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Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics

So like, this all started a few weeks ago when my parents decided they were worried about my ‘lifestyle choices’ (it’s called fashion, mom) and sent me off to live with my grandpa for the summer. He’s kinda cool in a weird way, his home is this rundown old shack in the woods that he runs a game store out of - though he sells some really weird games…

Anyways, he’s also kinda crazy about Egypt and old junk like that, and he has a ton of ‘real’ artifacts all throughout the shack… and while I was looking around the place (snooping) I found this really old book and a gold box with a puzzle in it tucked away in this like… secret compartment in the attic. When I showed it to my grandpa he looked a little… shocked? Kind of, but not really the right word… but he let me keep both, cause I like puzzles as much as him and I wanted to try solving it. It’s pretty heavy and I think it might be real gold? But probably not, doesn’t matter.

The book is really weird too, it’s really REALLY old and full of egyptian heiroglyphs and english notes, and it has drawings that look like Duel Monsters in it, but that has to be a coincidence? I mean, Duel Monsters only came out a few years ago, it’s not that old of a game… Also the book keeps mentioning these things called the Millennium Items? And powers of darkness that must never be unleashed? Whatever, it’s neat to look at at least.

So fast forward a bit - The puzzle was really damn hard to complete - it’s shaped like a upside down pyramid by the way - took me like 8 days or something. I must have really overworked myself on it cause as soon as I completed it I blacked out? And when I woke up the puzzle was around my neck like a pendant. And weirdest thing is I can’t take it off! Seriously! It’s like some sort of magnet, I can’t get the string off my neck more than a few inches. If it’s cursed my parents are gonna kill me.

And… on top of all this weirdness I keep having blackouts. I’m never like… hurt, just sometimes I wake up and find myself somewhere without knowing how I got there. I found blood on my sleeve once, but it wasn’t mine, I don’t think. And uh… don’t tell anyone, but I think I keep hearing a voice inside my head. Whenever I can kind of speak to it it says it’s the other me - but that can’t be right.

There’s only one me, right?

Long story sorry, Gravity Falls YGO AU, Yugi gets sent to live in Domino Falls with his Grandpa for the summer, finds old book and puzzle, gets cursed with a one-eyed vengeful spirit that’s hellbent on purging the valley of darkness. At least that’s all it seems to be. 

And now Yugi has to figure out how to lift a curse, exorcise a spirit out of his own body, and keep himself in one piece cause all these weirdos keep coming after him out of the woodworks yelling about the Millennium Items, all before the end of the summer when he goes back home and his parents send him to the looney bin for talking to himself-not himself.

Oh well, at least he’s made some friends finally.

Some random shishimumu headcanons: 

  • When Shirazu first finds out Tooru is trans, he doesn’t really get it at first, but doesn’t say anything about it (and never stops thinking about Tooru as a guy). Next morning the Quinx are surprised when Saiko ends up going up earlier than Shirazu and they find out he spent the night watching documentaries and reading up about everything.
  • Contrary to what you might think at first Tooru is the one who ends up protecting Shirazu more than the other way around
  • Shirazu is constantly worried that he might fail to protect/lead the others, and Tooru is constantly the one who makes him sit back and tells him “Don’t worry, we can take care of this, don’t push yourself too much”
  • Shirazu promises that if Tooru ever loses control, he’ll be there to stop him. He gravely dislikes the thought of having to harm Tooru, but the smile he gets in return is enough to make it worth it.
  • They end up together in that slowly sliding way of spending a lot of time together, Tooru helping Shirazu make plans and fixes his reports to the CCG
  • It also teaches Tooru to be honest about his observations instead of keeping quiet about it, but usually Shirazu has to mention it first
  • The first time they kiss it’s one of those embarrassingly natural ways of kissing each other goodnight after a long day and neither realizing it until they’ve gone to bed
  • Then Shirazu stumbles into Tooru’s room blushing like mad and apologizing until he realizes that Tooru can’t help himself from laughing
  • They decide to talk about it in the morning
  • Then they forget about it for about two weeks because of a stressful case until they have a calm day and Tooru is studying with Shirazu hanging over his chair and asking “hey, are we together??” “I… think so?”
  • They end up a great tag-team in taking out ghouls, Tooru being able to go close and fight head on while Shirazu provides assistance from a distance, being able to survey the area and give quick and precise orders
  • Tooru learns that he fights best when he has someone to protect having his back
  • Tooru is the first to get promoted, for exceptional show of bravery, and when Tooru tries to argue that he’s constantly afraid and doesn’t really get it, Shirazu takes his time reminding (and low-key scolding) Tooru for being insanely brave in moments where he instantly put himself in harms way so that no one else has to
  • Basically they’re both very protective but it works out when they’re also able to pull each other back
  • They are able to emotionally support each other when the other need it, and spend a night talking about their families, Tooru showing Shirazu his scars