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Prompto_overload (comic 8)

What do we learn today, kids? That’s right, do NOT mess with the moe one. MT!Prompto learnt it the hard way, bless.

This MT!Prompto design is created by @chocobaes. At this point, imma just send trucks loaded with kudos to you guys.  ❤ ❤ ❤

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What the signs are insecure about:
  • Aries: Whether they are annoying everyone around them.
  • Taurus: Who the come off as, what their image is.
  • Gemini: If everyone likes them.
  • Cancer: If somebody's going to use them again.
  • Leo: That everyone thinks they're selfish.
  • Virgo: If they're too smart or not smart enough.
  • Libra: If they're pretty enough.
  • Scorpio: If they are too rude or harsh.
  • Sagittarius: Their laugh.
  • Capricorn: Failure.
  • Aquarius: If everyone secretly hates them.
  • Pisces: Their personality.

I just love how Ro stands on Tommy’s and Gus’ heads when they’re spying on Deb and their new “nanny”.

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Here is a fun and interesting tip owo in my Au 'Akumatale' i have two factions in one grouping. The royal Casters. There is the light caster and the shadow caster owo Sorry i just felt like saying this qwq ignore this ask if you want

oooOo that’s p/ cooL tbhHHH

  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but would beat your ass: Kurapika
  • Looks like he would beat your ass but is a cinnamon roll: Leorio
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Gon
  • Looks like he would beat your ass and actually could beat your ass: Knuckle
  • Sinnamon roll: Killua
Alexander’s Second Snow

Anonymous: hi, so this may sound weird but can you write something about Alex and George w. like having 101 family time like you know father and son bonding and stuff :) bye have a good day 

I sure can, kiddo!!! I hope you enjoy this super fluffy fic as Alex and George have family bonding time in the fluffy, freshly fallen snow! :D Also, sorry bc I know my geography might be a bit off here, but I haven’t been to Mount Vernon since I was 11 (hoping to go again this summer tho ahhh) so I’m kinda imagining a bit of Monticello’s landscape just to make this work. I hope you kiddos enjoy it regardless of me playing around with geography! (read my other lil fics here)

It wasn’t Alexander’s first snow. No, there’d been a freak snowstorm last March, when he’d arrived at the Washington’s, his first and final foster home.

So while this wasn’t Alex’s first snow, it had a much more magical first snow quality to it than that March snowstorm. This time it was mid-December, Martha had decked the halls of Mount Vernon with more Christmas decorations than Alexander had ever seen, and the snow was gently coating the earth in a way that reminded him of how his mother used to dust his toast with cinnamon to celebrate his good grades.

His pang of longing for his mother was interrupted by a knock on his bedroom door. He looked back and forth from the clock to the door, confusion warping his face. It was just past seven. Nobody, save Lafayette, who was currently at Hercules’ for a sleepover, ever knocked on his door at such an early hour on a Saturday.

Alex wrapped his fuzziest blanket, a gift from John, around his shoulders and got out of bed to open the door.

“Hi, son,” George said as soon as Alex had cracked the door open. “I know it’s early, but there’s something I want to show you.” George cleared his throat, his eyes darting from Alexander to the floor. Was George… nervous? “It’s outside, um, a bit of a walk, not far. Well worth it, or at least I think it’s well worth it.”

“Okay,” Alex said, too curious about what it was George wanted to show him to worry about the cold. “I’ll just change.”

“Keep your sweatpants on,” George said. “They’re much warmer in the cold than jeans.” He smiled at the boy.

“Okay,” Alex said, staring at George a moment longer before shutting the door. He let the blanket fall off of his shoulders as he stood in front of his closet and sifted through his hoodies, searching for the warmest looking one.

He settled on his Yorktown hoodie, his favorite because he’d acquired it during his first ever family vacation with the Washingtons that past summer.

What could George want to show me at seven in the morning? Alex shrugged to himself. Whatever it was, he knew it would be good.

Even though he’d been at the Washington’s since March, he still didn’t know George too well. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but rather that his foster father intimidated him a bit. He was a silent, humble, yet commanding type of man. Frankly, Alexander had no idea what to make of him, but he had an idea he was about to learn a bit more about his foster father.

After Alex and George were adequately bundled up, their snow boots laced tightly, George led Alex out the front door and had him sit on the bench on the porch. He picked up two strange, wicker objects.

“I’m going to take a wild guess here, but you’ve never snowshoed before, right, son?” George asked with a smile.

“I don’t even know that it is,” Alex admitted.

George’s face lit up in a way Alex rarely witnessed. It made him feel special. Even though he hadn’t done anything at all, it made him feel like he’d done something good.

“Here, let me get these on you,” George said, bending down to fasten the contraptions on Alex’s feet. “Snowshoes make it easier to walk on the snow,” George explained. “They distribute your weight more evenly to keep you from sinking too far down.”

