don't worry the gun is fake

As the newest member of the FAHC, with such obvious unfettered admiration for his peers, its not hard to see Jeremy as a wannabe, a little fish masquerading as a shark, but it would be foolish to dismiss him out of hand.

Jeremy might not be the tallest guy around but he is easily one of the strongest members of the crew, his physique giving Ryan a run for his money and the ease with which he can heft a minigun making even Michael a little jealous. Not that he need be, Jeremy might be having an affair with the gun but he has little to no experience with explosives and watches with fascination whenever Michael is setting them up. Its the same fascination that has him studying the way Geoff conducts business or watching with rapt attention when Gavin manipulates a client. He’s a skilled enough sniper to step in when needed, packing away boundless energy and enthusiasm in favour of attentive calm, but he never turns down any stray tips Ray might offer. More telling still is is his willingness to accompany Ryan on the least tasteful of his jobs without flinching, sliding into sneering menace on demand before bouncing right back to cheerful the moment its all over. Even Jack, who herself flits between jobs as needed often gains an attentive shadow - her latest endeavour to teach him how to fly a chopper meeting mixed results and a substantial amount of property damage, but Jeremy is nothing if not diligent.

Its a common theme, Jeremy jumping at the chance to tag along on various jobs to study his crew. The man is too imbued with casual confidence for it to be insecurity or personal incompetence; simply the honest desire to learn anything and everything they are willing to teach him. Coming from anyone else such detailed, undisguised scrutiny would probably be cause for suspicion, concern, but its hard to be anything but fond of Jeremy. He’s quick, adaptable, and soaks up knowledge and advice like a sponge. He might not be the most obvious threat but its a dangerous thing to underestimate Jeremy; to forget that his almost disturbing level of genuine friendliness coexists with a capacity for brutal ruthlessness and, above all else, the infamous loyalty of the FAHC. 

The Heist

Yoongi x Reader



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You would consider yourself to be a virtuoso, one that would most certainly be found in a museum in the modern art section at least once a week. It was something that you would say that you had pride in, digesting information about the art in your favorite museums in order to not only educate yourself, but your friends when they came to visit. Your family always seemed to frown upon the idea of you wasting your time idling down the familiar hallways in order to see the same paintings. They believed that you should be using such time to be studying, which was on another topic that they did not fully approve of you doing. You had decided to study art history as a college major, and that alone sent a bit of tension between the family and it left you in a weird spot where you were really left by yourself in college.

That’s where Yoongi came in.

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Giving Gavin Jeremy was more dangerous than Geoff had anticipated. He hadn’t meant to, exactly, had only needed someone to show the new kid the ropes, had trusted that Gavin would throw on his polished shine for long enough to go through the basics before ditching him somewhere. He hadn’t anticipated coming back hours later and seeing the two of them still together, loud and animated in their excitement, Jeremy bright eyed and overeager, Gavin more himself than he normally allowed around strangers.

Maybe that should have set off alarm bells, maybe Geoff should have stepped in and done something about it, but honestly he’d just been feeling fucking relieved. Falling into the highly selective pool of people Gavin has claimed as his own is intense, but it’s better than the alternative, better than unworkable aloofness, awkwardness masked by cold disinterest, or worse, active dislike. Dislike which wouldn’t be expressed, would be kept hidden behind false pleasantry and left festering for months before manifesting in malfunctions and incidents, jammed weapons and disabled break lines. A messy end.

And god it’s not like Geoff had known how far it would go, how one good start would grow into burning buildings and wicked laughter, how the seemingly calm and level-headed Jeremy would only amplify the calamity of Gavin at his most dangerous. The way Jeremy would provide enthusiastic encouragement, an ardent defender for when things got violent, a sounding board for bad ideas, a willing volunteer, and how in return Gavin would lavish him with praise and affection, stolen trinkets and his most dazzling megawatt smile.

They have something like Gavin and Michael’s dynamic, but where Michael draws lines, hauls Gavin back down to earth, tells him to piss off and go do his own thing for a while, Jeremy will bring Gavin the sun. Listens to every madcap idea with a delighted look on his face, as keen to participate as he was the day Geoff hired him, be it a plot to teach a violent rival crew a lesson with a firehose or the unnecessarily risky decision to rob a target while they attend the LSPD’s police ball. Regardless of how badly their last endeavour ended it never takes much more than one of Gavin’s wild grins to have Jeremy dropping whatever he’s doing and following him out the door, the rest of the crew watching on in despair as disturbing phrases like “trained alligator” and “confetti canon bloodbath” drift down the hall.  

