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I honestly have no chill. This is very spontaneous and self indulgent.

based on these pictures by @nekokagegirl !

Nozomi pulls the tube of lipstick away from her lips, watching herself in the reflection as she carefully rubs them together to make sure it’s applied properly. Satisfied with the outcome, she gives herself a small smile in the mirror. The colour doesn’t stand out too much but it is quite a few shades brighter than the natural shade of her lips.

She closes the lipstick, placing it into the pocket of her bag and exciting the bathroom. It’s getting closer to practice time, but she knows Eli’s still in the student council room, finishing some last minute documents before heading to the club room. With confidence in her stride the violet haired girl makes her way towards the student council room to meet Eli before they head to practice together.

She slides the door open, smiling towards her girlfriend as she stays focused on her paper. Eli doesn’t need to look up to know who’s entered without knocking, knowing it could only be her vice president. Nozomi smiles as she places her bag down on the end of the table, walking over to Eli and glancing down at the print out she’s focused on.

“Almost done there, Elichi?” She asks in a curious voice, bringing the blondes attention away from the paper and to her.

“Mhm.” She says, glancing up briefly before turning back to her work.

There’s a short moment where Eli pauses her writing, turning to look back to Nozomi’s face. She examines it carefully and Nozomi tilts her head, offering an innocent smile as the blonde examines her closer. Deciding there’s nothing out of the ordinary, Eli goes back to her paper and Nozomi gives herself a mental pat on the back. Eli hadn’t noticed. Her plan’s good to go.

Without giving it a second thought Nozomi leans in and presses her lips lightly against Eli’s cheek. It’s a gesture that causes Eli to pause her motions before a goofy little grin grows on her face. Blue eyes glance over to Nozomi and the violet haired girl flashes a tiny grin before leaning in and pressing another kiss to her face.

And another, followed by several more. Eli laughs while Nozomi’s hands hold her face still as she peppers soft kisses everywhere on the blonde’s face.

“Is this your way of telling me to hurry up?” Eli asks with a tiny smile once Nozomi’s content with the amount of kisses placed on the president.

Nozomi simply grins, offering her a shrug.

“Maybe?” She replies cheekily. 

Eli chuckles softly and gives the paper in front of her a quick signature before standing up, placing it in its spot on top of the finished pile. She walks back over to Nozomi, bending down and grabbing her bag. She shares a look with Nozomi, who’s smile just keeps growing as she watches Eli.

“Well come on, lets not keep everyone waiting then.” Eli says, walking over to the door.

“Of course~” Nozomi hums, following the blonde. 

There’s a hint of amusement in her voice and Eli raises her eyebrow as Nozomi exits the room before her. She decides not to question it as she follows Nozomi out of the area and the two of them begin the journey towards the club room. They walk side by side, Nozomi humming all the while and Eli stepping silently next to her.

A few students lingering in the halls watch them walk by and one covers her mouth, looking away the moment Eli glances over to her. Nozomi glances over and see’s the blondes eyebrows furrow in concern, but she pays them no mind. The violet haired girl bites the inside of her cheek, keeping it together and doing her best not to let her giggles slip. 

They reach the club room after passing a few more lingering students, their reactions varying between wide eyed stares and awkward half laughs. Eli’s brows furrow more and Nozomi can tell the reactions are bothering her, but she says nothing. Nozomi chooses to stay quiet too, knowing that the best reactions are soon to come. She feels no guilt what so ever in her little secret and can’t help but push open the door with a bit more excitement than necessary.

 “Hello everyone~” Nozomi greets, stepping inside the club room with a tiny grin. 

The girls look up with smiles of their own and Hanayo voices a greeting.

“Hello Nozomi-chan, Eli-cha- AH!” Hanayo’s greeting is cut off and her hands fly to her mouth as she stares wide eyed at Eli.

Eli blinks in confusion and Nozomi moves her hands behind her back, smiling innocently and glancing to the side. Nico’s the first to crack, her expression going sour almost immediately as her eyes meet Eli’s face. It’s followed instantly by Rin’s laughter, with Honoka’s eyes widening as she looks at Eli with increasing curiosity. Kotori’s eyes sparkle with a hint of mischief and Umi’s face turns a bright scarlet red, unable to keep her eyes on the older girl. Maki’s expression matches Nico’s only for a moment before a tiny blush rises on her cheeks and she forces herself to look away. Hanayo has a small smile creeping out from behind her hands and Eli frowns, not amused by this any longer.

“What? What is it? Is there something on my face?” She asks. 

“Something!? Eli, when was the last time you looked in a mirror!?” Nico says in disgust. “Nozomi, did you have anything to do with that?”

Nozomi watches as all the pieces of the puzzle come together in Eli’s head and the blonde groans, a blush growing on her cheeks as she covers her face with one hand. Nozomi lifts her hand up and begins to giggle, not saying a word to deny Nico’s claim at all. The blonde’s eyebrow twitches as she avoids eye contact with the rest of them.