George moved onto getting his own snowshoes on his feet. “They’ll be a little difficult to walk in at first, but as long as you walk the way you normally would, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.” George smiled up at Alex as he closed the last clasp on his own foot.

George held out a gloved hand to Alexander. “Ready, son?”

Alex nodded, a tentative smile spreading across his face.

George helped him down from the front steps and held him steady until Alex was able to walk without teetering too much.

“Woah,” Alex exclaimed. “These are so cool!” After about five minutes of practice, he was practically running across the front lawn.

“Are you up to a little adventure?” George asked.

“Heck yeah!” Alexander exclaimed.

He felt more like himself–– his old self, from his early childhood on Nevis–– than he had in years. For once, his worries weren’t silencing him. He felt like he could just be. It was as if the snow and these snowshoes had set him free in some mysterious way.

Maybe it was because he felt like he was floating above the earth as he and George trotted behind Mount Vernon, across the large back lawn, toward the slight cliff that overlooked the Potomac.

After fifteen minutes of a comfortably silent hike, they arrived near the cliff’s edge. George stopped and Alex came to a halt, too. Before them was the Potomac. Parts of it looked icy, other parts were still flowing. The trees for as far as Alex could see in any direction were covered in a splendid white. Snow was still falling around them, making a gentle pitpat sound. The whole scene felt unreal. Alex’s face lit up in complete awe.

“This is my favorite place,” George said after a few moments. “And this is my favorite season to visit it during.”

“It’s so… peaceful,” Alex whispered, feeling as if he should be quiet in the face of such wonder.

George smiled down at Alex. “That it is.”

They stared out at the Potomac for a few more moments, Alex doing his best to commit the scene, the morning spent with George, to memory.

“Alexander, there’s something Martha and I have been meaning to ask you.”

Alex looked up at George and was surprised to see the serious look that had overtaken his foster father’s face.

“Yeah?” he said, trying to keep the fear budding in his chest from his voice.

“No matter what your answer, your situation here won’t change. I want to make that clear.”

Alex wasn’t sure what George meant, but he wanted to know what he had to ask him, so he just nodded.

“We want to adopt you, Alex,” George said, his voice as soft as the falling snow.

Alex’s breath hitched.

“Martha, Gilbert, and I love you. We adore you, son,” George said. “And we would be honored if you would become a part of our family.”

Alex could only stare up at George in shock for a moment, his mouth agape. For once, he was entirely speechless.

“Yes,” he finally managed. “Oh my god, yes.”

That was when he noticed George was crying. It wasn’t like when Alex himself cried, which he knew he would be doing later, once the news really sunk in. It was a quiet, dignified kind of cry. Silent, but meaningful. Much like George himself.

“This makes me so happy, son,” George said, his voice sounding only slightly less composed than usual. “This is going to make Martha and Gilbert so happy.” He smiled at Alex.

Alex couldn’t help it. He leapt toward George, wrapping his arms tightly around his new father.

George hugged him back and pressed a kiss to the crown of Alex’s hooded head. “I love you, son. I love you so much and every day I’m grateful you found your way to us.”

Alex finally started to cry, his warm tears mingling with the cool flakes of snow that fell on his cheeks.

Love. Family. He had them again. He had what he thought he’d never have again. He pulled away from George, a huge smile on his face.

“I love you, too,” he said.

George clasped his shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. “What do you say we go back home? Martha was planning on making pancakes, and we have that delicious Vermont maple syrup the Adams sent us.”

“That sounds perfect,” Alex said.

And so they walked back to Mount Vernon, a silence once again descending between them. The closer they got to the house, the more Alex felt something warm blooming in his chest. When the white building came into view, he, for once didn’t think of it as the Washington’s.

He thought of it as home.

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Sorry if you are not taking prompts, but I got a essay back with a shitty grade any chance you could write me some sterek fluff? Your fics never fail to cheer me up :)

She wears more plaid than Derek could ever hope to own, talks herself into frantic rambles, eats disgusting combinations of food, and her name is Rollas, short for something she refuses to share. 

She’s basically Stiles’ soulmate. 

Derek can’t even meet her eye. 

Rollas is busy chatting to Stiles and Lydia about why they should be producing wolfsbane pepper sprays and selling them online, and Derek’s staring into space, wondering how Stiles will break up with him. It might be in the next thirty seconds. Stiles might turn to him in a moment, touch his arm and say, “Sorry, dude, you’re just not it for me. I was only waiting for her. She’s perfect. It’s like she’s literally made for me. You’re obnoxious, and you snore, and you never pick up your socks when I ask you to. I can’t believe I stayed this long. Bye.” And, then he’ll leave with Rollas, on a cloud made up of those god damn Buffy comics Stiles leaves all over the apartment, and Derek will die alone in their bed with the stupid bright pink comforter Stiles insisted upon.

He shouldn’t have bitched about it. He should have admitted how warm it was. He should have let Stiles get the cushions that went with it, too! Why did he fight for green?

Stiles touches his hand, and Derek jerks away in horror. 

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