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Aren't you being a bit dramatic tho? There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to lose a little weight so long as he's being healthy about it and no one is forcing him to do it, it's his choice and it's perfectly ok if that's want he wants to do with his body.

the motivation behind his decision is what’s bothering me. he “wants to look nice for fans”, “am i overweight? i don’t think i’m overweight. i’m not overweight, right?”, “i used to dislike eating”, “i will feel guilty if i eat this”, “you will get fat if you this”, “there wasn’t too much calories in this meal, was it?” 

just. just listen to me okay and try to be understanding. i’ve been dealing with an eating disorder for YEARS of course dieting/weight a sensitive topic for me. i’m especially worried because not a while ago yoongi talked about starving himself to “look better” and not being able to sleep because of hunger? does it sound healthy to you????? 

i’m not saying it’s wrong to want to lose a little weight but the way he talked about it legit triggered me i swear he’s been talking about how guilty he feels for eating a lot and not wanting to get fat for half of that vlive 

What is Aquarius like when there is no Closure:
  • Aquarius: Hey. So....remember that one time when *insert random interaction between friend and Aquarius ranging anywhere from mildly to severely offensive*?
  • Friend: Uh...yeah?
  • Aquarius: *deep breath* Okay, well, you really upset me. Like a lot.
  • Friend: Wasn't that like three years ago-
  • Aquarius: Shh. This is important. It has been poisoning my soul ever since that day and I have to express myself or else I will literally die.
  • Friend: Or else you will liter-
  • Aquarius: Okay slight exaggeration, slight exaggeration. But this is serious. I was literally so mad. Like I literally felt sick looking at you for the longest ti-
  • Friend: Oh my god why didn't you just talk to me about it???
  • Friend: Oh my god calm down. Wait it's fine?
  • Aquarius: Yes it's fine I'm not mad. But I WAS mad. Sooooo mad. So I needed to express myself.
  • Friend: .....
  • Aquarius: Don't worry, I'm done now.
  • Friend: ..........
  • Aquarius: I love you. Come here. Bring it in. Bring it on in come on give us a hug.

I have such ideas about all these prompts I just reblogged but especially this one: 

We had sex at the office party but we’re both workaholics so we don’t normally date

Like, Coliver + college!AU:

  • Connor and Oliver both are interns for some huge ass company somewhere.
  • They hit it off at the Welcome New Summer Interns party the company throws (and by ‘hit it off’ I, of course, mean they have super hot sex).
  • The next day, the whole group of new interns meets up for formal orientation. Connor waves at Oliver from across the way. Oliver blushes and rubs the back of his neck before nodding a little, trying to play it cool. 
  • They go off with their respective groups for the rest of training. Connor with the pre-law group and Oliver with the computer engineers. 
  • Checking over his shoulder for his new boss, Connor whips out his phone on the sly to text Oliver. “Drinks tonight?” Oliver texts back an okay with a smiley face and Connor can’t stop grinning the rest of the day. 
  • But then Oliver has to cancel, “Can’t do drinks. Working late.”
  • Connor responds, “Was just going to text you too. I’m here all night too.”
  • They reschedule for the next night but that falls through too. Then it’s the weekend, then the Friday after that. After that, they don’t even bother trying to reschedule.

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