Girl meets ink
  • Riley: are you sure you are gonna do it?
  • Maya: yeah.
  • Tatoo Artist: So, what kind of tatoo you want?
  • Maya: I want this buterfly, but with a little more color, specially in the wings.
  • TA: and what surface are we working on?
  • Maya: right over here.
  • The Tatoo artist finished Maya's tatoo and was patching her skin.
  • Riley: I want one too. I'm a big girl. I can do it. Right?
  • TA: if you have to ask, then I'll say, you dont.
  • Riley: but this unicorn looks very cute.
  • Maya: are you sure hunny? It hurts.
  • Riley: yeah. If you can do it, I can.
  • Maya: I really think you shouldn't. Not yet.
  • Riley: But I really want one.
  • Tatoo artist proceeds to draw on Riley's skin and at the moment the needle touches her skin she bolts away from the chair.
  • Riley: ouch! I don't want a unicorn anymore.
  • Maya: told ya it hurt. Then that would be all. Lets go hunny.
  • At Riley's home
  • Riley: are you gonna show him?
  • Maya: Not yet. Is a surprise.
  • Riley: I can't wait to see his face when he sees it.
  • Maya: me neither.
  • A few weeks later
  • Lucas: hi gorgeous
  • Maya: hey huckleberry.
  • Lucas: wanna go swimming to the lake house this weekend? Farkle said is all ours this week.
  • Maya: sure. That sounds fun. But why aren't they coming with us?
  • Lucas: Don't know. It was actually Riley's idea.
  • Maya: I kinda know what this is about...
  • Lucas: care explaining?
  • Maya: oh... I prefer you get the surprise...
  • Lucas: is it a good surprise?
  • Maya: sure... Don't worry.
  • At the lake house
  • Lucas: You coming or what?
  • Maya: I'm almost done.
  • Lucas: we are just jumping in a lake to swim. Why are you packing so many things?
  • Maya: is just stuff I might need.
  • Lucas: ok. Here, let me carry that bag for you.
  • As soon as they reach the lake, maya puts her bag in a bench, lucas takes off his shirt and jumps in the water. Maya takes a little longer to take her dress off, mesmerized by Lucas abs and his wet hair.
  • Lucas: c'mon! Jump already!
  • Maya: I'm coming.
  • Maya takes off her light yellow dress and reveals a very small black bikini. And a very interesting patch of purple and blue is just poking from the edge of her bikini.
  • Lucas: what the hell is that?!
  • Maya: what? The bikini?
  • Lucas: no... That... (He points at her poking buterfly wing)
  • Maya: oh... Surprise! You like it?
  • Lucas: what? Please tell me is a drawing, a temporarly tatoo or that Riley became a very good artist...
  • Maya: what? Why? You don't like it?
  • Lucas came out of the water and went straight for maya. He lifted her and sat her on the bench.
  • Lucas: is it real?
  • Maya: yeah... It was a surprise
  • Lucas: and hell of a surprise
  • Maya: don't you like it?
  • Lucas: of course I do. Is hell hot, and sexy. But, just the thought of some creep touching you...
  • Maya: Relax, is just a Tatoo artist, and besides, is a friend of shawn. So, don't worry, it wasn't a creep.
  • Lucas: did it hurt?
  • Maya: a little, yeah...
  • Lucas: does it hurt right now?
  • Maya: barely, not like before.
  • Lucas: can I kiss it better...
  • Maya: yeah...
  • Lucas starts to kiss her lips, neck, shoulder, then her side until he reaches her tatoo.
  • Lucas: so why would you get a tatoo?
  • Maya: well, I wanted to remember that moment, when I became free.
  • Lucas: free?
  • Maya: yeah, knowing I'm fine just the way I am, and not being scared I'm not good enough.
  • Lucas: is beautiful. Just like you
  • Maya: thank you. But now you are just being sappy.
  • Lucas: You still love me
  • Maya: I do.
  • Lucas: then monday after school, I wanna meet the guy who dared to touch you.
  • Maya: oh geez... (Rolls eyes) Really?
  • Lucas: hell yeah! No one touches my woman!
  • Maya: you are crazy
  • Lucas: and you are beautiful.
  • Maya: Sap
  • Lucas: can I see your tatoo again?
  • Maya: yeah.
  • As soon as she turned around to show him her tatoo, he carried Maya over his shoulder and tossed her to the lake!
  • Maya: you are bad.
  • Lucas: not as bad as yourself. Ink girl.
  • Maya: shut up, you loved it
  • Lucas: indeed (kissed her)

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min will be reunited in the upcoming SBS’s romantic comedy “Hyde, Jekyll, Me/Jekyll and I” (working titles). The show will premiere in January 2015.