Geoff worried. He adores Gavin but he knows him better than anyone, knows it’s his job to read people, to push their buttons and draw out the exact responses he’s looking for; he wouldn’t mess with a crew-mate on purpose but Geoff isn’t entirely sure he’s always conscious of it anymore, and Jeremy is still trying to find his place. Having all of Gavin’s attention is a bit like getting struck by lightning, awesome and terrible and utterly overwhelming, far too easy to lose yourself in. So Geoff has to ask, check a dozen times, determined to make sure his newest hire doesn’t feel compelled, knows his place within the crew doesn’t hinge on his participation in Gavin’s extracurricular activities, that Geoff was the only one who’s orders he actually had to follow.

Every attempt is met with amusement, Jeremy quietly pleased by the concern but firm in his assurance that he’s only playing along because he wants to, that this is all a part of what attracted him to the FAHC in the first place. It took a while for Geoff to see that his fears were unfounded, or at the very least misguided. To recognise that for all Jeremy’s apparent eager naivety in leaping to play a part in the allure of one of Gavin’s plans there was nothing at all innocent about the gleeful look in his eyes, the dark edge in his laugh, the way he pushed and prodded Gavin into plotting bigger and more daring escapades. As much the corruptor as he was the corrupted, an equal partner in the mayhem. And, well. Isn’t that worrying.

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hey beauty, your writing is fucking amazing omfg i cant. I was wondering if you could do something along the lines of One of the boys (preferably Mikey or Ash but idc) being like really really dominant and it's like too much for you to handle and you get overwhelmed and have to use a safe word and start to freak out?

OMg KK bro

so lets do ashton and let’s imagine that you’ve been dating for ages and you’ve always been really open and both always getting into heaps of kinks, like, it would’ve started one night when you were like just hanging out together and you would’ve been sitting on his lap and with your hands through his hair making out with him. And he would have both his hands on your hips and normally you would’ve gotten really quickly into the heated stuff and be taking off each others clothes, but this day it was slow travelling. And because you’d just been casually making out for so long, Ashton would sort of have forgotten like where he really was and he would’ve completely just gotten lost in the kiss. So then when it did actually get a little bit faster paced, he would subconsciously like dig his fingers into your skin and be like pulling your pelvis into his and you’d think, okay, so he’s being a little bit more aggressive than usual, you can handle that, that’s okay.

But then he’d start mumbling all this crap, with his eyes still closed and still kissing you and now one hand would be snuck around and really squeezing your ass, like, ‘oh baby, you’re such a naughty girl,’ and then you’d like back away in shock because he would’ve never said anything like that before so you’d like full on blush and he’d kinda snap out of his trance and be like, ‘what the fuck did i just say?’ and then you’d both freeze for a second and then you’d bite your lip and laugh and ashton’s face would be bright red and you’d feel bad because he was embarrassed so you’d just quickly cover up like, 'you haven’t even begun to see me be a naughty girl,’ and he’d like inhale really deeply and he’d still be kind of unsure like does this mean you’re all for it or what, and you’d say something else so he would get the hint you’re keen and you’d like whisper in his ear, 'but maybe you should punish me so that I’m not bad again.’

And after that he was just fucking you senseless and holy crap, you had no idea that boy had such a mouth on him. And then after that night, you two had just changed from being the cute little sensual sex couple and all the time you would have to be trying out new scenarios. Like, you would do the teacher/student thing and boss/employee and masseuse/client and omf idk like you’d just both get so heavily into the roles and it would be amazing, and then after each time he would have to be really really lovely to remind you that he loved you. Like, he’d always cuddle you from behind and kiss your head and be super cute like, 'you’re so beautiful, baby, I’m so lucky to have you,’ and all that 

So, like, all this time you kind of knew in the back of your head that eventually ash would want to do like bondage or something along the lines of that, and it’s not that you didn’t want to do it, but you were worried you might accidentally freak out bc there was something about being restrained or in confined areas or anything like that that always made you panic. That’s just the person that you were. 

