don't worry she's just going through something

Books. Those were one of the things Clarke missed the most from the Ark. They kept her company while she was locked away, they allowed her to imagine a whole different world. This was the first time Clarke had any contact with books since she came down to the ground. So she was currently on Lexa’s room, going through the different books the Commander had there. Clarke needed something to distract her from what was happening, not just the war but everything that happened at the City of Light. She couldn’t believe some of the things she said and did, she was so embarrassed so she chose to try and avoid everyone, for as long as possible. Mostly Lexa. The art supplies Lexa had gotten her helped, but she needed the books. She ended up grabbing a couple, before leaving the room and almost bumping into someone. “Sorry. I didn’t see you.” She said quickly, before looking away from the person.