don't worry this will just be for december

“Just give me 5 more seconds of this.”

(I’ve heard you’re not supposed to sleep w/a newborn so close, but…hhhhh he just loves having her in his arms. Don’t worry, he gets up and puts her in her little crib shortly afterwards)

Hi everyone,

Autophobia is going on an indefinite hiatus. I already posted about it on Twitter and won’t go into super details here, but I’ve been dealing with a situation at work that is fucking me up both physically and mentally. I just don’t have room in my brain to worry about my comic when I’m worrying about so many other things and I haven’t been enjoying drawing/thinking about the comic anyway lately bc of this whole mess weighing on my mind.

I’m hoping things get better sooner rather than later, but I gotta figure stuff out for myself before it can get there. so…yeah life hits you hard and idk I hope to have better news for y’all by the end of December.

I found myself in Tesco the other day but….I don’t know! Whatever I say, it’s going to be catastrophically wrong. It’s going to say more about me than anything else you could possibly ask. Oh fuck! I’m going to say….34p.
—  Gillian Anderson answering the question that all celebrities fear, ‘How much is a pint of milk?’, Empire Magazine, December 2016 (x) She is not far wrong, it’s about 45p a pint.

askcautt  asked:

Will x-hand be continued? Just curious

Yess!! I’m currently working on it xD

Problem is I’m usually busy with my actual job, so I don’t have much free time for drawing or do anything else (adult life is not easy u-u) Actually, I’ve been working on the script these days. But next week I’ll have much free time, so I’ll be posting again really soon :D Luckily, I’ll finish the first part on december.

I know it’s has been a while since the last update, but don’t worry, I decided to draw this story as a personal challenge and I’m determinated to continue until the end ;)

And to thank you all for your patience, here’s a sketch with Cross saying something really interesting and disturbing to Gaster :D (the text is hiden to avoid spoilers… obsviously)

Love you guys!! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi! Is there a time frame to which we can donate and get the zine? Because i don't have resources now, but would really want to donate as soon as i do.

Hello! Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to order the zine. We don’t have a concrete end-of-sales date just yet, but pre-orders will be open through November, and regular orders will be available through December (probably through January as well–probably).

We will post updates here when the zine is coming to a close to warn you (and others) about the purchase deadline.

Thanks for asking!!

anonymous asked:

I'm undiagnosed & in a full time job but 95% sure I have ADHD since december last year but I'm constantly worried I'm just lazy/stupid - I've found that I've gotten to the point in my life/job that I say "fuck it" and don't even try to focus anymore until the deadline is crushing me - is this normal? Often I think to myself I need to be working on something, but then choose not to because "I'll just stress myself out" when I end up getting nothing done - but i still stress bc It need to be done!

It’s possible. Those feelings are also common to anxiety and/or burn-out. You mentioned you’re really stressed. Is it possible you’re tuning out as a coping mechanism?

School is back and I have to go  (ó ꒳ ò✿)

My askbox is open if you still want to drop ask for a drawing, for a meme challenge (just send me teh link) or anything else, (Also don’t worry !!! If you think that I forgot your ask or I ignored it, you’re wrong! I always answer the asks I got, if I didn’t answered yet it’s because I’ll do it later or I’m on it :3). 

I see you guys in December :D !!!


just wanna say sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot here lately I have a lot of papers to write and tagging on mobile (which I’ve been on more lately) such a pain. I probably won’t be very active here till after the end of term in December  

The never know who you could meet....

I was asked to do a little promo piece for the awesome opsecretsanta event!

If you’re not familiar, basically it’s as depicted above. Your Secret Santa will talk to you (and you’ll talk to your Secret Santa assignment) over the course of December….gifts can be exchanged, anything you want can happen really. Then on the 24th or the 25th, you reveal yourselves, and BAM. INSTA-FRIEND. xD (Or in Zoro’s case, a reluctant friend. :P)

There’s five more days to register, so definitely check it out! It’ll be a great way to meet some new people in the fandom~ 

Sign up is here~

I have such ideas about all these prompts I just reblogged but especially this one: 

We had sex at the office party but we’re both workaholics so we don’t normally date

Like, Coliver + college!AU:

  • Connor and Oliver both are interns for some huge ass company somewhere.
  • They hit it off at the Welcome New Summer Interns party the company throws (and by ‘hit it off’ I, of course, mean they have super hot sex).
  • The next day, the whole group of new interns meets up for formal orientation. Connor waves at Oliver from across the way. Oliver blushes and rubs the back of his neck before nodding a little, trying to play it cool. 
  • They go off with their respective groups for the rest of training. Connor with the pre-law group and Oliver with the computer engineers. 
  • Checking over his shoulder for his new boss, Connor whips out his phone on the sly to text Oliver. “Drinks tonight?” Oliver texts back an okay with a smiley face and Connor can’t stop grinning the rest of the day. 
  • But then Oliver has to cancel, “Can’t do drinks. Working late.”
  • Connor responds, “Was just going to text you too. I’m here all night too.”
  • They reschedule for the next night but that falls through too. Then it’s the weekend, then the Friday after that. After that, they don’t even bother trying to reschedule.

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The Signs as Taylor Swift Lyrics
  • Aries: "It's a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat forevermore," // Welcome to New York
  • Taurus: "Like oh my god, who is she? i get drunk on jealousy," // Blank Space
  • Gemini: "It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you,"// Back to December
  • Cancer: "[he's] The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star" // Teardrops on my Guitar
  • Leo: "Like the colors in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all" // Red
  • Virgo: "So don't you worry your pretty little mind, People throw rocks at things that shine" // Ours
  • Libra: "You got that James Dean, day dream look in your eyes," // Style
  • Scorpio: "Flash forward and we're taking on the world together" // Mine
  • Sagittarius: "You're my Achilles heel, this is the golden age of something good and right and real" // State of Grace
  • Capricorn: "I just keep cruising, can't stop won&rsquo;t stop moving," // Shake it Off
  • Aquarius: "you call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest" // All Too Well
  • Pisces: "Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city..." // Mean

The last day of the year. 

Little over a year ago I promised myself to finish this project, and now I can finally say I’ve completed it.
365 (no but seriously: three hundred sixty five) edits. That is 37 pages filled with my own edits on my blog. 

It has been a lot of work to make an edit for every single day of the year, but it has been worth all the trouble. 

The Calendar has a proper fanbase (can I call it that?) of dedicated bloggers who check it every day. And I have gotten countless of sweet asks, fanmails and IM’s about the Calendar, which always made me excited to continue! Thank you all so much for that!

I always thought that I wouldn’t continue this after the first year, but in the last few days I began to doubt: can I quit making these edits every day?

1 day before the next year I still haven’t made my decision: will I continue or won’t I?

I guess you will find out tomorrow! Just check my blog for a new edit:)

For now I want to wish every single one of you a very happy new year, and even if I won’t continue the Calendar, of course you will see me with a lot of Colin Morgan posts in 2016!

Colin Calendar:     January -   February   -   March   -   April   -   May   -   June   -   July  -   August   -   September   -   October   -    November   -   December

what does worry me about Barca this season is the lack of quality on the bench tbh, no Xavi,, possibily no Pedro, to make changes with, and some of the options we do have are either inexperienced or inconsistent. I just hope that the team lasts until December and when Arda & Vidal are able to play, they’re fit and their able to quickly incorporate and connect with the team because we especially need players in their position