terrorism has been carried out the guy is responsible for the murders of thousands of innocent people. yes the US has also been responsible for killing black leaders, but please don't compare the two for god sakes. You talk about the truth when you yourself are a propagandist.

It’s not a comparison. It is a contextual analysis of how America treats all its perceived enemies. Any encroachment (foreign or domestic) on white supremacist America — to it — is a terrorist threat. There is no distinction. That’s why in the full text I begin by saying:

When it comes to “capturing” “terrorists” or America’s political fugitives, the same litmus test applies: What makes less noise, a prisoner or a corpse?

Understanding the U.S. government’s response to “terrorists”, folks this same government will work with when it behooves it, situates firmly how it views black and brown liberationists when it turns the same machine of brutality on them that it did on a man like bin Laden. 

I am pretty sick and tired of encountering people who don’t really care about the truth, but rather just want the reassurance that what they (are told to) believe is the truth. 

You say I am treating bin Laden like a revolutionary hero, that this is propagandist; but I say it is your wholehearted willingness to believe the Western narrative about what he supposedly did that demonstrates your own feverish loyalty to the American propaganda machine. This speaks to the fact that you would rather believe American propaganda around what happened than contextualizing why it happened and why it means something beyond the whitewashed narrative that’s perpetuated.

Ward Churchill illustrated this well (and he was targeted for academic neutralization for it):

“Bin Laden’s message was quite clear: The [9/11] attacks were carried out in response to blatant and ongoing U.S. violations of the laws of war, together with almost every aspect of international public and humanitarian law. The matter, as he pointed out, is of no mere academic concern: over the past decade well upwards of a half million Iraqi children and at least a million of their adult counterparts have died as the result of pal-pably criminal U.S. actions against their country. United Nations officials have resigned in protest, denouncing what one of them, Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, was widely quoted in the press describing as America’s “policy of deliberate genocide” against the people of Iraq…

Reaction among average Americans to revelations of the horror perpetrated in their name has been to all intents and purposes nonexistent. Since it can hardly be argued that the public was “uninformed” about the genocide in Iraq, its lack of response can only be seen as devolving upon a condition of collective ignorance — that is, of having information but ignoring it because it is considered inconsequential — as profound as it must be intolerable to those whose children lie murdered en masse. How, under these conditions, are the victims to claim the attention necessary to impress upon their tormentors the fact that they, too, count for something, that they are of consequence, that in effect they will no longer accept the lot of being slaughtered, conveniently out of sight and mind or with impunity?

…There is but one route out of this particular box. It traces the trajectory of an obligation inherent in the citizens of each country to do whatever is necessary to ensure that their government complies with the requirements of international law. Enunciated as part of the postwar Nuremberg Doctrine with the Germans in mind, the principle applies no less to Americans. Yet it is precisely this civic/human responsibility upon which Americans have defaulted so conspicuously in the aggregate of their willful ignorance concerning the ghastly toll exacted from Iraq.

The question reverts thus to whether, under the conditions at hand, there might have been some “more appropriate means” by which the victims of U.S. aggression might have conveyed the consequences of their agony. Posing it may best be left to the moral cretins who, having done so much to foment the situation in the first place, now revile and seek to exterminate the messengers, demanding “defense” against the truth of their statement. For the rest of us, the method of communication employed was what it was, a mere pinprick when measured against the carnage America so routinely inflicts on others, more akin to a wake-up call than anything else.

In retrospect it will be seen that September 11, 2001, marked the point at which the U.S. was put on notice that business-as-usual would no longer prevail: if Americans wish ever again to be secure from the ravages of terrorism, their top priority must at long last become that of preventing their own government from instigating and participating in it; if, in substance, they desire safety for their own children, they will first have to “stop killing other peoples babies.””

And there it is, the quintessential point: 9/11 marked the moment at which the U.S. was put on notice that business-as-usual would no longer prevail. Whether bin Laden masterminded 9/11 or not, the fact that he was believed to have done it was enough to tell the entire world that America’s attack on poor brown people across the planet could no longer continue with impunity.

What kind of human being bin Laden was doesn’t matter in the context of understanding the message that we should have taken from 9/11. This is to say to America the petulant child who wants to steal everything from everybody without penalty, “You cannot have everything you want without eventually paying a price.” 

America’s tenacious hunt for Assata Shakur is another example of that child not getting what it wants and the temper tantrum it throws until it does get what it wants. And her escape is another example of one person making clear that business as usual would not prevail.

Bin Laden is relevant because he provides us with the chance to see just how the U.S. government reacts to the people who do not kowtow to its demands but who, for a time, retaliate and get away. And that reaction has and will continue be lethal. If you don’t want to see the nuance in this, I can’t make you. 

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When it doesn't feel like anyone but other people who have been abused truly get the mind fuck abuse does to you. When you can't trust anyone, including yourself. When you're angry at yourself for not healing faster and wondering why it's taking so long. When you have walls up 10 feet high and just wait for the guy who is incredibly nice to you to switch to Mr. Hyde just like your ex but don't want to compare and hurt him. I could be here all day. Thank you for making this blog.

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Any tips for dealing with your ex getting a new gf? I feel nauseous and gross. Also he used to compare me to his past gfs and now I'm so scared of him comparing her to me, and that he knows personal things about me. I don't want to feel like this.


Remember that you are good, and valuable, and worth a happy future. Remember that you will move on, and find yourself someone new to date, someone who will make you forget all about your ex. Remember that regardless of what your ex says, you cannot be so easily compared to another person, because you are yourself and no one else can make that claim.

It’ll be okay. You will move on.

-Lou the Lobster

  • Peter: James? Can I copy from your Transfigurations homework?
  • James: No, do it yourself
  • Peter: Please, Prongs!? Please please please...!
  • James: Why don't you ask Moony to help you?
  • Peter: Because you're so much smarter than he is. And a much better friend, too! I'd always choose you over him. You're the best, as simple as that. Moony looks like an idiot compared to you.
  • James: He already told you no, didn't he?
  • Peter: Yes...