don't worry it's for cosplay

DDADDS Prompts!

Hey dudes, so I need a warm up to get back into writing a few daddy drabbles I’ve got going (mainly the MatBert one cuz I love my nervous dude) and I would love some prompts to get back in! All characters are game, but I’ll get to non-roseph stuff first because of *personal reasons*. So feel free to hit me up!!

wow 2 drawings in one day how lucky are you guys seriously

anyway I was obviously thinking about Lloyd a lot today. actually this one was mostly inspired by what’s gonna be my halloween costume haha cause I have the zx hoodie and I’m gonna get some yellow spray dye for my hair and if I get my hair cut on monday which I am, by halloween it’ll be about due for a cut again which means it might be long enough to pull off something similar to Lloyd’s hair but then I thought hey why not wear a flower crown and also be cute so yeah this happened

also freckles cause everyone’s cuter with colored freckles


edit: I forgot to mention he’s also transparent


@ask-your-captain-levi Technically it’s Saturday here in the U.S but I didn’t-/ want to miss it!!! I know my cosplay picture is the same as my icon :/ but it’s the best one I have. I really hope I did Levi a bit of justice. His character means so, so much to me. I made a whole post about it and mentioned you :) But I understand you’re busy, sir! Have a great day!!! Thanks for everything!! - Melissa