So then one night, you would’ve already pre-decided that you were gonna do the whole cop thing, and Ashton would walk in the room and be like, 'Stick em up,’ and you’d giggle kind of because he actually looked adorable wearing a fake police outfit and holding a fake gun and he’d yell back super angry like, 'don’t fucking laugh at me, sweet heart, do you know who I am?’ and you’d be like oh shit and he’d walk over and sit on the bed and omg he’d force you to strip in front of him and you being the teasing girl you are kind of made it into a strip show/lap dance thing and he literally would’ve gotten so entranced by it, he would’ve just shoved his hand down his pants and just been like pumping himself while he watching you prance around him and like bend over in front of him in your underwear. And like all of a sudden out of bloody nowhere, he’d switch back into action and start booming his voice like, ‘bend over my legs, now,’ and you’d be blinking your eyelashes and like, 'yes, sir,’ and omG HE’D SPANK the SHIT OUT OF YOU, and then he’d run his fingers over your pussy through your panties while you were still laying out on his lap AND YOU’D BE S O WET LIKEM OMOGMJJREU…..

And idk he’d be a dickhead officer and get all patronising and like, ‘damn, love, you’re so wet, aren’t you? you make me wanna have a taste,’ and he’d pull your panties off and bring his tongue to your clit, but then he’d be like, ‘hmm, I don’t think you deserve this, considering you’re breaking the law with all this indecent exposure,’ and wtffffffffffff you’d be so annoyed and you’d be begging like, 'please, please, please, touch me, ash,’ and he’d be spitting like, 'excuse me? You don’t address me with my first name, get on the fucking bed.’

omg So then he’d whip out his hand cuffs and like tack you to the bed head and you’d be a little concerned and considering saying something because you didn’t really like the idea of being attached and not able to move, but you’d think like, nah it’s okay you can handle it, you’ll be fine. And you’d go along with it, and then ashton would move to get on the other side of you or something but he’d brush his hand over your centre *purposely or accidental; we will never know* and you would DIE AND WHIMPER SO LOUD, and then he’d laugh deeply and be like, 'maybe we need something to shut you up,’ and he’d grab some masking tape and at this point you were so close to speaking up and being like, ‘ashton I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this,’ but then you’d quickly think it over and be like, no no it’s okay, ashton will look after me, it’s okay because he’s here with me. So there you are with your hands cuffed up above your head and masking tape covering your mouth 

And then Ashton sees that you’re so horny and you’re like trying to rub yourself on the bed to get any friction and he loves that you’re squirming so much so he puts his hand on your thigh momentarily and all calm like, 'I’m think I’m just gonna go get something to eat, I’ll be back in a sec,’ AND HE GOES OUT THE ROOM AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL. LIKE, YOU’RE LIKE, HOLY FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK. AND YOU START FREAKING OUT AND normally you’re okay with being completely vulnerable but only when ashton is there because you know he will take care of you and you just felt so like restricted and it was too scary without him there and you’d be freaking out and it was like double as difficult to breathe because you could only get air in and out your nostrils and by the time he came back you’d have tears running down your face and your chest would be rising and falling rapidly and you’d look like a mess 

and as soon as he saw you, he would know immediately that you were not okay and this was not part of the act and he’d rush over and tear off the tape and be saying shit really quickly like, 'fuck, fuck, baby, i’m so sorry, shit, I didn’t mean to make you upset, are you hurt? or are you just scared? fuck, I swear I didn’t intend for this,’ and he’d get you out the cuffs and you’d instantly just wrap your arms around him and turn into a blubbering mess and he’d hold you close and be like, 'i’m so fucking sorry, [y/n], I shouldn’t have tied you up, I’m sorry, and God, I’m so sorry for leaving you, baby, please, I’m so fucking stupid.’

And it would be a while until you calmed down and you’d just have to explain and be like, 'it’s not your fault, I just, I don’t know, I freak out when I’m like confined or restrained at all,’ and he’d be all hushed like, 'honey, why didn’t you say something earlier then?’ and you’d just shrug and be completely honest like, 'I was going fine until you left.' 

Poor ash would feel terrible and then you’d just cuddle for the rest of the night and he’d probably run a shower or a bath and you’d have some romantic lovey dovey sex instead for the night and he’d promise never to tie you up or leave you again and he’d make you promise that you would speak up whenever you’re even the slightest uncomfortable :)