don't we all want to be someone else sometimes

beartext  asked:

hi you're a cool person and , Im nervous and horrible at making friends lmao but like, We should possibly talk sometime bcus i wanna be friends w you but all im feelin is Can I get a Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Social Anxiety

Hello! Yeah sure, I’m like, the least scary person ever I swear. I’m actually incredibly shy so like, I know how it is. Seriously if you (or like, anyone else who’s reading this too) ever wants to talk to me, feel free! Just remember that time zones are a thing and I may be sleeping at inopportune times.

There really needs to be some socially acceptable way of saying “you smell bad to the point where it’s making me feel nauseous, and I do not judge or resent you for it but I’d greatly appreciate if you’d take a super quick shower, or put on some deodorant, or sit in a more well-ventilated area for the sake of my comfort.”